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Paul Short Recap
By: Sean O'Leary

In the forums this week, user l33tweasley prophesized that at the Paul Short Invitational, "rain will play a factor this weekend." He could not have been more correct. From Thursday into Friday morning, tropical storm Nicole battered the Lehigh University cross country course with torrential downpours. Combine the flooding conditions (a house floating down a flooded creek was spotted by the author) with over 3,000 athletes competing on the course before MoCo got a crack at it, and you've got some textbook cross country conditions.

Even though the afternoon sun dried up the course slightly, teams from Walter Johnson, B-CC, Quince Orchard, and Einstein expecting a track with grass were in for a rude awakening. But for the Walter Johnson boys, this change in terrain could not have been accepted with more welcoming arms.

Coach Tom Martin described last year's boy's team as a "constantly-broken wagon." From race to race, one "broken wheel" would be fixed just in time for another one to fall off. With the Bull Run invitational last weekend, it seemed as though not much had changed from last year; Nick Regan's 3rd place finish was marred by a disappointing 11th from Alex Willett and Josh Ellis dropping out of the race. This week however, led by Alex Willett (7th overall, 16:01), Nick Regan (9th, 16:11), and Josh Ellis (14th, 16:20), Walter Johnson toppled ESPN-Rise Northeast #6 ranked team Don Bosco Prep by nearly 50 points. Scott Sheehan (33rd, 16:52) and Robert Brown (64th, 17:11) rounded out the top five for the Wildcats in the Brown Race.

As Alex Willett seems to return to life and Walter Johnson packs things together for the first time, their performance raises a few questions: first, can anybody in the county, region, or state come close to Walter Johnson on a good day? And secondly, can WJ make noise on a regional or national scene this year? Finally, is it possible that the Wildcats have three individual state-title contenders? Only time will tell. This author hopes that WJ is considering making another trip down to the NXN Southeast regional meet in November.

Also impressing the author, the Quince Orchard boys placed 12th, led by Conor Spaulding (13th, 16:20). Drew Lehner (23rd, 16:32) continues to impress, coming in second for the Cougars followed shortly by Evan Laratta (28th, 16:42).

Andrew Ceruzzi (39th, 16:55) led Einstein while Trevor Stephens (59th, 17:08) and Eliot Gerson (62nd, 17:09) led B-CC.

The B-CC girls showed similar dominance to the Walter Johnson boys in the white race, scoring less than half as much as the Walter Johnson and Quince Orchard girls. Leading the Barons, Ava Farrell (8th, 19:44) showed that she is ready to run with the big dogs, hanging on for dear life from the gun with WJ stars Camille Bouvet (3rd, 19:10) and Anna Bosse (5th, 19:18). Camille, much like Alex on the boy's side, showed that she is done pussyfooting around and should still be considered a very capable contender for the county, region, and state title. Coming off of a victory at Bull Run, Anna was not completely thrilled with her race, but 19:18 on a slightly-off day is still a time with a whole lot of merit.

Much like last week, a large gap from second to third runner harmed the Wildcats as a team. The QO girls showed that they are, in fact, capable of running as a pack, with a 70 second spread from first (Catherine Pansenkov, 20th, 20:31) to fourth runner. If QO can get a number five to close the gap, then they could really make some noise on the county, region, and state level.

On a different note, many former MoCo runners competing at the collegiate level ran in the morning races. From personal experience, I can safely say that the college runners got to have a lot more fun in the mud. Below are a collection of times from alumni I could spot in the results, I apologize if I missed anyone! Feel free to post their result in the comments section.

Men's Open
 2017    39        David Laratta, Jr               4:59    26:23    La Salle University  
 1996   105        Wayne Bartholomew, So           5:10    27:06    La Salle University  
 3025   137        Jatin Narang, Fr                5:21    27:20    Ursinus College      
 1912   153        Elias Tousley, Sr               5:36    27:28    Haverford College    
 5892   340        Nick Stavely, 5                 5:32    31:10
 Men's Gold
 1917    39    39  Neal Darmody, Jr                4:59    24:45    4:59  High Point University 
 2872   126   123  Sam Boimov, Jr                  5:01    25:21    5:06  U M B C              
 1536   149   146  Chris Moen, Jr                          25:28    5:08  Appalachian State    
 2873   219   206  Chris Bowie, Sr                 5:02    26:00    5:14  U M B C              
 2878   220   207  Nic Escobar, Fr                 4:59    26:00    5:14  U M B C              
 2870   239   223  Sean Oleary, Fr                 5:06    26:06    5:16  University of Marylan 
 1598   276   248  Chris Boyd, Sr                  4:55    26:21    5:19  Bucknell University  

Men's Brown
 1935   123   114  Josh Joson, Jr                  5:13    27:04    5:27  Indiana University of 
 3049   191   176  Roni Teich, So                  5:14    27:38    5:34  Vassar College       

Men's White
 2591   171   157  Ian Morgan, Fr                  5:32    29:51    6:01  St. Mary             

Women's Open
 1250    35        Maryam Fikri, Fr*               6:08    23:24    University of Marylan 
 1261   103        Lauren Sumner, Fr*              6:13    24:48    University of Marylan
  941   117        Darcy O'Connor, Fr*             6:20    25:08    Saint Josephs Univers 
 1260   123        Halsey Sinclair, Jr*            6:14    25:14    University of Marylan 

Women's Gold
 1372    10    10  Morgane Gay, Jr*                5:24    20:31    5:31  University of Virgini
1390   221   202  Veroncia Salcido, Jr*           5:56    23:10    6:14  University Pennsylvan 
 1259   261   230  Ashlyn Sinclair, Sr*            5:46    23:30    6:19  University of Marylan 
  160   280   240  Eckerstrom Emma, Jr*            6:06    23:43    6:22  Colgate University 
 346   300   250  Monica Delizo*                  6:04    23:58    6:26  High Point University   
  707   320   262  Stephanie Joson, Fr*            6:16    24:16    6:31  Mount St. Mary's 

Women's White
  159   153  Katie Koenig, Fr*               6:15    24:06    6:29  Indiana University of 


2010-10-02 08:40:28

wrong kyle short

Jade Lebrock
2010-10-03 22:07:53

Zabrina Piedramartel, Fr* 7:19 31:27 8:27 u m b c

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