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Wootton vs. B-CC Recap
By: Kevin Milsted

By the narrowest of margins, the Wootton boys defeated what could be their toughest opponent in Division I this season. The Wootton runners know that they caught a break with the injury to one of B-CC's top runners, Sam Baker. B-CC and Wootton became acquainted with one another at the Concord Running Camp before Baker suffered double stress fractures.

"We are happy we won. Our goal is to win the division," said Wootton's David Levine while holding a stuffed horse in his hands. "If [Baker] was running, we wouldn't have won."

Wootton claimed first and third positions while B-CC took second, fourth, fifth, and sixth. Wootton swarmed to the finish line with ten guys in front of B-CC's fifth man at 18:02 or better. The final score was Wootton 28, B-CC 29.

Wootton's Joshua Trzeciak led from start to finish, but B-CC's Peter Horton made him work for it. Levine said that he was in third and working his way up to Horton constantly after the first mile but Horton would always pull away. After the two mile mark, Horton took off.

"From behind it looked like Peter caught up to Josh."

Trzeciak was never totally sure how close Horton came to him. He would try to gauge his lead by the cheers from spectators. He was also trying to use spectators to guide him because he said that he arrived late and was not totally sure where to go. When he got out into the open field for the final quarter mile loop, he took off with a hard kick and finished in 16:12. Horton finished in 16:16.

On Horton, Trzeciak said, "He definitely gave me a test. He is an underrated runner."

B-CC senior Laura Nakasaka is a veteran on a young and extremely talented squad. She has been running different variations of B-CC's home course for four years and says that the final quarter mile loop is the place to kick.

"The last field is a good opportunity to pass people...if you can," said Nakasaka.

Nakasaka was in good position to explain how the girls' race unfolded. She said that there was a large pack together until about the halfway point. Caroline Beakes and Abby Fry of B-CC broke away from the pack along with Wootton's Dana Sung at that point.

Nora McUmber held back with Nakasaka for another half mile before she changed gears with a mile to go like she always seems to do. McUmber caught and passed Sung to secure a 1-2-3 B-CC sweep and guarantee the team win.

Nakasaka made a valiant effort to close the gap on Sung on the final open field loop but came up three seconds back in fifth place overall. Still, Nakasaka was the fifth girl in the race to break 20 minutes with a time of 19:50.

Nakasaka spoke with unabashed enthusiasm for the young sophomore runners who led the team (Beakes 19:21, Fry 19:32, McUmber 19:37).

"It's exciting to watch them embrace and fall in love with the sport."


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