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Links's Birthday
By: Kevin Milsted

December 14th is's birthday! went public 1 year ago today. It has grown from a few pages of team facts and scrappy articles to an amazing resource with weekly in-depth articles and thousands of pages of results and statistics. The picture below shows the tremendous growth and audience support over the past year. As you can see from the last few weeks, we continue to grow rapidly. In total, there have been 442,000 page views with the largest single day totals being last Sunday with 6,342 page views and 1,178 unique visitors! was originally a one-man project by myself, Kevin Milsted. Since going public with the site one year ago, I have recieved overwhelming support from hundreds of people who I had never met before. would not be what it is today if it weren't for the help of so many people. I want to thank each and every one of the people who have helped me, so I'm going to do that the only way that I see fit: I'm going to name the Team for 2006.

The 2006 Team

MoCoRunning MVP - David Warren
I never knew Dave before starting the website, so I was surprised when he came to me offering to do interviews and articles for the site. Dave has a great understanding of every aspect of track as well as a complete knowledge of the local competition. He never disappoints with his casual and entertaining writing style that connects with the young audience. All of his contributions to the site are greatly appreciated.

1st Teamer - Ben Thomas may have never come to be if it weren't for Ben Thomas, webmaster of and former webmaster of was closely modeled after and Ben was there during every step of the development process to answer every question that I had. He often went way out of his way to help me solve my problems. He continued to help me when the site was remodeled over the summer of 2006, even though it was of no benefit to him.

1st Teamer - Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy has been helping me since day 1 when I asked him if he'd like to use my site to share his knowledge of the local and national competition. Burgundy has written some excellent meet recaps and interviews, but his best works are his extensive previews and predictions.

1st Teamer - Reagan Lynch
Reagan was just another name in the results to me before he began chatting with me and giving me useful information and advice for the site. It wasn't long before he began writing articles of his own to give the audience an idea of what was going on in county competition when I could not be out there.

1st Teamer - David Brandt
I am always looking to increase coverage of private school competition. Dave Brandt answered my call for help with regular articles about private school cross country meets this Fall. Dave's comprehensive articles with athlete and coach quotes has taught me a thing or two about writing articles.

1st Teamer - Craig Amoss
Craig is the one member of the Team that I still have never met in person. That makes it all the more amazing that he sends me very high quality photos of Montgomery County athletes after every meet he attends without me ever having to ask him. His photos greatly enhance the site.

1st Teamer - Gary Janes
Gary Janes is a true superfan. Father of former Gaithersburg athlete Ryan Janes, Gary went to nearly every meet last year to take photos and videos to send to me that very night. When his son went to college, he continued to do the same thing! Through his efforts,'s coverage of the outdoor county championship was excellent and we were able to bring you videos such as Chris Moen's sophomore 4:15 mile.

1st Teamer - Seann Pelkey
Seann Pelkey is the man with all the answers. If I ever have a question, I know I can email Pelkey and get a response within a few minutes. Many coaches give me meet information and results, but Pelkey is easily #1 in this regard.

1st Teamer - Chris Gault was remodeled and moved to a new server over the summer of 2006. These changes turned the site from a free operation to a low-budget operation. Chris Gault of Fleet Feet Gaithersburg has picked up the tab, allowing me to continue to bring you the best coverage of Montgomery County track at no cost to me.

2nd Team
Thank you to everyone who has ever sent in info, results, photos, videos, articles, interviews, and quotes. I cannot list everyone, but thanks to all of the people who post in the forum, vote in the polls, participate in mocorunning contests, make corrections, and tell friends about the site.

Rob Allaway
Tarik Aougab
Tom Arnold
Nick Bax
Elaina Berres
Steve Bettis
Rob Bock
Alex Booth
Chris Bowie
Sarah Britton
Jason Byrne
Nick Caretti
Dana Creager
Cedric Dana
Justin Davis
Matthew Duckery
Greg Dunston
Michael Costello
Emma Eckerstrom
Eric Ellingson
Libby Ellis
Sam Epstein
Ricky Flynn
Kevin Gaffney
Kyle Gaffney
Audrey Gariepy
Danny George
Johanna Gretschel
Louise Hannallah
Cara Harrison
Steve Hays
Nigel Holder
Lynette Hopkins
Addison Hunt
Brad Jaeger
Karen Janes
Ryan Janes
Laurel Jefferson
Andrew Jesien
Steve Korn
David Laratta
Andrew Levinson
Bret Ligon
Robby Linnoila
Ron McGaw
Jamie McIntyre
Roberta McIntyre
Brian Marshall
Tom Martin
Scott Mathias
Michael Menase
Brandon Miles
Jill Milla
Matt Miller
Meghan Milsted
Chris Moen
Rafi Moersen
Kevin Monroe
Leslie Morrison
Elizabeth Muehl
Tara Okusaga
Sharon Orndorff
Artem Panasenkov
Andrew Palmer
William Palmer
Alain Parcan
Matt Petrocci
Patrick Pinchinat
Dan Reeks
Paul Riggio
Scott Rippeon
John Roemer
Tom Rogers
Meghan Rose
Veronica Salcido
Rich Schneider
Chris Schreckengost
Bobby Scribner
Brian Sickles
Scott Silverstein
Spenser Steele
Ben Stern
Marc Squire
Nathan Timm
Herb Tolbert
Elias Tousley
Zach Tracer
Julie Trapp
Damian Walsh
Josh Weekley
Matthew Wheeler
Marcus Wyche
Chad Young
Robert Youngblood


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