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Burrito Mile Announcement
By: Kevin Milsted
Rafi Moersen

The world-famous Burrito Mile is happening again! This event was born right here in Montgomery County and has been contested in Georgia and Virginia Tech in the past year. This will be by far the biggest Burrito Mile event ever! Best of all, every penny goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help raise money for research and care for children with this disease.

Qdoba is once again being extremely generous and donating the burritos for the event. With several hundred people interested in competing, and hundreds of people expected as spectators, Qdoba will be providing at least 300 burritos to the meet organizers free of charge. This means that 100% of the profit will go to charity.

This event will be at the Walter Johnson High School track in Bethesda, Maryland. This event is not hosted by the school.

$1 for sport drinks
$5 for a t-shirt
$5 to come and watch and eat a burrito
$10 to compete in 1 race (anyone)
$15 to compete in 2 races (only true warriors!)

There will be 4 events this year. Times of each event are estimates. Just show up and choose which event is best for you:
1) High School Freshman/Sophomore - 12:30pm
2) High School Junior/Senior - 1:00pm
3) Open/Elite - 1:30pm
4) 4x8urrito - 2:00pm

All burritos should consist of rice, 1 meat, fajita vegetables or beans, 1 salsa, and two other toppings. Burritos should weigh over 1 pound. All burritos must be wrapped in foil prior to consumption. Burritos must be completely eaten in the consumption zone, 10 meters before the starting line.

After the gun goes off, the athlete must consume the entire burrito including scraps and be cleared to run by a judge. He/she will then run a full mile. Both the unwrapping foil and the eating of the burrito(s) are included in the total time. No contact shall be made between athletes. Burrathletes may drink as much (or as little) as they like.

Burrito Mile participants will run 4 laps around the track.

4x8urrito teams will consist of four members, each of whom will take turns eating a burrito and running 2 laps around the track, using their teammate's burrito as a baton. The final runner needs no baton. 4x8urrito teams must be arranged by participants ahead of time, but no registration is necessary.

4x8urrito teams can be Co-ed. 4x8urrito teams can consist of less than 4 members so long as 4 burritos and 3200 meters is covered by the team. It has been done before.

Vomiting is not encouraged by meet organizers, but sometimes it cannot be helped. There is no penalty for vomitting after the runner leaves the consumption zone, but athlete must leave the consumption zone with the burrito fully contained in the stomach no puking in the consumption zone!

There is a facebook group for burritomile fans for when this event has come and gone. To share pictures, videos, and be contacted about future evets, join the facebook group here:


2009-01-15 16:59:03

When is the Burrito mile this year and when can I sign up????

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