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County Championship Poll Results
By: Kevin Milsted
2009-05-05 conducted an open online poll between April 27 through May 3 to determine who the local track fans think will win each event at the upcoming Montgomery County Track & Field Championship Meet. One hundred and twenty nine valid votes were collected during the given time frame. Below you will find a table of the poll winners and five expert picks. The first column on the left is the name of the event. The second column is the athlete that the majority of fans picked to win each event. The third column is the percentage of fans who voted for the poll-winning athlete. The five columns on the right of the table are the selections of five real moco fans who do excellent in prediction competitions season after season. Their true identities will remain concealed.

**All Votes & Predictions Were Made Before the Release of a Performance List**

Majority Vote Winner % Vote Simon Paula Kara Randy Hasselhoff
Boys 100 Avery Graham, Clarksburg 59.6% Graham Graham Graham Graham Ezekoye
Boys 200 Avery Graham, Clarksburg 59.3% Haughton Graham Graham Graham Haughton
Boys 400 Antonio Palmer, Gaithersburg 25.0% Ant. Palmer Bartholomew Ant. Palmer Bartholomew Blair
Boys 800 Wayne Bartholomew, Q. Orchard 50.5% Ant. Palmer Bartholomew Bartholomew Ant. Palmer Bartholomew
Boys 1600 Solomon Haile, Sherwood 58.4% And Palmer Haile And Palmer Haile And Palmer
Boys 3200 Solomon Haile, Sherwood 88.4% Haile Haile Haile Haile Haile
Boys 110 Hurdles Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 67.5% Cain Cain Cain Cain Cain
Boys 300 Hurdles Malcolm Wyche, Paint Branch 37.0% Wyche Wyche Wyche Raheem Rodriguez
Boys 4x100 Clarksburg 30.2% Paint Branch Paint Branch Northwest Clarksburg Clarksburg
Boys 4x200 Northwest 27.4% Clarksburg Northwest Paint Branch Blair Blair
Boys 4x400 Northwest 47.7% Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest
Boys 4x800 Churchill 60.9% Churchill Churchill Churchill Walter Johnson Churchill
Boys High Jump Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 56.8% Cain Cain Cain Cain Taylor
Boys Long Jump Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 38.8% Graham Wiseman Wiseman Cain Graham
Boys Triple Jump Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 45.6% Willacy Willacy Willacy Cain Willacy
Boys Shot Put Sean Stanley, Gaithersburg 51.9% Brown Stanley Brown Stanley Brown
Boys Discus Marcus Brown, Q. Orchard 44.2% Brown Brown Brown Stanley Brown
Pole Vault Ryan Schorer, Churchill 37.2% Schorer Schorer Schorer Schorer Schorer
Boys Top Scorer Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 55.7% Cain Cain Cain Cain Bartholomew
Tie Breaker: Winning 4x400 Time 3:23.81 3:23.88 3:23.93 3:22.23 3:21.78 3:23.50

Majority Vote Winner % Vote Simon Paula Kara Randy Hasselhoff
Girls 100 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 49.4% Wolf Wolf Wolf Ekpone Wolf
Girls 200 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 70.4% Ekpone Ekpone Ekpone Ekpone Statham
Girls 400 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 57.3% Wolf Ekpone Statham Wolf Ekpone
Girls 800 Maryam Fikri, Churchill 58.1% Fikri Fikri Other Fikri Fikri
Girls 1600 Jessie Rubin, Wootton 41.9% Tousley Fikri Fikri Tousley Tousley
Girls 3200 Jessie Rubin, Wootton 48.1% Rubin Rubin Rubin Rubin Rubin
Girls 110 Hurdles Olivia Durr, Poolesville 53.1% Salke Salke Salke Durr Salke
Girls 300 Hurdles Olivia Durr, Poolesville 53.3% Durr Polite Duval Polite Durr
Girls 4x100 Paint Branch 47.3% Gaithersburg Paint Branch Gaithersburg Northwest Paint Branch
Girls 4x200 Paint Branch 44.4% Clarksburg Gaithersburg Northwest Paint Branch Paint Branch
Girls 4x400 Northwest 47.9% Paint Branch Northwest Paint Branch Northwest Paint Branch
Girls 4x800 Northwest 35.5% Northwest Northwest Northwest Walter Johnson Northwest
Girls High Jump Vanessa Jules, Paint Branch 58.7% Jules Jules Jules Jules Jules
Girls Long Jump Page Harris, Clarksburg 37.8% Harris Harris Harris LaFond Harris
Girls Triple Jump Arielle Statham, Paint Branch 58.3% Statham Statham Statham Statham Statham
Girls Shot Put Octavia King, Blake 39.4% Johnson Johnson Johnson King Johnson
Girls Discus Octavia King, Blake 67.7% King King King King King
Pole Vault Lauren Rose, Gaithersburg 27.7% Rose Rose Rose Canter Rose
Girls Top Scorer Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 53.5% Statham Ekpone Statham Ekpone Tousley
Tie Breaker: Winning 4x400 Time 3:57.38 3:54.38 4:04.67 3:54.82 4:02.51 3:55.00

Combined Poll Ranking Poll Points Simon Paula Kara Randy Hasselhoff
#1 Boys Team Gaithersburg 395 Gaithersburg Clarksburg Gaithersburg Gaithersburg Clarksburg
#2 Boys Team Clarksburg 311 Clarksburg Gaithersburg Clarksburg Q. Orchard Gaithersburg
#3 Boys Team Northwest 269 Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest
#4 Boys Team Churchill 236 Q. Orchard Churchill Springbrook Churchill Churchill
#5 Boys Team Quince Orchard 192 Whitman WJ Paint Branch Clarksburg Q. Orchard
#6 Boys Team Damascus 141 Paint Branch Whitman Whitman Sherwood Blair
#7 Boys Team Paint Branch 137 Damascus Damascus Churchill WJ Damascus
#8 Boys Team Whitman 134 Blair Paint Branch Damascus Whitman Sherwood
#9 Boys Team Blair 111 Churchill R. Montgomery Blair Blair WJ
#10 Boys Team Richard Montgomery 102 Springbrook Sherwood WJ Damascus Whitman
Tie Breaker: Winning Team Score 82 78 62 84 91 90
#1 Girls Team Northwest 341 Churchill Churchill Churchill Northwest Churchill
#2 Girls Team Churchill 324 Northwest Northwest Paint Branch B-CC Paint Branch
#3 Girls Team Paint Branch 288 Paint Branch Paint Branch Northwest Paint Branch Northwest
#4 Girls Team Clarksburg 180 Wootton Wootton Clarksburg Churchill Wootton
#5 Girls Team Wootton 162 Clarksburg Gaithersburg Wootton WJ Clarksburg
#6 Girls Team Gaithersburg 161 Gaithersburg WJ Gaithersburg Clarksburg WJ
#7 Girls Team B-CC 134 B-CC B-CC B-CC Gaithersburg Blair
#8 Girls Team Walter Johnson 110 Poolesville Damascus WJ Damascus Gaithersburg
#9 Girls Team Damascus 94 WJ Clarksburg Poolesville Q. Orchard Whitman
#10 Girls Team Poolesville 72 Kennedy Whitman Damascus Poolesville Kennedy
Tie Breaker: Winning Team Score 80 108 75 88 84 90

Tie Breaker: # of records broken in 2009 4.94 4 7 7 6 6


2009-05-05 08:33:32

I know who kara is

2009-05-06 11:18:08

This is pretty cool. You should do this for the regional meets too.

2009-05-06 12:30:58

northwest will win!!!! GIRLS !! :)

2009-05-07 08:26:24

400 Martin dally beat palmer that's whats up

2009-05-07 19:37:15

MoCo has private school readers also - any chance of upcoming ISL/MAC/IAC previews?

2009-05-07 20:44:16

haha katie salke is a beast....never underestimate her.

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