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Wheaton XC 2008 Preview
By: Jorge Granados

The 2008 Cross Country team at Wheaton High School is looking strong this year with some of their returning runners from last year and with a few new runners. They might not have the biggest team in the division but they do know how to run. Issayas Yohannes, a senior at Wheaton is running his first cross country season after quitting soccer this summer. Some of the returning runners are saying that he is "the fastest" guy on the team this year. The top guys on the team behind Issayas Yohannes are Kevin Garzon, Jorge Granados and Brian Koskey. They are all returning runners and seniors this year. Kevin Garzon finished his outdoor season last spring strong which motivated him to train during the summer to get ready for cross country season. Jorge Granados also finished his outdoor season by motivation and encouragement from his teammates and runners from other schools. By what we know, these two guys have been training together this summer by pushing each other to run every day. Jorge missed his first meet today against Blake High School due to an injury, but he is getting ready with the rest of the team to prepare for regionals. Brian Koskey, also a returning senior is getting back into shape. He says that he is not in good shape right now but by the next meet he will be. The Wheaton Cross Country team will not be losing runners after this season because they have a great team of juniors this year. Daniel Gao, Nelson Chicas, Tai Duong, and a few more are getting ready to get up with the seniors this year and will be training during the summer to get ready for the next seaon. With having a couple of new guys in the team, they also have a few girls thats will be running in the upcoming meets. Mary Duong, a junior this year, is running cross country for the first time and is Wheaton's top girl runner this year on the team. The team is hoping to win some dual meets and will be working hard to accomplish their goals. GO KNIGHTS!


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