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Moco at Hoco Meet Notes
By: Kevin Milsted

In the girls 4x800, Churchillís Maryam Fikri started out comfortably in the front pack before taking the lead after 400. The lead was swapped a few more times over the final lap, but Fikri handed off first with a split of 2:29. Maryana Heilman slowly and steadily expanded the lead for Churchill with a split of 2:29, which was followed up by Owoade Ayorinde who also split 2:29. Erin McManus, who would be running the mile shortly thereafter, split 2:32 to finish in 10:00.

The boys 4x800 went out quickly, but after two laps, Quince Orchardís Wayne Bartholmew took over the lead. He was passed back by a few teams on the 4th lap and handed off in 2:07. QOís Kris Lasko held onto 4th place and moved into 3rd around the final curve, splitting 2:08. Linganore was far out in front, but a tight pack for 2nd place formed on the 3rd leg and QOís Artem Panasenkov was right in the middle of it. He came out 3rd after a 2:14 split. QO faded badly on the final leg with a 2:19 split and finished 7th in 8:49, but Churchillís Sean King moved his team up several places to finish 2nd in 8:39.

The Girls Mile was a two-person race from the start. Katie Harman of River Hill and Erin McManus from Churchill ran side by side the entire race. The pace was pretty slow and the two did not break stride until the final lap. The pace was noticeably quicker. Harman pulled ahead with a slim lead to win in about 5:30.

Three moco girls fell to the back of the final heat of the 400. Churchillís Katie Wolf and Paint Branchís Vanessa Jules held in the back for the first lap while Paint Branchís Arielle Statham charged to the middle of the pack. Statham continued to charge forward in the second lap. She held onto 3rd place coming around the final turn before making a big push up to the front. She held off Kitria Stewart of Mervo for the win in 59.68. Wolf also moved up throughout the 2nd lap for a good finish. Statham also finished 4th in 200 in 26.17.

John Jones of Paint Branch boldly took out the fast heat of the boys 400. He built a slim lead, but in the final 100 Bernard Goodwyn of Glasgow chased him down along with Phil Moorhead of Hammond. Jones could not fight them off but held on for a great third place time of 51.01.

In the girls 3200, Louise Hannallah of Churchill took a big lead from the start, coming through the first half mile in 2:46, 3 seconds ahead of Katie Harman of River Hill and Alex Giedd of Churchill. The real battle became the fight for 2nd place. Harman and Giedd swapped leads several times in the first mile before Giedd settled into third. Hannallah came through the mile in 5:41 with Harman and Giedd 8 seconds back. Hannallah continued to build her lead with no one around before finishing in 11:28. Harman slowly pulled away from Giedd in the last two laps for 2nd place in 11:45.


2007-12-16 23:30:27

paint branch is the truth this year!

2007-12-17 23:37:42

watch out for PB

Artem Super Fan
2007-12-19 19:03:55

Artem Panasenkov is the MAN

2008-01-14 17:52:21

PB is def. the truth this year, [1/22/08] Countys, dem panthers comin' MoCo//.

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