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WJ vs. NW recap
By: Michael Menase

Walter Johnson's home course is at the Cabin John trails which is not the best course for fast times. There are a lot of roots, thorns, poison ivy leaves and sticks which poke out at you every which way. On top of that, most of the course is very narrow so it is hard to pass people.

The top runners did not have to worry about trying to pass people. Walter Johnson's Sean O'Leary started off in around third or fourth place. He began gapping the field from the end of the first mile. O'Leary cruised for the victory in a PR of 16:58. Two other Wildcats eventually followed in Roni Teich and Alex Willett right behind him. The first finishing Northwest runner was Chris Miller. Miller held off a charging Ishan Dey from Walter Johnson. A series of Northwest runners followed including Miller's sophomore teammate Bobby Sonken, but the late surge was not nearly enough to defeat the undefeated Walter Johnson boys.

The Walter Johnson girls did not fare as well, although the score was probably a good deal closer than the actual race. Britt Eckerstrom of Northwest went wire to wire for the victory and looked very in control despite the gap on the rest of the field. Her time was 20:09. Anna Bosse was first for WJ about 20 seconds behind Eckerstrom. Northwest and Walter Johnson would continue to rotate places - Alyssa Henshaw in third for Northwest, for Walter Johnson Jenna Willett in 4th in 21:09, a Northwest runner, then another Walter Johnson runner in 6th, until Northwest piled in a small pack; their depth solidified their victory today. The Northwest girls remain undefeated while Walter Johnson is 0-3.


2008-09-17 20:52:37

Michael, you need to work on that writing. Big Luke

2008-09-17 20:57:03

I think Michael does well when he keeps it brief. It's not like he's covering the Superbowl. Keep the comments positive.

2008-09-17 21:24:16

Don't worry Kevin, Michael and I are friends. We poke fun at each other it isn't anything personal. Big Luke

The REAL big luke
2008-10-01 10:31:44

youre not big luke, i am

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