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RM at Damascus Recap
By: Fred Jones

At Damascus High School, the weather was sunny and Richard Montgomery came ready to compete. Damascus also came ready to run a strong race after their 1 point loss to the Sherwood boys last week. Unlike the last meet at Damascus, the girls started off first.

For the first mile, Damascus girls had a fast start with a tight pack. The Richard Montgomery pack was close behind. As they came into the second mile and up the hill, the Damascus pack began to separate. Senior Alana Moore, Richard Montgomery’s first runner, was behind senior Taylor Colbert from Damascus in fourth place. Megan Patton faded back and was fighting to keep the 5th spot against Moore who was challenging her. As they came into the finish, Janna Domico was first followed by Emily McIlvried, then Alex Carroll and Taylor Colbert. Breaking up the Damascus five was Richard Montgomery’s Alana Moore, taking 5th. Megan Patton was 6th followed by Julia Mertz of RM in 7th. The Damascus pack was within 12 seconds of each other and won 16 to 44.

When the boys' race started, Damascus and Richard Montgomery started very close together and both packs were together for the first mile. Junior Thomas Arias, sophomore Sam Martin and junior James McNamara led off the first mile with the Damascus pack behind them and still more RM runners on their heels. The first runner changed often and for the first mile, no one kept the lead for too long. All the boys were so close together that they could practically feel each other’s breath on the other’s neck. Coming out of the woods, Thomas Arias led strong and teammate Ben Constantinides emerged second, fighting to keep up, followed by James McNamara who pulled away from the Richard Montgomery pack. Along with McNamara were Cecil Jonas, Charlie Ramirez, and Alex Arias of Damascus. At the third mile the chase pack caught Ben Constantinides and pushed the pace to fight for the #2 spot. At the finish, Thomas Arias won the race. Not far behind was Richard Montgomery’s James McNamara who out kicked Cecil Jonas to the finish. Ben Constantinides and Alex Arias finished next, followed by Charlie Ramirez and Sam Martin right on his heels. Teammate Jeremy Batt finished 8th overall for Richard Montgomery. Damascus guys spread 18 seconds from their first runner to their fifth and took 1st with 19 points to 44 points.


2008-09-21 12:53:27

nice packs!!!

2008-09-28 22:36:53

yeah, i have to commend damascus for their amazing packs

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