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County Championship Pole Vault
By: Kevin Milsted

The all-out assault on the girls' county record book (as predicted in Mocorunning's Meet Preview) has already begun. Damascus's Erin Parker claimed the first county meet record of 2011 when she matched her personal best mark of 9-06 on Monday.

Parker and Quince Orchard's Catherine Panasenkov cleared 8-06 after all other competitors were eliminated. When Parker tied the meet record by clearing nine feet, Panasenkov passed on nine feet to conserve energy and compete for the win.

At 9-06, Parker floated over the bar effortlessly to break the meet record by six inches while Panasenkov knocked the bar off on three consecutive tries. Parker attempted to clear ten feet but missed all three attempts.

Last year, Northwood's Naami Wagner defeated Parker based on fewer misses despite both girls tying the meet record at 9 feet. Officially, only Wagner and 2007 Wootton athlete Liz Calhoun were listed as co-record holders. Parker said that she had her eye on this record. Now she is in sole possession of the meet record at 9-06.

The Damascus boys have piled up 18 points before most people even knew the county meet began. Andrew Mengle and Parker Carroll entered the pole vault competition after all other athletes were eliminated and swept the top two spots. Each recorded a personal best mark.

Carroll notched his personal record when he cleared 11 feet, but it took him more attempts to get there. Carroll missed three attempts at 11-06 while Mengle missed his first two attempts. With victory already in hand, Mengle cleared a personal best 11-06 on his final attempt, pumping his fist as he fell to the mat. He would raise his personal best six inches higher to 12 feet even before the competition ended.

Poor weather has prevented the Damascus athletes from performing up to their potential prior to this meet. Every meet has been rainy including the last Friday's Manchester Valley Invitational which went on well past 10 PM due to a weather delay. Today was 75 degrees with sunshine and no wind.


2011-05-09 21:05:42

Parker Carroll is the man

Cheri, Mike and Charlie
2011-05-09 21:45:36

Andrew Mengle works harder than any kid we know. He truly deserves this honor! His perserverence and aquired skills are only overshadowed by his integrity and courage. We are so proud of you Andrew, words can hardly express...

2011-05-10 17:52:21


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DC Vault
2011-05-29 11:18:44

Great to see an article of this significance naming no less than 5 members of the DC Vault Club! Great job critters!!!

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