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State Records In Jeopardy
By: Beanhead

Below are the Maryland Indoor Track State Records that could be in jeopardy based purely on seeds from regional meets. If you think that there are other records in jeopardy, post your opinion in the comments section.

Possible New State Meet Records

Maryland State Indoor Championship, February 16-17, 2009



Classification             Record            Name                                      School             Seed 


55m Dash

2A Boys                      6.49                 Avery Graham                                    Clarksburg       6.58    

2A Girls                      7.11                 Meredith Rogers                     JM Bennett     7.17

4A Girls                      7.05                 Aurieyall Scott                        E Roosevelt     7.03

                                                            Abidemi Adenikinju               E Roosevelt     7.10

                                                            Olivia Ekpone                         Wootton          7.12

State Girls                   7.00                 Aurieyall Scott                        E Roosevelt     7.03


300m Dash

2A Boys                      35.45               Avery Graham                                    Clarksburg       35.89

4A/State Girls             39.19               Olivia Ekpone                         Wootton          39.34

                                                            Aurieyall Scott                        E Roosevelt     39.60


500m Dash

3A Girls                      1:16.98            Xauddina Whittington                        Catonsville      1:17.90

4A/State Girls             1:13.62            Doris Anyanwu                       E Roosevelt     1:14.77


800m Run

4A/State Girls             2:14.50            Amirah Johnson                      E Roosevelt     2:15.12


1600m Run

2A Girls                      5:14.10            Brittney Caudle                      Middletown    5:14.74

                                                            Katie Harman                          River Hill

4A/State Boys             4:16.98            Solomon Haile                        Sherwood        4:17.86

Andrew Palmer                       Walt Whitman 4:19.75


3200m Run

4A Boys                      9:32.15

State Boys                   9:30.06            Solomon Haile                        Sherwood        9:26.00


55m Hurdles

4A Girls                      8.01                 Lorraine Graham                     C.H. Flowers   8.11


Shot Put

1A Girls                      36’ 08-1/2       Paige Shirk                              Clear Spring    38’ 00-1/2

4A Girls                      45’ 09-1/4       Emily Vannoy                         T Johnson        46’ 03-1/4


High Jump

2A Girls                      5’ 06”              Amina Smith                           Patuxent          5’ 04”

                                                            Eryn Donaldson                      Mt Hebron      5’ 04”

2A Boys                      6’ 08”              Jon Hill                                    Walkersville    7’ 01”

                                                            Tommy Butler                         F S Key           6’ 07”

                                                            John Taylor                             Kent Island     6’ 06”

                                                            Tristan Benton                                    North Point    

State Boys                   7’ 00”              Jon Hill                                    Walkersville    7’ 01”


Pole Vault

1A Girls                      10’ 07”            Sasha Smallwood                    Pikesville         10’ 02”

4A Boys                      15’ 00”            Erick Artusio                           T Johnson        14’ 06”


2009-02-15 17:44:07

The state 4A hurdles record is wrong. It is actually 8.01 by AGB.

2009-02-15 18:41:25

Devon Smith in the 55m.

2009-02-16 12:26:45

what about stanley or brown in the shot put

2009-02-16 12:29:30

i garuntee devon smith will run at least 6.15 55m dash he will have davin jones (great finisher) and bisi ezekoye (great starter) pushing him, which will propel him to run a 6.1 something (keep in mind he's run 6.21 already this year)

2009-02-16 20:35:36

wrong Devon Smith is good and could possibly break records But, Ezekoye is the better finisher and Jones is the better starter

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