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County Championship Team Poll Results
By: Kevin Milsted
2009-01-23 conducted an open online poll between January 16 and January 21 to determine who the local track fans think will win each event at the upcoming Montgomery County Indoor Track Championship Meet. One hundred and one valid votes were collected during the given time frame. Below you will find a table of the poll results and five expert picks. The first column on the left is the ranking number. The second column is the combined ranking based on the fan votes. The third column is the amount of poll points accumulated by the team in that row. The five columns on the right of the table are the selections of five Montgomery County track experts who do excellent in prediction competitions season after season.

    Combined Poll Ranking   Poll Points     Kevin   Rob   Kid   Matt   Sean
#1 Boys Team   Gaithersburg   391     Gaithersburg   Gaithersburg   Gaithersburg   Gaithersburg   Gaithersburg
#2 Boys Team   Clarksburg   340     Clarksburg   Blair   Clarksburg   Whitman   Clarksburg
#3 Boys Team   Whitman   228     Northwest   Northwest   Whitman   Northwest   Blair
#4 Boys Team   Northwest   217     Churchill   Clarksburg   Northwest   Clarksburg   Churchill
#5 Boys Team   Churchill   205     Damascus   Magruder   Churchill   Quince Orchard   Whitman
#6 Boys Team   Blair   195     Paint Branch   Quince Orchard   Damascus   Springbrook   Quince Orchard
#7 Boys Team   Damascus   175     Whitman   Walter Johnson   Sherwood   Churchill   Damascus
#8 Boys Team   Quince Orchard   167     Quince Orchard   Sherwood   Paint Branch   Paint Branch   Paint Branch
#9 Boys Team   Paint Branch   106     Magruder   Whitman   Quince Orchard   Blair   Sherwood
#10 Boys Team   Walter Johnson   106     Blair   Paint Branch   Blair   Magruder   Walter Johnson
#1 Girls Team   Churchill   364     Churchill   Paint Branch   Churchill   Churchill   Churchill
#2 Girls Team   Paint Branch   355     Paint Branch   Churchill   Paint Branch   Paint Branch   Northwest
#3 Girls Team   Wootton   283     Damascus   Northwest   Damascus   B-CC   Paint Branch
#4 Girls Team   Northwest   246     B-CC   Clarksburg   Kennedy   Damascus   Walter Johnson
#5 Girls Team   B-CC   221     Wootton   Walter Johnson   Clarksburg   Kennedy   Damascus
#6 Girls Team   Damascus   198     Northwest   Wootton   Wootton   Wootton   B-CC
#7 Girls Team   Whitman   99     Kennedy   Whitman   Northwest   Gaithersburg   Quince Orchard
#8 Girls Team   Kennedy   86     Whitman   Blair   Whitman   Northwest   Whitman
#9 Girls Team   Gaithersburg   75     Gaithersburg   Northwood   B-CC   Clarksburg   Poolesville
#10 Girls Team   Clarksburg   73     Poolesville   B-CC   R. Montgomery   Poolesville   Kennedy


There is no dissension among the fans or experts on who is the top boys team in the county this year. Nearly everyone agrees that Gaithersburg will be the 2009 indoor county champions. They may or may not win seven individual events as fans voted in the individual portion of the poll, but they will score highly enough in the sprints, hurdles, and field events to pull away from the rest of the teams in the county by 20 points. That is about as much as fans agree upon as there are several opinions as to who will take the second place spot. Clarksburg seems like a good bet with their sprinting duo of Avery Graham and Mark Small combined with their seemingly endless supply of throwers. Whitman will also do quite well if Andrew Palmer runs three events as the entry list indicates he will do. Northwest is another well-rounded team that most believe will finish in the top 5.

One thing is for certain on the girls side. Paint Branch and Churchill will be the top two teams in the county. Voting among the county fans was nearly a split decision between the two teams for the top spot with Churchill coming out on top as the final few votes came in. PB is very, very strong in their key events: the sprints, relays, and field events, but Churchill is also expected to score decently in those same events. When Churchill is through with the distance events, they should have close to 100 points, a total that PB may not be able to reach even on a great day. After the top two teams, there is very little agreement at all who will follow. Wootton is a popular pick with Olivia Ekpone leading her team and entered to run three open events. B-CC, Northwest, and Damascus were also popular picks for top five spots because those three teams along with Churchill should dominate the distance events.


2009-01-23 20:35:46

Personally after some more thought I would like to say that whitman will most likely not place 2nd overall as a team. It is doubtful that Palmer double let alone triple, if he is able to to score over 15 points then whitman is likely to place top three, however I am not confident he will be able to at the county meets for several reasons. So if using my pics for anything slide whitman from 2nd to 6th

2009-01-24 19:49:20

Well, as Kevin has mentioned several times in previous articles, Whitman's Jonathan Hale and Jayson Carson will most definitely score in the hurdles, and both Wiseman and Carson can jump 5-10 in the high jump. At the developmental Wiseman jumped 21 in the long jump, and Carson jumped 20-09. Along with Palmer and Silver-Korn, Whitman could most definitely get in the top 3 for boys. Wiseman could also do very well in the 400. Palmer is not Whitman's only asset.

2009-01-24 19:50:06

sorry, I mean the 300 for Wiseman.

2009-01-24 22:22:55

don't count on palmer...

2009-01-25 11:27:17

I will take the next prediction contest more seriously and spend a little more time on it

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