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Jenny Reid Interview
By: Kevin Milsted

Jenny Reid is an eleven time regional champion from Poolesville High School, but up until this week had never won a state title. This year as a junior, she stepped up for her team at the state championship and anchored the winning 4x800m relay before coming back and winning the 1600m run. She set the tone for her team who would go on to accumulate 53 points and win the 1A state title by 2 points. By competing against large schools all season long, she gains valuable big race experience that she uses when it is time to race against 1A schools. Read on to learn about how the state meet unfolded and what it was like for her competing under a new head coach this year. Find out what she does to stay fit during the summer and what she does when she's not on the track.

MoCoRunning: How did you feel in the 4x8 at states? How did the race play out?

Reid: I felt great during the 4x8 and so did the rest of the team. We actually got our best time yet [10:09]! It played out really well. Each of us pushed it as hard as we could to catch up to the couple of teams that were way out in front from the beginning of the race and it paid off! After that, I felt good for the mile and just went out at my own pace when everyone started off hard from the line. Everyone ran a great race, and for most of it we paced together, but at the end I felt I had more left in the tank, so I let it pull me forward. Unfortunately, that race took a lot out of me, so I didn't run my best race in the two mile.

MoCoRunning: Do you know what your team's 4x800 splits were?

Reid: I'm not positive about the first two splits but I think Chelsea ran a 2.31, Ellie ran a 2.36, Jen ran a 2.30, and I ran a 2.29.

MoCoRunning: So after running a great 4x800 leg, you came back and won the 1600. It looks like that was a tight race. Can you tell me how that went and what it was like after crossing the line in 1st place?

Reid: The 1600 was definitely a tight race. However, I felt pretty relaxed and confident throughout it. I didn't go into the race with a certain pace in mind, I figured I would just try to stay in the top pack and take the opportunity to pass if I could. Thankfully that worked out pretty well. Crossing the finish line in first was the best feeling ever because it was my first time winning an event at states!

MoCoRunning: When did you start thinking you could win the team state title?

Reid: Honestly, because our team has never won a state title since I have been here, I never thought too much about actually winning states. Of course we all dream of it, but I never knew how close we really were. I didn't fully realize how possible it was until the very end of the state meet. It was a wonderful surprise!

MoCoRunning: Do you feel that you were any more or less prepared for the state meet this year?

Reid: I felt very well prepared for the state meet both this year and last year from our hard practices and even harder meets. However, I do feel like I was more prepared this year only because I had gotten sick just before states last year.

MoCoRunning: Last year you accomplished a rare feat by winning regional titles in the 800, 1600, 3200, and 4x800. What were your thoughts at that time before and after attempting to do that?

Reid: Regionals last year was a really exciting and FUN meet! I had never run all of those races in one meet before going into Regionals so I really had no idea what to think! I never figured it would have gone that well and of course, afterwards I was so incredibly happy!

MoCoRunning: What do you think of your new coach this season?

Reid: Our new coach, Mike Trumbull, has been great this year. He brought a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to our team and has definitely helped us to be the best we can be. He has been a terrific coach throughout the entire season.

MoCoRunning: Did losing Meghan Rose, Emily Furr and others change your team's approach this season?

Reid: Losing Meghan and Emily was definitely hard on our team, but it seems like we also gained additional skill and enthusiasm all around this year starting with our freshmen. It's always hard to lose teammates who have been on the team for so long and who are so good, but considering the circumstances, I think everyone stepped up quite well.

MoCoRunning: What do you think about competing against Montgomery County teams all year and then going to the 1A West? Does it help prepare you?

Reid: I think it is great that we compete with large schools all season because we're able to see such an amazing level of performance and have something to strive toward. It definitely helps us prepare because it feels like we've already competed in such challenging races, and this gives us some confidence as we enter the regional meet.

MoCoRunning: Why did you decide to do summer track last year? What was that like for you and how was it similar or different from high school track?

Reid: I decided to do summer track with a couple of friends on my team because we wanted to continue running! It ended up being the best decision for me. I love my team, the Titans, and I feel that I have learned a lot from them and grown from my experience. It is different from high school track because students from other schools, whom you normally race against, are on your team! Also, you get to travel to new places for meets and gain a lot of really fun and exciting experiences. I can't wait to run with the Titans again this summer!

MoCoRunning: Why don't you run cross country?

Reid: I haven't run cross country YET because I have grown up playing soccer, which is also a fall sport, and never really considered it. However, I'm really thinking about it for next year because I love running and I think it would be a lot of fun. We'll see!

MoCoRunning: What do you like to do in your free time when you aren't running or playing soccer?

Reid: When I'm not running and playing soccer I actually like to sing! I've been singing and performing for a long time now at my church and school. But I'm a little bit shy so I don't do it a lot! Other than that, I like to hang out with friends and my two brothers!!

Photo Credits:
Photo 1 by Darrell Cavey of, taken at 1A West Regional Meet Feb 4, 2008
Photo 2 from, taken at AAU Junior Olympics August 2007


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