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RM at Gburg Recap
By: Brad Herson

It was pretty much the best running weather you could ask for. The first major event of the day was the boys’ 4by800 meter relay. Senior Paul Riggio led off for Gaithersburg and created a lead that the Trojans wouldn’t lose. RM did not run their 4by800 ‘A’ team.

The next major event was the boys’ 110-meter high hurdles. Sophomore Donovan Mahone came away with the upset victory over Tyler Jackson. Jackson was just coming off of an injury but it was still nice job by Mahone. In the boys 300-meter hurdles, Mahone once again came away with the victory by running a time of 41.85, followed by Gburg’s Derrick Parry and RM’s Rodreguez. The boys’ 100-meter dash was all RM. Pinchinat took first followed by Gary Frazier and Gaithersburg’s Sean Cain.

The boys’ 1600 was a battle to the end. Brian Sickles and Hoyt went out in the lead for the first two laps. Gburg’s Sam Boimov and Paul Riggio would then take the lead for the rest of the race. It was a personal battle between Boimov and Riggio. In the days leading up to the meet, Riggio swore that he would beat Boimov in the mile. But in the end, it was all Boimov who won in a time of 4:35 followed by Riggio in 4:36 and Hoyt in 4:39.

The boys’ 4by200 meter relay was a surprise. Gaithersburg managed to keep the lead the whole race. For the anchor leg’s, it would be a battle between RM’s Brendan Etzel and Gburg’s Sean Cain. Cain took off after he received the handoff from sophomore BJ Marshal, but RM had handoff troubles and would then come in second. Gaithersburg ran a time of 1:34 and RM ran a 1:37.

In the boys 4by100 meter relay, RM came away with the victory by running a time of 43.4, followed by Gburg in a time of 43.44.

In the boys 400 meter dash, RM’s Pinchinat came away with the victory by running 51.4, followed by Gaithersburg’s Antonio Palmer in 52.56, and RM’s John Ryan in 53.0. Gaithersburg’s Donovan Mahone finished fourth in a time of 53.1.

In the 800 meter, it was all Gaithersburg. Antonio Palmer won in a time of 2:04, followed by Gburg’s Paul Riggio in 2:05. RM’s John Ryan and myself battled down the last stretch for third. Ryan edged me out.

The boys’ 3200 meter race was just too long of a race to watch the whole thing. Sam Boimov won easily in a time of 10:35, followed by Vikas Bahtia in 10:40, and Hoyt in 10:55. Gaithersburg freshman Brendan Stepek ran 11:02 for his first 3200 meter race. Before and during the beginning of the race, there was turmoil because one of Gaithersburg’s runners missed the start of the race due to the fact that he fell asleep on the pole vault mats. I have to admit, those mats are very comfortable.

The field events were very interesting to watch. In the boys’ shot put, Gburg’s Sean Stanley easily won by throwing 53’1, followed by RM’s Alex Payton and Steffan Lazerow. In the discus it was all Gburg. Stanely came away with the victoy by throwing 129’7, followed by Connor Tarr who threw 127’11. RM’s Alex Payton rounded out the top three by throwing 115’8. Sean Stanley just seems to be getting better every meet.

In the high jump, Vinnie Brown of RM took first by jumping 6’0, followed by Gburg’s Owen Cain in 5’10, and Gburg’s BJ Shaw in 5’8. In the long jump, Gary Frazier came away with the victory by jumping 20’10, followed by Gburg’s Jeremy Marshal in 20’3, and Gburg’s BJ Shaw in 19’10. In the triple jump, RM’s Brendan Etzel won by jumping 42’2.

On the girls’ side, RM controlled almost every event. In the 100-meter dash, The DeCruise twins went 1-2, followed by Gburg’s Aleysha Jewel. In the girls mile, it was a battle between RM’s Monica Delizo and Gburg’s Abby Spitler. In the end, Spitler came away with the victory by running a time of 5:57, followed by Delizo in 6:00. In the relays, RM took the 4by400, the 4by200, and the 4by800 meter relays. Gaithersburg took the 4by100 meter relay. In the shot put, Gburg’s Terra Gains took first, followed by RM’s Ford and Baker. Gains also won the discus. Gaithersburg Rukayat Salau took first in the long, triple, and high jump. RM would take 2-3 in those events.

Team-wise, the Gaithersburg boys pulled off the upset over Richard Montgomery 83-54. The Richard Montgomery girls win over Gaithersburg 88-45. Counties and regions will be very interesting.


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