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Ashley Decruise Interview
By: Kevin Milsted

Ashley Decruise is the newest addition to the Richard Montgomery girls track team. She has already made a huge impact on the county competition by winning titles in the 55 meter dash (7.30) and 300 meter dash (41.48) at the Indoor County Championship. Ashley is a senior transfer student from St. John's College High School in Washington D.C. She has experienced tremendous success running summer track with PR's of 12.02 in the 100m dash and 24.0 in the 200m dash, but is only now reaching her potential for indoor track events. Here she shares with us many of her fondest memories from running track to getting mixed up with her identical twin sister Ashlyn. She also explains why she transferred to a new school in her senior year and what she hopes to accomplish by doing so.

MoCoRunning: Ashley, congratulations on a great season so far. You helped to put together some awesome relays and you've run some of the fastest times this county has seen in a while. On top of that, you came in this year and won two indoor county titles. How is this season going for you? Are you having a good time?

Decruise: Thank you, Kevin. The season I would say is going GREAT! It's definitely the best indoor season I have ever had. This is the first indoor season that I have actually been dedicated to and I love it.

Yes, I am having a great time. My team is full of funny and crazy individuals, and we all are so close. V-Tech was one of the best memories of indoor season so far and I love our D.P.s (dance parties) that we had at practice and on the bus!

MoCoRunning: The question on alot of people's minds is why you left St. John's to attend Richard Montgomery your senior year. Can you shed some light on that for us?

Decruise: I left St. Johns because of my love for track. It was my senior year and I wanted a serious break-out track season. Although St. Johns is an outstanding school academicly and I love the school, faculty and students, track is not a big name sport there. The sport itself didn't get the support or recognition that was needed. Despite all of this, St. Johns made a name for themselves in the WCAC (Washington Catholic Athletics Conference) in track. To all my SJC (ST. Johns) track members: I miss you Guys!!

MoCoRunning: What do you hope to do after you graduate from high school?

Decruise: After I graduate from high school, I plan to attend college where I will continue my running while working on obtaining a degree in Early Childhood Development to become a teacher. Who knows maybe RM will hire me!

MoCoRunning: What do you do in the fall to keep you in shape for track season? Explain how that helps you for track.

Decruise: To keep in shape during the fall, I do cheerleading and run around my neighborhood. Cheerleading, although some of the RM track boys tease me by saying it's not a sport, helps me in track with the running that we do, the cardio exercise, and the lifting of the people into the air doesn't hurt either.

MoCoRunning: When I was in high school, the cheerleaders always did their one lap jog around the track for their warm up and were pretty proud of themselves. Did you ever have the urge to break out a 1:05 quarter during cheerleading practice?

Decruise: Yes, I have had the urge to break out a 1:05 quarter during cheerleading practice. It's actually funny because by the time Ashlyn and I finish our lap we are chilling while the other girls are out of breathe. And they are always like, "I hate you stupid track stars," (in a joking way).

MoCoRunning: When the audience looks at you and your sister Ashlyn, they might think that they are seeing double. What are some ways that spectators can tell you two apart?

Decruise: That's easy: I'm the better-looking twin, LOL! Sike Lyn, just kidding! I have longer hair than Ashlyn and I always wear my ribbon where as she always wears her hair flipped up.

MoCoRunning: Do you have any good stories about people mixing you up with your sister?

Decruise: Wow, where do I begin? Well first it's always funny to see people's reactions when they see us together, but there is one extremely funny story. We were working at Starbucks together and this lady came to order. She was unaware that it was two of us because she didn't see Lyn standing on the other side. So while I rang her order up, Lyn made her drink, but the customer was looking down so when she replied, "Thank you," to me, both of us replied, "Your welcome," at the same time. Hearing the extra voice, she looked up and saw us standing next to each other, jumped back and a gave a little scream. It was hilarious! Lyn and I laughed about it the rest of the day.

MoCoRunning: When it comes to track, do you prefer to run relays or open events and why?

Decruise: I enjoy both, but relays are the best. Relays give me the biggest adrenaline rush ever! I love calling my teammate in when they are narrowing to the end of the race and about to pass me the baton. That's when I just let go. I like winning as a team instead of winning by myself. And of course I love the whoops!

MoCoRunning: Do you prefer winter track, spring track, or summer track? Why?

Decruise: I definitely prefer summer track. Summer track is where you see the biggest competition and work the hardest. I push myself to the limit during summer track. I also love Junior Olympics. Plus, winter track practices suck, LOL! I hate the cold!

MoCoRunning: Can you tell everybody what to expect from you and your teammates this spring?

Decruise: Expect great things from the RM track team this year. We have some tricks up our sleeves for the upcoming spring season. Some of the tricks I don't even know yet! Our team is very dedicated and have our minds set on the gold. We are the team to look out for. The boys have their mind set on not only keeping their winning record but also surpassing it and the girls want their names recognized on the same level as the boys. We have a lot of seniors leaving at the end of the year including myself so we want to leave the county with a bang. And it's going to be a big bang!

MoCoRunning: What are your fondest memories running track? Has anything amazing ever happened that you will never forget?

Decruise: My most amazing track memory was when I was in the 6th grade at a WCAC track meet and my school (St. Michaels) was in the meet for the 4x200 with the boys from another school that were the top school for track. Even though we were not racing against them for place, but rather for time, we told ourselves that we were not going to let them beat us because they kept saying how they were not going to lose to a bunch of girls. I will never forget when the gun went off and our first leg shot off so fast that her headband was coming down her face. She reached up and pulled it off and kept running to pass the baton off to our second leg. She ran her heart out because the boy for their second leg was fast. I remember shouting her name to keep on running and not give up. She was able to keep the lead and pass it off to my twin who ran with all her strength to get it to me because the boys had closed the lead somewhat. Now came my turn. I was running anchor leg with the boy who had a crush on me and he was determined to show off, but once I got that baton in my hand, I just let myself go and flew around that track with all my might. Hearing the crowd shouting and cheering me on, I ran straight for that finish line and we beat them!

MoCoRunning: Who is faster, you or Ashlyn?

Decruise: I would say I'm a little faster. Sorry Lyn, LOL! But Ashlyn is my biggest competition. She pushes me the hardest and I love running against her because we both are so competitive that we end up breaking P.R's to beat each other.

MoCoRunning: Who gets more boyfriends?

Decruise: Oh, that's an easy one. Me of course! We get the same amount of boys actually, but we have extremely different taste in boys. She likes really tall boys that are quiet and I like medium height boys that are funny. I will say that she has the better luck with the boys though. Some of mine have been disasters. LOL!


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