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Burrito Mile Recap
By: Kevin Milsted

Team Chickentop shaved over 3 minutes off of the previous world record of 33:25 in the all-female 4x8urrito relay at the third annual Bethesda Burrito Mile event in Bethesda, Maryland yesterday. The team of four girls from Walter Johnson High School worked together to consume 4 burritos and cover 3200 meters in 29 minutes and 22 seconds.

Burritolympic events continue to grow in popularity in the Maryland area as hundreds of participants and spectators showed up for what was probably the largest burrito mile event ever. Meet organizers estimate that over $3,000 was raised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for the second consecutive year.

Participants continued to show their creativity and sense of humor by dressing up with various costumes and accessories. Tiffany Lin, Camille Bouvet, Jennifer Spencer, and Jenna Willett of Team Chickentop made their assault on the record books disguised as various superheroes. Among the fan favorites this year were the boys from Poolesville High School who dressed up in sporty suits, ties, and vests for a finer burrito dining experience. The Poolesville boys made the most of their speed eating experience by arriving fully prepared with a tablecloth, candles, sparkling cider, plates, forks and knives.

Of course the competitive aspect of the burrito mile was not lost among the serious competitors. Alex Arias, a sophomore from Damascus High School, won the freshman/sophomore race in 9:25, saying afterwards that it was the first race hed ever won in track. Sean King, a senior from Churchill High School, won the open burrito mile in 6:47, just 32 seconds off of the world record.

Then there came the Elite 2-Burrito Mile. The event had not been contested in two years, and here this weekend only three competitors were brave enough to attempt the gut-busting competition. Andrew Palmer, a junior from Walt Whitman High School was going after the world record set by Cedric Dana at 10:03 in 2007.

Palmer devoured his two burritos rapidly, but not nearly as fast as Cedric Dana had done two years earlier. He finished his two burritos in 5:25, leaving him only 4:38 to tie the record. With a personal record in 4:19 for 1600 meters, Palmer would have been capable of a 4:38 any other time, but with two burritos in his stomach, he ran 4:39 for an overall time of 10:04, 1 second off the world record.


2009-02-23 09:08:48

At the end of the 2 burrito mile Andrew yells out f***. If thats a public video shouldnt it kinda be censored?

2009-02-23 11:08:26

Palmer ran a 4:36.75 1600. I'm sure about his 1600m split, but i thought i heard sean say 10:06 for the overall time. i guess not though

2009-02-23 11:09:37

oh wait, it's a mile. that makes sense, nevermind.

2009-02-23 11:28:53

it wasnt censored for the dozens of people standing around him when it happened. why make a big f-ing deal out of it?

2009-02-27 22:10:09

world record lol

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