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Girls Midseason Team Ranking
By: Kevin Milsted

With two developmental meets down and the biggest meets of the season yet to come, it's time to take a stab at Montgomery County public school team rankings.

1. Churchill - The Churchill girls may not win any events, but they are going to score big in every single event. They could score 100 points at the county championship.

2. Paint Branch - Paint Branch is expected to score big in all sprints and jumps, but would need a few more point scorers to fill out the remaining events to keep pace with Churchill.

3. B-CC - We haven't seen Alex Doll yet this season, but she should be back when it counts. Addie Tousley looked as good as any distance runner in December.

4. Wootton - Olivia Ekpone is better than ever, but she doesn't have the supporting cast that she had last year.

5. Damascus - Kelsee Zyzak leads the way in the hurdles and jumps, but expect the rest of the team to "nickle and dime" at the county championship.

6. Northwest - Many of the county's top distance runners are not running indoors, leaving Alyssa Henshaw and Britt Eckerstrom the opportunity to score big if they want to load up on events.

7. Kennedy - Thea LaFond will be one of the county's top individual scorers.

8. Gaithersburg - Based on the girls they return from last year, Gaithersburg is a top five team, but they haven't shown anything yet.

9. Clarksburg - We haven't seen much out of the freshman Bailee Freeman, but she should be boosting Clarksburg before too long.

10. Poolesville - Olivia Durr's contributions are a given, and the 1A state champs have a few young throwers with potential.

On the cusp: Blair, Blake, Whitman, Walter Johnson


2009-01-07 18:21:27

This was bad...

2009-01-07 18:21:39

This was bad...

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