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Week 4 Girls Rankings
By: Kevin Milsted

Rank	Previous	Team

1	(2)		Churchill
6-0 in toughest division. 3rd at Elite Maymont Invitational with 4 girls under 20:00. Now untouchable in MoCo and should soon be regionally ranked.

2	(3)		Whitman
5-1 in Division I, only loss was to Churchill. 5th place at Oatlands Inviational. Spread out top 5, but very strong up front.

3	(1)		Northwest
4-2 divisional record, losing to Churchill and Whitman twice each. 5th at Paul Short Invitational. Still among the best even when seniors rest.

4	(4)		Quince Orchard
3-3 in Division I, only losing to Churchill, Northwest and Whitman. 14th at Paul Short Invitational.

5	(5)		Wootton
Division II Champions with 5-0 Record. 2nd place at Bull Run Invitational. Top 4 stronger than all but Churchill, but lacking #5.

6	(6)		Damascus
3-1 in divisional meets, losing only to Wootton. 2nd in Varsity B Race at Oatlands Invitational.

7	(7)		Richard Montgomery
1-4 record in division I meets. 4th place at Bull Run Invitational. Still very spread out 1 through 5.

8	(9)		Good Counsel
10th place in A Race at William and Mary Invitational. Top 3 still strong and #'s 4 and 5 are coming along.

9	(8)		St. Andrews
5th place in B Race at William and Mary Invitational. 7th at Mercersburg Academy Invitational.

10	(12)		Walter Johnson
7th place in Oatlands Varsity B Race. 1-4 in divisional meets. 2 freshmen carrying team.

11	(11)		Magruder
1-3 record in division II meets. 9th in Large Race at Bull Run Invitational. Inconsistent, but still have good potential.

12	(NR)		Sherwood
0-6 record in division I meets. 28th place against top teams in Varsity A Race at Oatlands Invitational. 4 girls under 23:00 displays major improvement since season began.


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