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Developmental #2 Meet Notes
By: Kevin Milsted

It was the emptiest you will ever see the PGSLC field house, but there were still several outstanding performances, especially in the field events. Ashley Dabney of Wheaton cleared 5-feet and 5-inches in the high jump, establishing herself as not only the best in the county this year, but one of the best in the last several years. Ryan Mullsteff of Damascus effortlessly cleared 6-feet and 4.5 inches in the high jump on his first try but failed to go any higher. Avery Graham of Clarksburg had a monster day by throwing a personal best 49-feet and 5.5-inches in the shot put and winning the 55-meter dash in a hand-timed 6.4 seconds.

On the track, Wil Zahorodny of Damascus and Neal Darmody of QO were all over the place. Darmody made his first appearance of the season by anchoring the QO 4x8 to a win in 8:24. Zahorodny anchored his team to 2nd place with a split of 2:00. Darmody later challenged Zahorodny in the 1600, coming up short after a big kick by Zahorodny for the win in 4:32. Darmody redeemed himself less than 20 minutes later with a dominating win in the 3200 with a time of 9:49. Zahorodny anchored both his 4x2 and 4x4 relay teams to victories with very fast splits of 22.9 and 51.2.

MoCo also looked strong in the boys’ hurdles without Tyler Jackson in the mix. Petros Bein of Clarksburg and Caleb Malone of QO went 1-2 in about 8.0 and 8.1.

Event by Event

Northwest led for the first two laps of the girls 4x800 with a 2:35 split from Britt Eckerstrom and a 2:27 split from Becca Stinner. Morgane Gay of Whitman took over in the 2nd leg with a 2:28 split. Leslie Morrison of Whitman brought it home in an effortless 2:29 for a final time of 10:06.

Quince Orchard led from start to finish in the boys 4x800-meter relay. They won in a time of 8:24 with a split of 2:06 from Wayne Bartholomew, 2:05 from Kris Lasko, 2:07 from Josh Joson, and 2:06 from Neal Darmody. Wil Zahorodny of Damascus anchored in 2:00 to lead his team to 2nd place in 8:38.

Kelsee Zyzak ran 8.6 in the first section of the girls 55-meter hurdles to claim the fastest time of he day. Petros Bein from Clarksburg won the first heat of the boys 55-meter hurdles with a time of 8.0. Caleb Malone of QO was 2nd in 8.1.

Iesha Jennings of RM edged out Azeezat Olatunde of Sherwood with a time of 7.6 to win the first heat of the girls 55 dash. Avery Graham of Clarksburg edged out Gary Frazier of RM in the boys 55-meter dash 6.4 to 6.5.

There was an unfortunate mishap in the girls 300. All heats were started using the 500-meter race stagger instead of the proper 300-meter stagger. This caused all of the times to be incorrect. Nonetheless, Safoora Biglari, a freshman from Whitman, ran 46.7 to win the first heat.

Rodney Kitizo of Springbrook ran 37.7 to win the first heat of the boys’ 300-meter dash. Gary Frazier of RM got edged out to finish in a close 2nd place for the second time of the day.

Morgane Gay and Leslie Morrison of Whitman led for the majority of the girls 1600 with the chase pack about 5 seconds back. With 300 meters to go, Morrison made her move past Gay and never looked back. She got the win in 5:25. In the mean time, Alex Giedd of Churchill was kicking away from the pack and working her way up to Gay. Giedd caught Gay in the final straightaway, but Gay put in a kick to hold onto 2nd place in 5:32 by a slim margin.

Wil Zahorodny of Damascus took out the boys’ 1600 with Neal Darmody of QO lurking right on his shoulder. They both came through the half together in 2:23 when Darmody made his move. Darmody led until the final lap when Zahorodny put in a big surge to put a large gap on Darmody. The first whoops of the day were heard as Zahorodny closed for a time of 4:32.

In the girls 500, Leslie Morrison of Whitman ran comfortably in front for a decisive victory in 1:21.

The boys 500-meter races were a little more competitive with Naseem Zietoon of Clarksburg putting pressure on Chris Onuigbo of Northwest. Coming around the final turn, Zietoon closed the gap, but Onuigbo sprinted hard to hang on for the win in 1:09.9.

The second heat of the boys 500 turned out to be faster than the first with a distance runner challenging a short-sprinter in this long sprint. Distance runner from Damascus Ben Constantinides led for the first lap and a half, but he was soon passed by the very speedy Gary Frazier from Richard Montgomery. Frazier won the heat in about 1:09.1 with Constantinides 2nd in a little over 1:10.

The 3200-meter run combined both boys and girls but it was still smaller than a usual heat. Neal Darmody and Josh Joson of QO took it out hard, placing a large gap on the field early. It didn’t take long for Joson to drop back, but Darmody maintained a fast pace throughout. Brian Graves of WJ moved into 2nd place and the race mostly became each runner against the clock. Darmody cruised all alone for a win in 9:49. Graves was 2nd in 10:17 and Joson sprinted to the finish against Sebi Devlin-Foltz of Einstein in a time of 10:27.

A little over a minute later, the bell rang to signal Erin McManus’s final lap, but out from behind her came a flying Debbie Isen with a lights-out sprint to the finish. Isen won in 11:38 over McManus in 11:40.

In the girls 800, Owoade Ayorinde of Churchill trailed for the majority of the race before taking over and winning in 2:30.

In the boy’s 800, Zietoon of Clarksburg led Wayne Bartholomew of QO for three laps before fading back. Bartholomew won in 2:06, Alex Bodaken of Einstein was 2nd in 2:09, and Zietoon was 3rd in 2:12.

The Damascus boys and girls swept the 4x2’s and 4x4’s. The girls won the 4x2 with even splits each close to 29 seconds for an overall time of 1:56. They came back and won the 4x4 by leading almost the whole race and finishing in 4:28.

The Damascus boys’ 4x2, which won in 1:35.5, was anchored by Zahorodny in 22.9, and their 4x4, which won in 3:41, was anchored by Zahorodny in 51.2.

Field Events

Girls High Jump: Ashley Dabney, Wheaton, 5-5
Girls Long Jump: Kelsee Zyzak, Damascus, 14-08.50; Dounia Dakkouni, QO, 14-08
Boys Shot Put: Avery Graham, Clarksburg, 49-05.50; Jake Furr, Damascus, 43-09.50
Girls Shot Put: Arleigh Rose, Sherwood, 33-08.50
Boys High Jump: Ryan Mullsteff, Damascus, 6-04.50
Boys Long Jump: Gary Frazier, RM, 19-07; Jacob Adedeji, QO, 19-03


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