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September Closes with a Bang
By: Kevin Milsted

The month of September showed some brilliant performances, the best of which came on the very last weekend. MoCo was spread out across three states and brought home many trophies and plaques. The most noteable team performances came from the Quince Orchard boys winning the Paul Short Invitational, the Good Counsel girls winning the Mercersburg Academy Invitational, the Gaithersburg boys winning the Bull Run elite race, and the Richard Montgomery boys and girls winng the Bull Run large races. Amazing individual performances included Halsey Sinclair (Blair) placing 2nd in the Bull Run elite race in a time of 19:25, Nora McCall (GC, 19:08) and Nick Bax (St. Albans, 15:54) setting course records at Mercersburg, Kyle Gaffney (Blake) winning the Bull Run large race in 16:39, Chris Moen (WJ) winning the McDonalds XC Festival unseeded section in 16:24, Morgane Gay (Whit) placing third in the Oatlands 'A' race in 19:08, Chris Barnard (Sher, 16:19) and Will Palmer (Whit, 16:23) placing 2nd and 3rd at the Oatlands 'A' race, Cara Harrison (QO, 18:33), Emma Eckerstrom (NW, 18:35), Kathy Aherne (NW, 18:47), and Louise Hanallah (Church, 18:54) all running under 19:00 at Paul Short, and Quince Orchard boys putting 5 guys under 17:00, Neal Darmody (16:14), Greg Bove (16:16), David Laratta (16:23), Josh Joson (16:31), Artem Panasenkov (16:57).

All pictures were sent in by volunteers. Thank you to Scott Silverstein for Paul Short pictures, Dave Brandt for Mercersburg pictures, Craig Amoss of for Bull Run individual pictures, Zach Tracer for Richard Montgomery at Bull Run phtotos, and Steve Korn for Oatlands photos.

Cara Harrison, QO
18:33 4th @ Paul Short

Emma Eckerstrom, NW
18:35 5th @ Paul Short

Louise Hannallah, Churchill
18:54 11th @ Paul Short

Nora McCall, Good Counsel
19:08 1st @ Mercersburg
Course Record

Nick Bax, St. Albans
15:54 1st @ Mercersburg
Course Record

Joe Peterson, St. Andrews
16:39 6th at Mercersburg

Halsey Sinclair, Blair
19:25 2nd @ Bull Run Elite
2nd Fastest Overall

Ashlyn Sinclair, Blair
20:10 8th @ Bull Run Elite
10th Fastest Overall

Veronica Salcido, Wootton
20:17 2nd @ Bull Run Large
14th Fastest Overall

Kyle Gaffney, Blake
16:39 1st @ Bull Run Large
5th Fastest Overall

Elias Tousley, B-CC
16:41 5th @ Bull Run Elite
Chris Bowie, B-CC
16:42 6th @ BR Elite
6th, 7th Fastest Overall

Mickey Stepek, Gaithersburg
17:41 20th @ Bull Run Elite
3rd of 6 GB runners under 18

Paul Riggio, Gaithersburg
17:47 24th at Bull Run Elite
4th of 6 GB runners under 18

Mike Limongelli, Gaithersburg
17:51 27th at Bull Run Elite
6th of 6 GB runners under 18

Laura McCary, Magruder
21:14 20th at Bull Run Elite

Sarah Britton, Luyang Liu, RM
21:12 9th/10th at Bull Run Large

Monica Delizo, RM
14th 21:32 at Bull Run Large
Tara Weiss, Gaithersburg
20:59 7th at Bull Run Large

Maryam Fikri, Churchill '10
19:48 38th at Paul Short

Sean King, Churchill
17:09 87th
Robby Linnoila, Churchill
16:55 60th at Paul Short

Tarik Aougab, UPenn
26:21 61st at Paul Short

Dave Warren, Superman TC
31:11 433rd at Paul Short

Chris Barnard, Sherwood 16:19 2nd
Will Palmer, Whitman 16:23 3rd
at Oatlands Invitational

Andrew Palmer, Whitman 16:44 9th
Sam Epstein, Whitman 16:45 10th
Tommy Mullings, Sherwood 16:51, 15th

Quince Orchard Boys Team
1st Place at Paul Short Invitational
16:28 Top 5 Average Time

Congratulations Richard Montgomery Boys and Girls
1st Place at Bull Run Invitational - Large

Men top left to right: Brian Sickles, Jeremy Blair, Travis Kroeker, Ben Hoyt, Tom Hoyt, Nathan Terhaar
Women left to right: Julie Pernikowski, Sarah Britton, Amanda Pinzon, Monica Delizo, Luyang Liu, Alana Moore, Eva Rodezno
Front: Pedro Arieta
Photo by Zach Tracer:


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