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Georgetown Prep Tri Meet Recap
By: Matt Davis

The Springbrook, Clarksburg, Georgetown Prep meet started out with a few unexpected visitors. Edmund Burke, Stone Ridge, and Holy cross all had athlete's joining in on the fun. The Clarksburg Coyotes, coming off a sweep of their previous tri-meet was up for a bit more of a challenge than they expected from the 1-1 Springbrook Blue Devils.

The meet started off with a good race in the 100m hurdles. Burke's Anja Sherry pulled off to an early lead but the Coyote's Nana Langa had an amazing finish to pull out the win, allowing them to sweep the hurdles.

Next up was the boys and girls 3200m relay, which Clarksburg took as well because of the lack of a Springbrook team. The boy's race however turned out a bit different. The three original school's team's went out in a 30 second first 200, leaving Burke out of the race. They packed together till the second lap, where Prep pulled ahead leaving Clarksburg and Springbrook in a kick towards the first hand off, both finishing around 2:06. Georgetown Prep's Ramsey Chapin took the baton with a strong lead and never looked back. Meanwhile Springbrook's Alex Gomes was locked in a battle with Clarksburg. Gomes came on strong with 200 to go and broke open a 10m gap by the hand-off with a 2:09 split. This left Springbrook's Ebou Touray and Clarksburg playing catch up to GP's third, and weakest leg. With a strong first lap Springbrook was able to break away for Clarksburg and get within 10m of GP. Continuing to come on strong Touray broke away and gave Springbrook a good 5m gap with a 2:05 split. Now with the race against Clarksburg in the bag, Springbrook's Sharif Kromener stuck with GP's anchor for the first lap and jogged in the second with a 2:08 split. Georgetown Prep sprinted the win in 8:25, Springbrook finished in 8:27 while Clarksburg ran a strong last leg to end with a 8:41.

The next big race was a match up of newly returning Zach Boodie against Mark Small. When the smoke cleared Zach and Mark were neck and neck down the line, Zach came in second to GP's Brandon Tisdale, running a 11.0 while Mark Small was right behind with a 11.1. Due to the use of number's to identify athletes there was a mix up when the time's were finally entered.

Chiny Asher, a freshman at Holy Cross, went on in the mile to blazing 5:23. Clarksburg girl's swept Springbrook's. In the boy's mile Georgetown Prep's Ramsey Chapin and Dennis Carl went 1-2, 4:36 and 4:45 respectively. Freshman Willy Wise and Senior Sharif Kromener ran together for a win over Clarksburg.

The girls 4x200 was won by Springbrook with the help of a 26.07 split from their senior captain Nenna Akapete. She then went on to take on Page Harris in the 400m Dash a few minutes later. Page pulled out an amazing last 100m to get the win at the line in 1:01.72. Rodney Kizito and Mark Small went at it in the 400, the tired Kizito was easily out kicked by Small.

The final exciting race of the day was the boy's 4x100. Boodie went out in an 11:07 to give SB an early lead. Through the second and third leg the lead expanded to 10 meters. Then the unthinkable happened. Mark Small got the baton and blazed the last 100m to beat SB by .09 seconds, running an amazing 10.89 split.

Due to a hamstring injury, Avery Graham stuck to field event's coming in second in high jump to SB's Ebou Touray. However he easily won shot put with a 48-11.50 throw. Uchenna Ahaghotu won the discus in 105-10, while Joffrey Alcidor won the long and triple with 19-07.50 and 42-02.5 jumps.

Clarksburg’s boys tied Georgetown Prep in a meet that was only for fun. Clarksburg and Georgetown Prep both defeated Springbrook’s boys, and Clarksburg’s girls defeated Springbrook’s girls.


Jeff Green
2008-04-13 16:37:12

You still got the boys 100 Meters wrong. Small won as confirmed by video and your own posted times. He won with a 10.91

2008-04-14 22:34:51

not what our video shows

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