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Preseason Girls Team Rankings
By: Kevin Milsted
2008-08-28 conducted an open online poll in mid-August for anyone to rank their top teams in the county. Below you will find the result of 44 girls team rankings combined into one ranking.

10. Sherwood - 4A West
Poll Points: 67
2007 County Finish: 13th
2007 State Finish: 16th

Sherwood returns four of their top six from last year's team that qualified for the state championship meet. They return this year with a more experienced and relatively deep team.

9. Gaithersburg - 4A West
Poll Points: 128
2007 County Finish: 9th
2007 State Finish: DNR

Last year, Gaithersburg managed a ninth place finish at the county championship despite only one girl in the top 40. Abby Spitler will once again be one of the best in the state, but their team depth is lacking even moreso than last year.

8. Walter Johnson - 4A West
Poll Points: 149
2007 County Finish: 8th
2007 State Finish: DNR

With a healthy season, WJ should have one of the strongest top fours. Finding a fifth on their large squad shouldn't be too difficult.

7. Quince Orchard - 4A West
Poll Points: 170
2007 County Finish: 5th
2007 State Finish: 12th

QO has one of the best duos in the county in Aimee Moores and Stephanie Joson, but will need to develop a supporting cast. The QO girls are always in the hunt, even when least expected.

6. Damascus - 3A West
Poll Points: 176
2007 County Finish: 7th
2007 State Finish: 5th

Every team in the county was hurt by graduation this year - every team except Damascus. They should be one of the deepest teams in the county and in the 3A classification this year.

5. B-CC - 3A West
Poll Points: 182
2007 County Finish: 10th
2007 State Finish: 13th

B-CC returns 3A west region champ Addie Tousley and should return to the state championship meet just by nature of being in the 3A west region.

4. Wootton - 4A West
Poll Points: 187
2007 County Finish: 4th
2007 State Finish: 7th

Wootton will try not to slip back into mediocrity this year after graduating three of their top four. Jessie Rubin leads a young, hard-working group that is trying to build a winning tradition.

3. Whitman - 4A West
Poll Points: 232
2007 County Finish: 2nd
2007 State Finish: 5th

Freshman Anna Ryba is expected to be a big contributor in her first year, while the upperclassmen will try to make up for the loss of four of their top five.

2. Churchill - 4A West
Poll Points: 371
2007 County Finish: 1st
2007 State Finish: 4th

The defending county champs graduated their top two, but still return the strong duo of Maryam Fikri and Alex Giedd. They will pull up several girls from their deep roster to remain competitive this year.

Britt Eckerstrom & Alyssa Henshaw
1. Northwest - 4A West
Poll Points: 391
2007 County Finish: 3rd
2007 State Finish: 6th

Britt Eckerstrom and Alyssa Henshaw will be the powerful duo to lead the county favorites this year. Eckerstrom, a 2007 All-Met as a freshman, will again be one of the top runners in the area. As members of last year's star-studded Northwest squad began to go down with injuries, several young girls were called upon to contribute sooner than expected. Girls like Sarah Sekscienski, Kate Allaway, and Hillary Siegall will use that experience to contribute. Other contributors could be Kai Santangelo and Michaela Gramzinski.


2008-08-29 17:47:59

I believe that BCC girls are now in 4A.

2008-08-29 23:44:39

You're an idiot

2008-09-05 18:05:52

Wootton is going to surprise ppl. They will be top two for sure

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