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Watkins Mill Tri Recap
By: Kevin Milsted

As far as dual meets go, the tri meet with Watkins Mill, Gaithersburg, and Churchill was as good as it gets. Athletes from each of the three undefeated boys teams calculated and speculated the outcome of the meet as each event unfolded. Coaches spread their athletes across unfamiliar events in hopes of stealing unexpected points. The result was one very tightly contested three-way meet.

Watkins Mill beat Gaithersburg by five points, 71 to 66, and beat Churchill by four points, 68-64, to improve to 4-0 and essentially clinch the division title. Gaithersburg beat Churchill by six points, 71-65.

With such narrow margins of victory, it is impossible to point to any one event that decided the outcome. Each team maximized point production in its areas of expertise. Watkins Mill scored a bulk of the sprinting points, Churchill cleaned up in the distance events, and Gaithersburg chipped away in the hurdle and field events.

But this meet was far from predictable. Look no further than the relays to get a feel for how the momentum continuously shifted throughout this chess match. Would anyone have predicted that Gaithersburg would win the 4x100, Churchill would win the 4x200, and Watkins Mill would win the 4x800? Highly doubtful.

It was in that very first relay, the 4x800, that Watkins Mill made a statement. They could have surrendered the 4x800 and made up the points elsewhere. They could have put pawns on the track to be buried by the Churchill runners, but instead, they put their very best runners on the track, sprinters, to challenge the distance-oriented team, and they prevailed 8:26.8 to 8:29.9. It was not Churchill's strongest possible team, but it was a team that the coaches believed was strong enough to beat Watkins Mill.

Brandon Addison of Watkins Mill was one of those sprinters who stepped up on the 4x800 relay. He also won the 200 and 400-meter dashes and anchored his 4x400 team home to first place in 3:34.

Tarek Elhage of Churchill won the 1600 and 3200 while Trevon Carroll of Gaithersburg won the 110-meter hurdles and 300-meter hurdles.

The Churchill girls improved to 3-0 with easy wins over Gaithersburg and Watkins Mill while Gaithersburg beat Watkins Mill. Katie Wolf of Churchill clocked blazing times of 12.1h and 24.8h in the 100 and 200-meter dashes respectively. The temperature was in the high 40's and it was raining for most of the meet.

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2010-04-14 03:29:10

watkins mill is back hey good job guys

2010-04-14 05:08:54

no way watkins mill won

2010-04-14 07:41:54

uhhh the results and the article wouldnt say so if they didnt...

brandon addison
2010-04-14 09:56:04

That meet was intense....but WM won....and we have one more meet to go and if we win there we are taking a victory lap. I love all my team mates..we won it together. Good job tho to Church hill and Gaithersburg

doug anderson
2010-04-14 11:49:08

big congrats to the my track team im glad we pulled it together

2010-04-15 23:07:11

Yhes We Won We Work Hard Too Win And We Will Win Sum More All Yall Need Too Stop Hatinq On The Mill Cause We Makinq A Cuum Bck

2010-04-16 08:40:34

someone must go to the wm practice and tell everyone that moco is hatin and then fifty kids come on here to defend their team without even reading the article. There really is not much hating here.

2010-04-16 18:19:06

Hey daniel, I'm really happy for you and all, but please learn proper grammar, and learn how to spell. Thanks. But really, congrats to WM they really suprised everyone, really gool meet.

2010-04-16 19:51:51

lol daniel he ^ went on u lol

2010-04-16 23:30:35

congrats to the WM boys... but I want to say great job to Katie Wolf for running those times in those conditions.

2010-04-17 17:10:30

We ARE going to be division champs..... 5-0 all the way !!!!

2010-04-17 17:27:20

lol poor blair wm is just gone destroy them

WM Girl
2010-04-18 21:03:22

Obviously this fake "WM" ^ person is actually a Blair athlete who's trying rally his squad. WM boys don't underestimate Blair, they have amazing spinters and they would love nothing more than to beat the undefeated divisional champs. Great Job on the Tri-meet but the job is not over, and perfection is just one meet await. go wolverines.

2010-04-18 23:16:36

true ^ but we will destroy them and we will make sure they get no points at all

2010-04-20 20:50:19

Damn what is this, Wm gonna finish it and ya know it....Good job ya, WE got it in the hands..buh memba we aint DONE

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