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Generated County Predictions
By: Kevin Milsted

Can't wait to see the results for the Montgomery County Championship race? Here are some predictions generated by a mathematical model of the runners in the county. This model is 3 years in the making and factors in roughly 70 races each for the boys and girls. To read more about the mathematical system, go here.

Now folks, I know that I am trying to do the impossible by ranking so many runners and predicting their times and I know that it doesn't make much sense in some places, but it is a pretty cool idea so take it for what it is. I hope that is does generate some discussion in the forum.

Gay, Morgane Whitman 19:08.4
Eckerstrom, Emma Northwest 19:10.4
Harrison, Cara Quince Orchard 19:17.1
Sinclair, Halsey Blair 19:20.7
Hannallah, Louise Winston Churchill 19:20.7
Sinclair, Ashlyn Blair 19:50.4
Aherne, Kathy Northwest 19:52.2
Salcido, Veronica Wootton 20:05.6
Stinner, Becca Northwest 20:08.3
Isen, Debbie Whitman 20:15.1
Alberico, Stephanie Walter Johnson 20:22.5
Moores, Aimee Quince Orchard 20:44.4
Weiss, Tara Gaithersburg 20:46.7
Abby Spitler Gaithersburg 20:50.0
McCary, Laura Magruder 21:03.6
Moore, Alana Richard Montgomery 21:06.2
Britton, Sarah Richard Montgomery 21:06.9
Fikri, Maryam Churchill 21:09.5
Jennifer Spencer Walter Johnson 21:10.0
Duncan, Violeta Quince Orchard 21:10.5
Berge, Masha Winston Churchill 21:12.6
Colbert, Taylor Damascus 21:13.5
Delizo, Monica Richard Montgomery 21:13.9
Whalen, Courtney Magruder 21:22.7
Liu, Luyang Richard Montgomery 21:27.4
McManus, Erin Winston Churchill 21:29.4
Griffin, Catherine Whitman 21:44.9
Nguyen, Melinda Northwest 21:45.4
Howcroft, Elizabeth Walter Johnson 21:47.3
Tousley, Addie BCC 21:47.7
Rodezno, Eva Richard Montgomery 21:48.2
Melnick, Nicole Winston Churchill 21:50.3
Do, Anh-Chi Quince Orchard 21:52.0
Machado, Iona Wootton. 22:01
Heilman, Maryana Churchill 22:02.1
Bell, Hillary Northwest 22:07.2
Joson, Stephanie Quince Orchard 22:09.6
Zhang, Mary Wootton 22:10.0
Morrow, Audrey Quince Orchard 22:12.2
Dunn, Meghan Sherwood 22:13.0
Henshaw, Alyssa Northwest 22:15.3
Shannahan, Sarah Whitman 22:18.0
Golan, Maureen Whitman 22:20.6
Garcia-Riege, Berna Walter Johnson 22:22.5
Gretshel, Johanna Blair 22:22.5
Ayorinle, Owoade Churchill 22:24.7
Chris Moen Walter Johnson 16:12.5
William Palmer Whitman 16:19.5
Chris Barnard Sherwood 16:21.0
Kyle Gaffney Blake 16:23.5
Chris Bowie B-CC 16:26.7
Elias Tousley B-CC 16:28.0
Tommy Mullings Sherwood 16:40.1
Greg Bove Quince Orchard 16:46.7
Wil Zahorodny Damascus 16:47.5
David Laratta Quince Orchard 16:48.7
Brian Marshall SenecaValley 16:56.3
Brian Sickles Richard Montgomery 16:57.7
Sam Epstein Whitman 16:59.8
Neal Darmody Quince Orchard 17:03.9
Andrew Palmer Whitman 17:06.9
Artem Panasenkov Quince Orchard 17:08.0
Jordan Sawadogo Springbrook 17:09.6
Chris Boyd Wootton 17:11.5
Sam Boimov Gaithersburg 17:13.6
Russel Speiden Sherwood 17:14.1
Yared Tarekgean Sherwood 17:16.1
Alex Rosenberg Quince Orchard 17:16.5
Alec Triantos Magruder 17:17.1
Josh Joson Quince Orchard 17:17.5
Mickey Stepek Gaithersburg 17:23.4
Ben Hoyt Richard Montgomery 17:25.2
Jared Schneider Walter Johnson 17:28.6
Reagan Lynch Quince Orchard 17:30.4
Emilio Galis Magruder 17:30.5
Mike Limongelli Gaithersburg 17:30.8
David D'Alessio Northwest 17:33.6
Nathan Terhaar Richard Montgomery 17:35.0
Robbie Linnoila Churchill 17:35.4
Michael Gardner Watkins Mill 17:36.8
Austin Keech Poolesville 17:38.1
Mike Migdall Quince Orchard 17:40.0
Vikas Bhatia Gaithersburg 17:40.3
Paul Riggio Gaithersburg 17:41.2
Travis Kroeker Richard Montgomery 17:41.4
Dan Miller Whitman 17:44.5
Luke Reding Gaithersburg 17:45.0
Managi Biggers Northwest 17:48.8
Dylan Straughan B-CC 17:51.2
Sean King Churchill 17:53.6
Brandt Silver-Korn Whitman 17:55.1
Ramon Munoz Clarksburg 17:55.1
Ryan Priovolos Quince Orchard 17:55.9
Tom Hoyt Richard Montgomery 18:00.8
William Orndorff Rockville 18:01.1
Dan Nowakowski Whitman 18:01.2
Ian Chasler Magruder 18:02.1
Roni Teich Walter Johnson 18:02.3
Bryan Baude Damascus 18:02.5
Rafi Moersen Walter Johnson 18:02.6
Greg Domico Damascus 18:02.9
Mike Leaman Clarksburg 18:03.3
Emanuel Waktola Blair 18:04.0
Alex Prevost B-CC 18:08.3
Sharif Kronemer Springbrook 18:10.7
Kenneth Siu Wootton 18:10.8
Jeremy Lent Sherwood 18:12.6
Jacob Lowe Sherwood 18:12.9
Anthony Popiel Walter Johnson 18:13.5
Adam Gaynor WatkinsMill 18:14.6
Ben Simon Churchill 18:15.5
Chad Hoggle Northwest 18:16.1
Evan Whetsell Churchill 18:17.3
Brennan Keagan Poolesville 18:17.4
Seba Devlin Foltz Einstein 18:17.7
Greg Conte Quince Orchard 18:20.9
Bryson Harris Walter Johnson 18:21.5
Robert Allaway Northwest 18:22.0
Kyle Balderson Sherwood 18:22.0
Nick Gummo Northwest 18:22.3
John DiNardo Northwest 18:22.5
John Ingraham Northwest 18:22.5
Mark Parkhurst Blake 18:26.7
Cedric Dana Wootton 18:29.1


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