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Katie Jenkins Meet Notes
By: Matt Davis

Girls 100
Taylor Caulk was just dominate, winning all of her races, 13.12 as a freshie

Guys 100
Jose Benitez (SB) and Isaac Cudjoe (SV) were both undefeated through the heats, and then in a close final Jose won by .01 seconds, 11.77-11.78.

Girls 100H/300H
Nana Langa ran away from everyone and was just dominate in both the 100H and the 300H, winning by almost a full hurdle.

Springbrook hurdlers were dominate, going undefeated in their heats except to each other. Morton ran 15.09 FAT in the semis, winning by 2 hurdles, 1.38 seconds, to Andrew Rodriquez. In the finals the FAT system wasn't working so they used hand times. I don't know how accurate 14.6 is but I know many coaches had him under 15. 1-2-3 sweep by springbrook definately all under 16.

Girls 200
Hannah Richardson made it an exciting final but Courtney Clark was dominate in the heats.

Boys 200
Darren Harris went out and set a statement, winning each of his heats by over a second. He said he wasn't pushing the earlier heats at all.
Side Note: Don't expect Darren in the 200 at counties because he will have the 4x8, 400, 4x4 to worry about.

Guys 4x8
The whole race went back and forth between Springbrook, RM, and WC. SB and RM were neck and neck going into the anchor, SB anchor went out in 59, Rm holding on, SB died running a 2:12, as Zimin Hang closed in 2:07, Churchill closed the Gap but SB held on for 8:29.

The semi-finals were suppose to happen next they couldn't get FAT to work so without any warning or chance to warm up they gave first and final call for the 3200m. Many athletes sprinted over and checked in, spiked up and hopped on the line. The guys heats were then compressed into 1.

Girls: Ava Farrell and Zoe Maslen ran together until the bell lap when Ava kicked and won by 5 seconds.

Once the girls race was over, the guys stood on the line for over 10 min while they decided to fix FAT, so many had to re-warmup while standing there in the wind.

Once the boys race finally started, Michael Hicks, Jackson Reams, and Rutvij Pandaya went through the mile at 4:57 and Pandaya won in 9:59. Sherwood almost had their third runner of the season under 10:00 as Reams finished in 10:00.84.

Clarksburg was completely dominate in the 8x2, girls won by 80 meters, guys by 60.



Day 2:

Girls 1600:
Ava Farrell doubled up capturing her second victory, 1600-3200

Boys 1600:
RM was dominate, it was a race of who had the better kick, many people PR'ed however.

Girls 400:
Udeme Akpaete won out of the 3/4 heat, went out extraordinarily fast, going out in 26-27 and then finishing in 60, with no competition anywhere near here. If she learns how to run evenly, with some competition, watch out...

Guys 400:
This race was all Mark Small. Small and Rodney Kizito went out in 24 high. You could see on the second turn small was chopping his steps as Kitizo caught him, with 75 meters to go, Small used a powerful kick to dominate Kizito.
Note: Kizito had to be called down to the check in, 30 min after final call, (he was lucky meet was late), didn't seem to have warmed up.

Boys 300H
Andrew Rodrigues went out and got revenge for a disappointing 4th in the 110. He won the 300 by 1.5 seconds, with competition he is definitely a sub 40 guy.

Girls 800:
DeeDee doubled up 400-800 less than 45 min apart. The whole race a fresh Paige Donnelly lead. DD let out a ferocious kick last 250 and won handily.

Guys 800:
Very close race the whole time. Huge pace all going thru 60-63, out in lane 3. you could see people start kicking at 300m out. Sam Martin had the inside lane going into the 200 and started to pull away.

The last stretch was crazy, Will Conway (freshman CH) kicked like crazy and came second in 2:05, then there was a dive for third and Alex Gomes beat Shervin Sepehri, and then there was another dive for 6th place. Finish was just crazy and hectic. You could see the elbows being thrown the whole race.

4x100 Clarksburg was dominate in both girls and guys races.

B-cc and Clarksburg traded off spots the whole race but Clarksubrg anchor cruised home.

Springbrook broke the race open on the 2nd leg and Clarksburg didn't have a chance of catching them.

Rico Taylor:
6-04 HJ and 41-01 triple double


2009-05-03 16:27:46

The 3200 girls results are wrong. There were definitely no Rockville girls in that race, and the times are off by about 30 seconds.

2009-05-03 17:28:36

The 800m results for girls are also off. and matt, i think you mean dominant, not "dominate". thanks for doing the write up though.

2009-05-03 17:30:12

Yea, Rockville wasn't even at the meet

Matt Davis
2009-05-03 17:47:10

I know rockville wasn't there, I would've liked to see what Amy Ferro could do though. And yeah I just typed up a thing without proof reading it, the info is more important then the grammar, and my AP scores are more important then both lol. Hope everyone had a good meet. Since you brought it up though, how are the 800 times off? I wasn't at the finish to get the times but that's about what I got from the bullpen area.

2009-05-03 23:08:13

wasn't there a quadrathlon at Katie Jenkins?

2009-05-04 07:00:22

when i checked them the girls 800 had ava f instead of paige donnely and i think a few other athletes were listed wrong.

2009-05-04 11:39:42

It's sad that the Rockville team could not compete. Hopefully they'll be at the county meet on Wed. They SHOULD be allowed to compete. I don't mind running with them. I want to. I was talking to someone on the team who is worried about the regional meet. It would not be fair if they missed out. It's what we all work for all season.

2009-05-09 14:33:00

How come I don't see anything mentioned about the quadrathlon?

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