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Einstein Dual Meet Recap
By: Kevin Milsted

Alex Bodaken begged and pleaded his non-running classmates at Einstein High School to show up to their home meet against Springbrook on Wednesday. As a senior who regularly attends games of the other sports at his school, he thought it would be pretty cool if they actually had some fans in his final home meet. It is a gesture that most track athletes can relate to. Non-runners don't understand track and they certainly can't appreciate it to its fullest, and therefore they don't bother.

Bodaken's efforts paid off. Sitting in the stands was a small group of about 15 proud students who came to support their school's track team. Just being there was enough for the seniors, but Bodaken needed to give their guests something to cheer for.

He and senior teammate Sebi Devlin-Foltz did just that by going 1-2 in the 1600 in 4:42 and 4:48. Sharif Kronemer of Springbrook was third in 4:57. Bodaken also won the 3200 by a landslide in 10:55.

Einstein's Joseph Kelly and Springbrook's Zach Boodie are two sprinters that could not be more evenly matched. Both athletes slipped out of the blocks in the 100-meter dash, but Kelly recovered quickly to take the early lead. Kelly then tightened up as Boodie came from behind to catch him at the line in 11.1. The judge's call was in favor of Boodie.

The two met again in the 200-meter dash. After his struggles with the blocks in the 100, Boodie decided to not even use blocks for the 200. This strategy worked well as he was able to gain an early lead on Kelly for the first 150 meters. But this time Kelly made a late surge. They once again finished side by side. The judge's call once again went to Boodie, with a time of 22.8.

Though the non-running fans remained relatively quiet throughout the meet, they were on their feet and screaming for the boys 4x400-meter relay. It was a tight race from start to finish with a few lead changes. Bodaken was able to close a 10 meter gap on third leg, but it was quickly reopened on the fourth leg by Kronemer. This time it would be Kronemer who had the last laugh, leading his team to victory in 3:40. Kronemer had also won the open 800 in 2:05.

Najwa Ali of Springbrook was the top female performer of the meet. Ali won the 100, 200 and contributed to the winning 4x200 and 4x400-meter relays.

Einstein put on a good show on the track for their guests, but they did not have enough in the field to compete for the win. Springbrook's boys and girls won the meet.


Springbrook 95
Einstein 47


Springbrook 68
Einstein 54


Joseph Kelly
2008-04-30 22:10:56

i am reaaly mad cuz i won dat race,this is really grimy they messed up my times as well and you can see in the photo i won the race so like kevin said you be the judge!!!! fix my dam time lol

Alex Bodaken
2008-05-01 20:13:35

What's cruel is that the "judge" for the 100 and 200 was our coach. DaSilva, what the hell? What happened to home track advantage? :)

2008-05-01 20:32:15

haha..You wont that race Joe...

2008-05-02 09:45:24

you still both ran the same time and the scoring of the meet still wouldn't change in your favor, so you winning doesn't really change anything.

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