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Episcopal Relays Recap
By: Kevin Milsted

The schools that attended the Episcopal Relays didn't have to worry about Hurricane Hanna that is expected to hit out area this weekend, but did have to deal with intense heat in their first meet of the year. Lucky for some runners, they did not have to run a full race continuously, but the heat made the recovery time all too short for many.

The varsity boys ran three full one-mile loops, alternating with a relay teammate. This gave them five to six (maybe seven) minutes recovery between each mile as their partner carried the baton. The varsity girls ran two one-mile loops. The junior varsity runners each ran three 1000-meter loops, alternating with one relay teammate.

Episcopal's Pete Markewski kept the race neck and neck with Georgetown Day School's Sam Freeling on the first leg, but Episcopal's Reid Nickel broke the race open on his leg with 4:57 mile split. It was no contest from that point on. Markewski split 5:03-5:28-5:36, while Nickel split 4:57-5:14-5:15. Their official combined time was 31:34. Episcopal's Tom Peabody and Beirne Hutchson took second place about a minute later, and St. Andrews' Dylan Thayer and Scott Womer placed third thirty seconds later. Episcopal took first place in the team competition, while St. Andrews took second place, defeating MAC rival GDS.

In the girls' race, Georgetown Visitation's Moira Ryan opened up a big lead on the first leg, but Episcopal's Catherine Harrison closed the gap on the very next leg. The same scenario repeated over the next two legs, but Ryan created too large of a lead for Harrison to make up on the final loop. The Visitation duo of Moira Ryan and Natalie Atabek won in a total time of 23:33. Coles Lawton and Catherine Harrison were second in 24:28. Bridget Connelly and Katie Pohl of Visitation took third place in 24:47. Visitation took home the team trophy while Episcopal took second place thanks to their second and fourth place efforts.


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