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4A State Poll Results
By: Kevin Milsted

Between February 14 and February 19, conducted an open online poll. Participants were instructed to select the 4A state meet favorites in each event and select the top team. 71 valid votes were used.

Below you will find the results. The state champion favorites are listed with the percentage of people that voted for them.

Event Name, School % Name, School %
55m Dash Micah Phillips-Spencer, Churchill 43 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 87
55m Hurdles Richard Newman, Thomas Johnson 37 Alexis Franklin, Old Mill 32
300m Champ Page, Wise 44 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 92
500m Champ Page, Wise 37 Britt Eckerstrom, Northwest 89
800m Will Conway, Churchill 35 Britt Eckerstrom, Northwest 75
1600m Jackson Reams, Sherwood 44 Savanna Plombon, Thomas Johnson 47
3200m Alex Willett, Walter Johnson 62 Anna Bosse, Walter Johnson 68
4x200 Churchill 65 Northwest 77
4x400 Churchill 41 Northwest 76
4x800 R. Montgomery 58 Northwest 64
High Jump Edwin Billups, Thomas Johnson 27 Chelsea Harris, Gaithersburg 47
Shot Put Brian Uthe, Thomas Johnson 57 Tamara Ovejera, Thomas Johnson 33
Pole Vault Lewis Shirma, Thomas Johnson 62 Marissa Stewart, Urbana 36
Team Champ Winston Churchill 54 Northwest 84

Tie Breaker Questions
Winning Girls 4x4 Time 4:01.56


2011-02-19 23:54:10

I can't believe that nobody thinks suitland will win the 4x200. LEADING THE NATION RIGHT NOW

2011-02-20 12:26:21

suitland didnt make it. actually they went from being a state favorite in all the sprints to having no chance. lots of churchill bias on that thing but its not out of the question that they win some of those

2011-02-20 12:52:32

This doesn't show who got the second most votes. 35% of people think someone besides Churchill will win the 4x200, so maybe all 35% believe Suitland will win it.

2011-02-20 14:42:13

I can't believe only 32% of the people voted for AlexisFranklin to win the 55 hurdles. I think she has the top 12 times for 4A girls in the event.

2011-02-21 09:28:19

my mistake. so what happened to suitland then? they couldnt have just gotten eight seconds slower all of a sudden. they ran 1:27 this year. granted that was on a banked track, but still really fast.

2011-02-23 12:05:18

could be a number of things. most importantly ryan allen is out. injured, grades, sick for regionals, has to work. who knows? I'm sure he missed va tech too. But his absence opened the door for like 5 teams to win.

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