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Poll Results - Boys
By: Kevin Milsted
2011-09-04 conducted an open online poll between August 28 and September 2 for anyone to rank their top ten athletes in the county. 57 valid boys individual votes were collected and tabulated to form the ranking you see below.

10. David Levine - Wootton 2013

Poll Points: 95
2010 County Finish: 23
2010 4A West Region Finish: 23
2010 4A State Finish: 44

Levine dropped his track times down to 4:47 and 9:58 as a sophomore in the spring. He was ninth in the 3200m at the outdoor Montgomery County Championships.

9. Luke Shannon - Churchill 2012

Poll Points: 104
2010 County Finish: 32
2010 4A West Region Finish: 17
2010 4A State Finish: 53

Shannon nearly qualified for the indoor state championship with fifth place time of 4:43.66 and later dropped that time to 4:38.78.

8. Ben Crites - Walter Johnson 2013

Poll Points: 108
2010 County Finish: 28
2010 4A West Region Finish: 24
2010 4A State Finish: 43

Crites ran 2:05.72 and 4:43.90 as a sophomore last spring. He was the 1600m runner up at the county B championship.

7. Nick Adams - Whitman 2012

Poll Points: 165
2010 County Finish: 61
2010 4A West Region Finish: 32
2010 4A State Finish: DNR

Adams had a poor cross country season as a junior but redeemed himself on the track by qualifying for states indoors and outdoors. His track PR's are 9:48.59 and 4:25.71.

6. Scott Sheehan - Walter Johnson 2012

Poll Points: 180
2010 County Finish: 16
2010 4A West Region Finish: 13
2010 4A State Finish: 26

Sheehan was a key member of WJ's team which swept county, region, and state titles last year. He has a 5k PR of 16:16 and ran a 2:03 800m but otherwise did not improve on his track times in his junior year.

5. Joshua Trzeciak - Wootton 2013

Poll Points: 277
2010 County Finish: 24
2010 4A West Region Finish: 20
2010 4A State Finish: 50

Trzeciak didn't finish last cross country season as strong as he started it. He was fairly quiet for a while until he surprised many people by taking third in the 800m at the outdoor county championship in 1:57.48.

4. Evan Laratta - Quince Orchard 2012

Poll Points: 287
2010 County Finish: 11
2010 3A West Region Finish: 11
2010 3A State Finish: 12

Laratta's sophomore XC season was stronger than his junior XC season, but he improved on his track times to 2:02.91 and 4:29.06 as a junior. He also holds a 9:39.20 PB from his sophomore year.

3. Josh Ellis - Walter Johnson 2012

Poll Points: 383
2010 County Finish: 15
2010 4A West Region Finish: 7
2010 4A State Finish: 12

Ellis has the top times in the 800 and 1600 among returning MoCo public school athletes. His time of 1:57.24 won the 800m county titles as a sophomore and 4:20.59 was good for third at the state meet as a junior. His 5k XC PR is 16:02.90.

2. Will Conway - Churchill 2012

Poll Points: 483
2010 County Finish: 7
2010 4A West Region Finish: 9
2010 4A State Finish: 4

Conway won the indoor track state title in the 1600 with a personal best time of 4:21.34 and boasts an 800m PR of 1:58.06. He was the top non-senior at the XC county and state championship meets last year.

1. Zachary Weinstein - Churchill 2012

Poll Points: 515
2010 County Finish: 13
2010 4A West Region Finish: 10
2010 4A State Finish: 7

Weinstein won the 3200m indoor county title in 9:45.08 and was second at the outdoor county championship with a personal best of 9:33.16. He also ran 4:25.04 in the 1600 and clocked 15:41.0 at last year's Great American Invitational.

Tie Breaker: The tie breaker question asked the voters to predict the winning time at the county championship meet regardless of who they thought would win. The average answer for the boys was 15:45.07. There will be a new county course this year.


2011-09-05 19:02:10

Nick Simpson is going to get Top 10, just wait.

2011-09-06 18:04:21

if Ellis is on during counties, he will win.

2011-09-07 21:33:34


2011-09-27 22:05:41

dubs jay what what

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