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County Championship Poll Results
By: Kevin Milsted

Between January 13 and January 20, conducted an open online poll. Note this poll was conducted before a performance list was available. Participants were instructed to select their favorites in each event and rank the top ten teams for the indoor county championship meet. 65 valid votes were used.

Below you will find the results. The county champion favorites are listed with the percentage of people that voted for them. The teams are listed in order based on the number of poll points received

The most well-rounded team in the county, Damascus will aim for the indoor county title with throwers, distance runners, and sprinters.

Gaithersburg will try to defend their county title with Al Kallay and other strong hurdlers and jumpers.

Northwest is favored to win seven of ten track events. Britt Eckerstrom could participate on all three relays

As always, fans predicted Olivia Ekpone to be the top individual point scorer, but is it realistic if she only competes in two open events?

Event Name, School % Name, School %
55m Dash Bisi Ezekoye, Kennedy 66.7 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 96.2
55m Hurdles Alimamy Kallay, Gaithersburg 69.2 Thea LaFond, Kennedy 77.6
300m Hassan Dixon, Northwest 40.4 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 90.2
500m Martin Dally, Walter Johnson 72.2 Britt Eckerstrom, Northwest 84.3
800m Thomas Arias, Damascus 39.3 Maryam Fikri, Churchill 36.5
1600m Sean O'Leary, Walter Johnson 64.3 Alyssa Henshaw, Northwest 74.0
3200m Nicolas Escobar, Magruder 36.8 Alexandra Giedd, Churchill 36.0
4x200 Watkins Mill 63.0 Northwest 88.0
4x400 Damascus 64.8 Northwest 92.2
4x800 Damascus 67.9 Northwest 82.7
High Jump Zach Fetters, Gaithersburg 64.2 Thea LaFond, Kennedy 42.9
Long Jump Hassan Dixon, Northwest 47.2 Casey Dowling, Wootton 49.0
Triple Jump Alimamy Kallay, Gaithersburg 66.0 Thea LaFond, Kennedy 77.6
Shot Put Jake Furr, Damascus 49.1 Natalia Morrison, Clarksburg 61.2
Top Scorer Alimamy Kallay, Gaithersburg 42.6 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 64.0
Winning 4x4 Time 3:30.46 4:01.12

Rk Boys School Poll Points Rk Girls School Poll Points
1 Damascus 314 1 Northwest 310
2 Gaithersburg 271 2 Churchill 265
3 Walter Johnson 247 3 Walter Johnson 185
4 Churchill 178 4 Wootton 183
5 Northwest 145 5 Damascus 167
6 Clarksburg 133 6 Kennedy 138
7 Watkins Mill 126 7 Clarksburg 116
8 R. Montgomery 120 8 Paint Branch 91
9 Kennedy 62 9 B-CC 89
10 Sherwood 60 10 Quince Orchard 53
Winning Score 80.6       91.0


Alex Carroll
2010-01-23 16:14:33

yeahhh :) go damacus boys!

2010-01-23 18:17:37


2010-01-23 22:22:40

^ HAHAHAHA! That was funny...

2010-01-23 23:00:17

Don't they say that every time they meet D-mass?

DeVante' Thomas
2010-01-24 14:04:16

LOL we dont have to say anything at all. Our actions will speak for itself

2010-01-24 19:32:19

This is gonna be a great meet lol

Gaby Arrazola
2010-01-24 20:33:40

Nick Escobar's definitely gonna do some damage at the meet tomorrow and so is the rest of the team! GOOOO MAGRUDER!!!!!! :)

De'Vante Thomas II
2010-01-24 22:25:53

I LOVE De'Vante..haha my boyyy.

2010-01-24 23:59:25

hahaha watkins mill....

2010-01-25 00:09:00

"LOL we dont have to say anything at all. Our actions will speak for itself" it is actually themselves but i guess english isn't a strong point at Damascus

DeVante' Thomas III
2010-01-25 11:35:20

Yeah I like me some DeVante' TOO!! GO GET IT GO GET IT

Jon Con
2010-01-25 23:00:30

Hey come on now, it is what it is. It doesn't make anything better by trying to put someone else down. Everyone did a great job and deserves respect for being here doing this sport in the first place.

2010-01-26 07:54:17

Ok D-mas yall can have it for now but skill Brandon Addison is faster than all of yall and yall KNOW IT !

Dee Cee
2010-01-26 15:46:49

Congrats to all the winners!! I wish someone would do something about the sound system at the PG Sportsplex. The sound was so bad I missed the excitment of all the records that were broken. Is it just me? DC

2010-01-26 15:50:44

i wish that they would have had the trophies and everything ready for the meet. lol

Jon Con
2010-01-26 19:41:34

Brandon is insane. Props in the 300, sick kick in the end

You Know
2010-01-28 08:30:06

Just wait until Outdoor, Montgomery Blair is going to take over...realtalk

2010-01-28 08:44:07

so blair is going to go from 17th? to 16th?

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