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Poll Results - Boys
By: Kevin Milsted

#1. Chris Miller, Northwest

Poll Points: 662

Fans have said all season long that the boys' county title is up for grabs. Anyone can win it. That much is still true. No one can be counted out. What is no longer true is the notion that there is no favorite. Emerging from the pack this season is Northwest's Chris Miller who distanced himself from his MoCo counterparts from the first race of the season at Mount St. Mary's to his most recent victory at the Glory Days Invitational in 15:35, the fastest 5k time in Montgomery County this season. Not to be forgotten is a dual meet where he ran away from the entire WJ roster and broke his school's home course record. Don't take my word for it. Coaches were polled this week and 15 out of 16 coaches selected Chris Miller to win the next county title with an average predicted time of 15:51.0 (Nick Regan from Walter Johnson earned a vote from one coach). In the Mocorunning fan poll, Miller received 51 out of 71 first place votes with an average predicted time of 15:45.8. The remaining 20 first place votes were divided up among 10 other runners (Alex Willett from Walter Johnson received 7 first place votes).

#2. Alex Willett, Walter Johnson

Poll Points: 539

Willett has shown this season that he is human and beatable on any given day. He has also shown his ability to settle in with the leaders and hammer away from just about anybody he is up against. He is coming off a big win at the Manhattan Invitational and a second place showing at the Georgetown Prep Invitational.

#3. Nick Regan, Walter Johnson

Poll Points: 487

Regan's grizzly beard was featured on the front page of ESPN Rise and this season. Now that he has slipped back into the masses of US high school runners with clean-shaven faces, he remains a high-profile athlete in the state of Maryland. Call him Mr. Consistency for holding down a Walter Johnson squad that has been anything but consistent. He has placed in the top three at the Bull Run Invitational, Manhattan Invitational B race, and Georgetown Prep Invitationl.

#4. Jackson Reams, Sherwood

Poll Points: 477

Jackson Reams started off the season hot with a 16:05 second place finish at the Magruder Invitational and ran 15:41.4 at the Great American XC Festival. He has a gift and a curse in teammate Kyle Tockman who gives him a challenge every time they race.

#5. Zach Weinstein, Churchill

Poll Points: 378

Zach Weinstein has been the consistent leader on a Churchill team that looks to be a contender for the team title. He ran 16:09 at the Magruder Invitational and 15:41 at the Great American Invitational which is the second fastest 5k time in Montgomery County this season.

#6. Kyle Tockman, Sherwood

Poll Points: 265

Tockman opened the season by running a personal best time by over a minute at the Magruder Invitational (16:06). He clocked 15:56 at the Great American XC Festival and recently won the unseeded race at the Georgetown Prep Classic.

#7. Conor Spaulding, Quince Orchard

Poll Points: 251

Spaulding has dipped under sixteen minutes two times this season, first breaking two-time state champion Marcus Hershberger's course record at a Gaithersburg dual meet (15:58.6) and then running 15:58 at Glory Days.

#8. Eric Holmstead, Poolesville

Poll Points: 207

Holmstead ran 15:36 to win the Brunswick Invitational by 32 seconds in September. He kept a low profile for most of the season but proved without a doubt that he is a contender with a fifth place finish at the Georgetown Prep Classic. The last Poolesville boy to finish in the top ten in Montgomery County was Chris Earle who placed sixth in 2000.

#9. Josh Ellis, Walter Johnson

Poll Points: 151

Ellis was the key to his team's victories at the Manhattan Invitational and Paul Short Run and also had a strong race in a dual meet against Churchill. He ran 16:20 at the muddy Paul Short Run.

#10. Sam Martin, Richard Montgomery

Poll Points: 135

Martin ran 15:32 to place second at the Frank Keyser Invitational but perhaps his best race this season came at Georgetown Prep where he placed eighth in 16:51 in a loaded field on a difficult course.


2010-10-20 13:02:03

Despite that voting spread, you were definitely right about it being up for grabs. Any one of those top seven could come away with the win if they have a good day.

Big Fish
2010-10-22 14:41:05

Top 7? I would be looking to the top 8 for a potential upset.

Mrs. Ellis
2010-10-22 14:45:17

I've been keeping track of the MoCo running website the past few weeks, and I'm profoundly upset that young Josh has been only placed 9th on this list! He tries so hard every day at practice, and I would have liked to see him placed higher on this list.

Uber Dragon
2010-10-22 14:45:58

kno way thats Josh's mom

2010-10-22 15:06:42

I'm sorry, but there is no way that someone so low on the list is going to win, but I'm sure Holmstead Ellis and Martin could mayber get a few places up if somebody has a bad day.

Krispy Kreme
2010-10-22 17:43:05

@Shriek_Fire1994 There is no gurantees on this list... order is relatively insignificant. This list is giving us 10 runners that have been running well all season, and have a good chance at taking the county title.

2010-10-22 20:40:20

i just love how someone's mom commented on this article! i dont think my parents have ever been to mocorunning without me showing it to them!

dog lover
2010-10-22 21:58:15

i don't think my parents even know what the internet is

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