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Burrito Mile Recap
By: Kevin Milsted

The way twenty-four year old Greg Wagner saw things, if he could finish first in the mobility-impaired classification at the Boston Marathon, completing a 4x8urrito relay all by himself in under 59 minutes was certainly doable.

Wagner had been training for the Boston Marathon in Florida when he returned to Maryland and got roped into the record attempt. He quietly set up at the table alongside the other competitors with four burritos in a row.

Through the first twenty minutes of the race, he went unnoticed by most as he slowly but surely stomached his burritos.

Eventually, word began to spread that he was attempting to eat all four burritos and run all four legs of the relay by himself. Crowds gathered around to watch him finish the fourth burrito in under fifty minutes. When he took off for his final 800-meter leg, dozens of people followed behind, chanting, "USA, USA, USA!"

He broke the previous world record of 59:34 by over eight minutes. He set the new standard at 51:12. Although he turned down a complimentary fifth burrito as a prize, he said that he would return to take back his record if someone is ever to take it from him.

Visit Greg Wagner's Inspirational Website and his Facebook Page to learn more about who he is and what he does to help others reach for their dreams.

Four days after winning the 4x800-meter relay at the Maryland 4A Indoor Track and Field State Championship Meet, the boys from Richard Montgomery High School made an assault on the 4x8urrito world record of 16:12.7. They came up short, but still clocked one of the fastest times in burritolympic history: 17:37. Though disappointed they didn't get the record, they said the win was bigger than the 4x800 state title. They will go after the unprecedented 4x800 tri-fecta this spring - two Maryland 4x800 state titles and the 4x8urrito title.

Four female students from Walter Johnson high school clocked the fastest all-female 4x8urrito of the day with a time of 31:33.

Tim Jones, now a track athlete at UMBC, has been competing in burrito miles since he was an athlete at Linganore High School. In the elite burrito mile race, he devoured his burrito with the aid of a gallon jug of water. He finished his race in 6:24, just eight seconds shy of the world record.

The fastest female time of the day came from Walter Johnson High School student Rachel Albershardt who finished the elite race in 10:30. Winning the freshman-sophomore burrito mile in 8:00 was Walter Johnson student Ben Crites and winning the open burrito mile race in 7:30 was St. Andrews student Ben Yeo.

The event raised $3,100 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society


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