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Poll Results - Boys Individuals
By: Kevin Milsted
2010-09-03 conducted an open online poll between August 14 and August 29 for anyone to rank their top ten athletes in the county. 54 valid boys individual votes were collected and tabulated to form the ranking you see below.

10. Eric Holmstead - Poolesville 2011

Poll Points: 89
2009 County Finish: 128
2009 2A West Region Finish: 2
2009 2A State Finish: 8

Holmstead broke out early in the cross country season last year only to bomb at the county meet with a nagging injury. He made up for it with strong performances at regionals and states and later ran 4:23.86 in the 1600.

9. Sam Martin - Richard Montgomery 2011

Poll Points: 101
2009 County Finish: 14
2009 4A West Region Finish: 24
2009 4A State Finish: 25

Martin may not have the top cross country accolades in the county, but he is the top returning miler in MoCo this year with a 1600 PR of 4:21.21.

8. Josh Ellis - Walter Johnson 2012

Poll Points: 161
2009 County Finish: 30
2009 4A West Region Finish: 11
2009 4A State Finish: 65

Ellis was not the most consistent cross country runner last year, but after winning the 800-meter county title in 1:57.24 (the top returning public school time this year), expect to see a completely different Josh Ellis this fall. He already led his team with a 9:49 two mile time trial last week.

7. Evan Laratta - Quince Orchard 2012

Poll Points: 176
2009 County Finish: 13
2009 3A West Region Finish: 3
2009 3A State Finish: 5

Laratta came on strong in his sophomore year of cross country and carried the momentum over to track season when he ran 4:32.47 in the 1600 and 9:39.20 in the 3200, the 7th and 4th fastest times for a MoCo sophomore in the last five years.

6. Nick Regan - Walter Johnson 2011

Poll Points: 244
2009 County Finish: 7
2009 4A West Region Finish: 7
2009 4A State Finish: 11

Regan is perhaps the most consistent runner on this entire list. Coach Tom Martin says not many people have more heart than him and you know exactly what you are getting every race. He also ran 4:24.47 in the 1600 last spring.

5. Zach Weinstein - Churchill 2012

Poll Points: 246
2009 County Finish: DNR
2009 4A West Region Finish: 12
2009 4A State Finish: 23

Weinstein's 3200 times dropped like a rock to 9:37.84 at the end of track season. It was the third best time for a MoCo sophomore in the last five years. Rumor has it he built a strong summer base.

4. Will Conway - Churchill 2012

Poll Points: 300
2009 County Finish: 11
2009 4A West Region Finish: 8
2009 4A State Finish: 7

Finishing seventh in the state in his first year of cross country speaks volumes about Conway's talent. Nobody in the county can currently match the range of his PR's from 1:58.06 in the 800 to 4:23.81 in the 1600 to 16:03.20 in the 5k.

3. Chris Miller - Northwest 2011

Poll Points: 384
2009 County Finish: 2
2009 4A West Region Finish: 6
2009 4A State Finish: 6

As prolific as Miller's cross country career has been for three years, he never ran outdoor track until last spring when he ran 4:27 and 9:44. He is the top returning finisher from last year's XC county championship meet and received 7 of 54 first place votes in this poll.

2. Jackson Reams - Sherwood 2011

Poll Points: 443
2009 County Finish: 8
2009 4A West Region Finish: 2
2009 4A State Finish: 5

Reams was the breakout story of the 2009 cross country season and is currently ranked #1 on Mocorunning's preseason statistical ranking due to his consistent strong XC performances. On the track, he clocked the second fastest returning 3200 time in MoCo, 9:33.50. He received 18 of 54 first place votes in this poll.

1. Alex Willett - Walter Johnson 2011

Poll Points: 456
2009 County Finish: 6
2009 4A West Region Finish: 31
2009 4A State Finish: 3

Willett gets knocked for inconsistency, but one can't ignore his complete running resume. He is the top returning runner from last year's state championship meet. He was the 2010 1600-meter county champion with a PR of 4:21.99 and finished second at counties and regionals in the 3200 with a PR of 9:32.10. He received 22 of 54 first place votes in this poll.

Tie Breaker: The tie breaker question asked the voters to predict the winning boys time at the county championship meet regardless of who they thought would win. The average answer for the boys was 15:56.68. Last year's winning time was 15:43. The course record is 15:11.62.


2010-09-09 15:15:09

And the most beatiful legs award goes to the ever-dapper Eric Holmstead

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