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XC Championship Team Rankings - Boys
By: Kevin Milsted

Between October 7th and October 14th, conducted an open online poll. Participants were instructed to select their top ten athletes and teams for the cross country county championship meet. 99 valid submissions were collected. 67 of those had valid votes for boys teams.
Below you will find the top ten boys team poll results. After the top ten, I make my picks for the remaining teams. My picks are not based on poll results.

Rank (Points) Team

1	(650)	Quince Orchard
6-0 in Division I. 1st at Octoberfest Invitational. 2nd at Octoberfest Invitational. 2nd place at Paul Short Invitational. 1st at Peter Geraghty Invitational.

2	(447)	Gaithersburg
5-0 in Division II. 14th at Glory Days Invitational. 8th place at Oatlands Invitational. 5th at Woodward Relays. 4th at Frank Keyser Invitational.

3	(417)	B-CC
4-1 in Division II. 6th at Glory Days Invitational. 1st place at Bull Run Large Race. 3rd place at Woodward Relays.

4	(389)	Walter Johnson
5-1 in Division I. 5th at Manhattan Invitational Varsity D Race. 2nd at Doc Jones Invitational. 1st place in Oatlands Invitational Varsity B Race. 1st at Woodward Relays. 4th at Howard County Invitational. 7th at Brentsville Relays.

5	(351)	Walt Whitman
4-2 in Division I. 6th at Manhattan Invitationl Varsity G Race. 12th place in Oatlands Invitational Varsity A race. 4th at Woodward Relays. 7th at Peter Geraghty Invitational.

6	(275)	Damascus
3-2 in Division II. 15th at Manhattan Invitational Varsity F Race. 2nd place in Oatlands Invitational Varsity B race. 2nd at Mountain Run Invitational. 1st place at St. Johns Invite.

7	(272)	Northwest
3-3 in Division I. 1st in Varsity B race at Glory Days Invitational. 9th at Octoberfest Invitational. 17th place at Paul Short Invitational. 5th place at Peter Geraghty Invitational.

8	(237)	Sherwood
2-4 in Division I. 11th at Manhattan Invitational Varsity F Race. 14th at Octoberfest Invitational. 14th place in Oatlands Invitational. 6th at Woodward Relays. 14th at Great Meadows Invitational.

9	(144)	Churchill
2-4 in Division I. 5th at Meade Invitational. 8th place in Maymont XC Festival Gold Race. 12th place at Great Meadows Invitational.

10	(132)	Magruder
2-3 in Division II. 8th at Glory Days Invitational Varsity B Race. 7th in Bull Run Invitational Large Race. 8th at Peter Geraghty Invitational.

Webmaster's Picks:

11. Blair
12. Richard Montgomery
13. Wootton
14. Clarksburg
15. Einstein
16. Paint Branch
17. Springbrook
18. Watkins Mill
19. Northwood
20. Kennedy
21. Seneca Valley
22. Blake
23. Wheaton
24. Poolesville
25. Rockville


2009-08-25 18:22:02

how come Rockville is last? They have some really good runners.

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