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3A West Meet Notes
By: Alison Hady

Below are the meet notes of a student. They are not necessarily complete or accurate, but give some insight into the meet.

55 meter dash:
Statham (PB) cruises to win in final. Kennedy (Tusc) holds off fast finishers of two Friendly runners for 2nd. Biggs and Barker (Friendly) take 3rd and 4th.

Ezekeoye of Kennedy has easy time in semis and appears to win finals over Wilson of Frederick with lean. Too tight to determine other finishers.

55 hurdles:
Boone (Largo) leads from gun to take 1st. LaFond (Kennedy) takes 2nd. Biggs doubles up now as she qualifies for 3rd spot.

In the boys final there is lots of tension as results are held up as a "photo finish" seems to be needed to determine State finalists. Steinheaart of Tuscarora appears to be winner but next four places are close as Largo, Damascus and two of Einstein all come across together.

3200 meter relay:
Kennedy gets out to a quick start followed by pack, led by Damascus. Damascus takes the lead at the second lap followed by Kennedy, and a group of runners made up of Paint Branch, Largo, and Einstein. As the race continues the pack stays tight. Damascus hands off in lead, followed by Kennedy, Einstein, and then Paint Branch. BCC starts moving up in the pack to second place. Damascus hands off in the lead with a two second gap on BCC, followed closely by Einstein, then Paint Branch and Largo. Kennedy falls back slightly. Damascus hands off last leg with a good lead, followed by BCC, Einstein, and then Largo. Kennedy starts moving up. Einstein catches up to BCC racing for 2nd, and Kennedy catching up to Largo racing for 4th. Damascus wins at 8:55. Einstein and BCC battle it out with Einstein out leaning BCC. Kennedy takes the fourth spot.

300 meter dash:
Early expectations in final as Price (Friendly), Jules (PB), Statham (PB) make a great race. Stratham and Jules run easy to 1-2 finish. Price pulls out. Kennedy (Tusc) grabs 3rd spot from slower heat. Do not know about 4th.

Dominic Clarke from Tuscarora takes 1st in the fast heat with a 37.30, followed closely by Brady Wilson of Frederick (37.60) for 2nd, and Ben Mckenzie of Largo (37.90) for 3rd. Fabian Gonzalez (Tuscarora takes 4th from slower heat).

1600 meter run:
Tousley (BCC) and Carroll (DAM) battle lap after lap trading the lead. Paige (BCC) and McIlvried (DAM) battle for fourth and third spot as front four separate from field. Tousley takes lead on final turn to hold off Carroll followed by Paige and McIlvried for state qualifiers.

Jon Constantinides (DAM) takes off to a quick lead followed closely by Potomac's Antonio Washington, and Paint Branches Hayder Cherinet and Charlie Ramirez of Damascus. The pack starts to spread out. Constantinides leads the pack followed by Washington, Hayder, and Ramirez (Damascus). BCC's Andrew Finkelstein starts moving up along with Eric Damtoft. Washington starts falling back. Damtoft starts an extremely strong kick with one lap to go. Constantinides first. Finkelstein (2nd). Damtoft catches up to Ramirez and Hayder and there is a mad sprint to see who makes the fourth spot. Hayder stops early with Damtoft and Ramirez taking 3rd and 4th respectively.

500 meter dash:
Tuscarora's Dominic Clarke, Largo's Ben Mckenzie, and Damascus' DeVante Thomas and Cecil Jonas are in the fast heat of the 500 meter dash. Clarke out to a quick start and never looks back. When the guys cut in Thomas is behind Clarke followed closely by Mckenzie and Jonas. At second turn Jonas slingshots around the curve and bursts to lead around the next turn. At the last turn Mckenzie and Thomas kicked hard. Clarke finished 1st overall at 1:11.30 followed close by Mckenzie (1:12.20), Thomas (1:12.50), and Jonas (1:12.70) taking the top four spots.

The fast heat of the girls seems to produce only one State finalist as Korine Duval (PB) wins easily 1:24.7, but other finalists come from slower heats. Brickley (DAM) takes 2nd at 1:27.0, Daio (PB) 3rd from same slower heat and Wakefield (Crossland) from yet slower heat grabs final spot.
Note: Indya Price (Friendly) fails to qualify.

3200 meter run: At the start of the two mile Damascus' Ben Constantinides was quick to take the lead. By the 2nd lap though BCC's Gerson, Frederick's Martinez, and Damascus' Arias had settled into a pace right behind Constantinides, with a pack of runners' right behind. Constantinides finished 1st at 10:38 followed closely by Gerson at 10:43. Arias finished 3rd at 10:54, with Stephens right on his heels at 10:55. It should also be noted that Andrew Ceruzzi of Einstein took 5th from the slow heat, with George Martinez of Frederick grabbing the last point in the fast heat.

The girls race was a different tone as all waited to see what Tousley of BCC would do after winning the mile and knowing she was to run the 800. Slower pace allows Damascus Patton to take early lead followed by Mason of Damascus and Paige of BCC with Tousley. Race is broken open as freshman Courtney Mason takes off from pack with half mile to go followed by pack. Bell rings "1" lap early as Mason sprints to what she thinks is end of race only to find out mistake is made and has to go yet another lap. Mason hangs on for win followed by Paige (BCC), Tousley(BCC) and Patton (Dam).

4x200 meter relay:
Girls: PB wins with no one in sight. Results are announced but taken back as times appear off for next finishers. Never heard final results. I have Friendly, Dam but 4th I do not know.
Guys: PB guys lead from start and take 1st. Watkins Mill have mix-up on hand off and fall to the back as Tusc and Friendly take next 2 spots and Damascus grabs 4th spot from slow heat.

800 meter run:
Tousley (BCC) and Carroll (DAM) go stride for stride from the gun. Gullien (Fred) and McIlvried (Dam) battle for 3rd and 4th. Tousley pulls away on final turn to yet again beat Carroll (2nd). Guillen 3rd and McIlvried 4th.

Jonas (DAM) got out to a quick. At the second lap it was Jonas followed side by side with teammate Jon Constantinides, followed closely by a pack led by Einstein's Zewdie and Paint Branch's Moulton. Jonas pulled up next to Constantinides and the two teammates raced for the finish. Jonas out leans for 1st at 2:10, Constantinides at 2:10.30, followed closey by Zewdie out kicking Moulton for 3rd.

4x400 meter relay
Girls: It all comes down to this race as the regional title is between favorite PB girls and surprise Damascus who close (no one knows actual score as they have been combining girls and guys scores all night) but sources have it close.
PB girls do not look back as they take 1st, Damascus appears to take 2nd but later is moved to 3rd as Friendly from slower heat grabs 2nd, and Largo takes 4th.
Guys: Tuscora and Damascus battle to the final laps as Tusc takes top spot. Dam 2nd, PB 3rd and Largo 4th.

Guys: Ogunsawya takes top honors on final throw as he Furr (Dam) places 2nd. Stephens (Friendly) and Mattingly (Dam) take 3rd and 4th respectively.

Girls: No idea

HJ: Jules wins on misses over Boone (Largo)Dabney (Wheaton) and Pavic (Urbana) next.

PV: Urban girls are awesome in warmups. Lucek(Urbana) wins with 10' vault. Parker (Dam) suprises all to take 2nd. .


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Good job Damascus

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