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County Championship Rankings
By: Kevin Milsted

Is it time for Gaithersburg to return to glory?

Richard Montgomery will be loading up in the sprints in their last gasp at holding off the powerful Gaithersburg team that took a back seat to RM the past two years. Could this be the year that Gaithersburg returns to supremacy behind a strong crew in the sprints and field?

Boys Rankings

1. Gaithersburg - Gaithersburg will score in more events than any other team. They are loading up on the field events and should score about half of their points there. Their points in the sprints should compliment their points in the field and put them on top.

2. Quince Orchard - QO's distance runners will get them into the top 5 in the county, but they have more than most people think in the remaining events. They will be a contender in a tight team battle.

3. Richard Montgomery - RM does not have enough this year to three-peat. They will score over 10 points in a handful of events, but do not have the depth of the past two championship teams.

4. Damascus - Damascus will be going after points in the relays and will get big points from Zahorodny. They have left too many events vacant to contend for the title.

5. Walter Johnson - A big day from Ian Francis in the jumps is going to give WJ a big boost. Their distance runners will put them in the top half of the county.

6. Clarksburg - Clarksburg is an all-around great team that may be a year away from competing for the title.

7. Blair - Undoubtedly one of the top sprinting teams in the county, Blair will take a huge hit in the distance and field events.

8. Paint Branch - John Jones and a pair of jumpers will lead Paint Branch to a top 10 finish.

9. B-CC - B-CC will wow fans in distance events, but that's about it.

10. Northwood - The first graduating class from Northwood will crack the top ten with scorers in the sprints and field.

Is this innocent face about to turn Montgomery County track upside down?

While Olivia Ekpone sightings have been rare this year, she has posted the fastest times in the short sprints that this county has seen in many years. Can she bring the talented Wootton girls to the very top, even if that means toppling the two-time champs from Churchill?

Girls Rankings

1. Wootton - There's no question that Olivia Ekpone is the centerpiece of this team. She should win every event she is in, but 40 points can't win the county title. As the most well-rounded team in the county, they should score in every event except for the hurdles and shot put.

2. Churchill - Churchill is nearly as loaded this year as they were last year, except the points that they owned last year in the field will mostly migrate over to Wootton, Paint Branch, and Poolesville.

3. Whitman - Whitman will own everything over 500 meters, but nothing in the sprints or field wil leave them locked into third.

4. Paint Branch - Statham and Jules will team up to score enough for a top 5 finish.

5. Poolesville - Olivia Durr will win the hurdles, but the majority of Poolesville's points will come from 6th and 7th place finishes in many events.

6. B-CC - Their surprisingly strong distance runners will outscore more teams than expected.

7. Gaithersburg - One of the best sprinting teams may finish lower than expected with no scorers in the distance or field events.

8. Blake - Blake will sneak into the top 10 with a handful of scorers in the field events.

9. Magruder - With a top hurdler and decent relays, Magruder is as good as any of the remaining teams.

10. Quince Orchard - While the remaining teams beat eachother up in the running events, QO is the only one going after big points in the long jump and triple jump. A team with less than 20 points will make the top 10.


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