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Divisional Analysis
By: Kevin Milsted

Kevin's Boys Picks
Paint Branch over Seneca Valley
Magruder over Wootton
Watkins Mill over Wheaton
Sherwood over Springbrook
Blair over Rockville
Blair over Blake
Blake over Rockville
Einstein over Kennedy
Clarksburg over Northwood
WJ over Churchill
Whitman over Poolesville
Damascus over B-CC
Northwest over QO
RM over Gaithersburg
Kevin's Girls Picks
Paint Branch over Seneca Valley
Magruder over Wootton
Watkins Mill over Wheaton
Sherwood over Springbrook
Blair over Rockville
Blair over Blake
Rockville over Blake
Kennedy over Einstein
Clarksburg over Northwood
Churchill over WJ
Whitman over Poolesville
Damascus over B-CC
Northwest over QO
RM over Gaithersburg

Division I

The results from last week's tri meet at Northwest screamed that the Northwest girls were without a doubt ready to take on any challengers. By taking down Richard Montgomery and Poolesville convincingly, they are well on their way to the Division I title. This week, they will take on undefeated Quince Orchard, who should give them a challenge in the distance events, but in the end, the well-rounded Northwest team will give QO their first loss.

Whitman will host Poolesville in its debut. With two losses, the Poolesville girls' hopes of winning the division are all but lost, but they are still a strong, young team. This will be an interesting matchup to see if the Poolesville girls can use their versatility to work their way around Whitman's star athletes.

Both Gaithersburg and Richard Montgomery boys had good warm-up meets last week, but they both know that the real fireworks will be this week when the two face off at Gaithersburg. Gaithersburg recently won the Cougar Relays, but expect RM to stack every event for the victory after improving on their weaker field athletes from last year.

Division II

Expect Damascus to continue to roll in their matchup against B-CC this week. Damascus has some interesting matchups down the road, but this week versus B-CC should be business as usual for both the boys and girls of Damascus.

Both the Watkins Mill boys and girls should experience success over the Wheaton teams in their debut. The WM boys looked especially strong at the Cougar Relays.

WJ versus Churchill is always a fun matchup. Expect Churchill girls to do whatever it takes to win. The boys matchup is a little more unpredictable. If WJ loads up on all of their weapons, the advantage goes to WJ.

Division III

I still don't know who won between Sherwood or Kennedy boys last week, but I must move on. Sherwood against Springbrook is a great matchup, but I believe that Sherwood will have the larger and stronger boys team.

Einstein vs. Kennedy boys and girls is also unpredictable in my mind. Both teams are small and have an equal number of talented athletes. I give the edge to Einstein for the boys because the two teams are evenly matched except for Einstein's strength in the distance events. Kennedy's talented girls should win out over Einstein's.

A talented Magruder team will make its debut against Wootton. The Magruder boys should have no problem picking apart the Wootton boys, but the girls matchup is very interesting. The Patriots have several talented freshmen already contributing to their varsity corps. I give the edge to Magruder mostly based on a hunch.

Division IV

Last week's battle between Paint Branch and Blair boys was even closer than I anticipated. For undefeated Blair, it should be smooth sailing for the rest of the journey. Paint Branch can only hope to win out and hope that Blair falters. Both teams should make it through this week with no additional losses.

On the girls side, Paint Branch took down Blair with their strength in the sprints and field last week. PB should blow by Seneca Valley this week, while Blair will have to put up a fight against Rockville's strong sprint squad. Interestingly, a Blair victory would only be good news for the PB squad who will face Rockville later in the season.

Clarksburg was the surprise team of week 1 when they beat the Blake boys and girls. Clarksburg will try to remain undefeated against Northwood. This is an interesting matchup between two schools with no seniors. I give the edge to the Clarksburg squad because of some of the athletes and coaches that they inherited from other teams this year and a strong showing at the Cougar Relays.

Last Week's Scores:
Girls Scores: Clarksburg 76
Blake 61

Damascus 82
WJ 52

Paint Branch 111
Northwood 11

Q. Orchard 65
Gaithersburg 55

Northwest 81
R. Montgomery 56

Wootton 75
Kennedy 60

Damascus 116
Wheaton 20

Churchill 81
B-CC 51

Paint Branch 79.5
Blair 61.5

Northwest 92
Poolesville 45

Wootton 73
Sherwood 58

WJ 82
Wheaton 45

Seneca Valley 56
Rockville 79

Blair 92
Northwood 30

R. Montgomery 97
Poolesville 36

Kennedy 67
Sherwood 62

Boys Scores: Clarksburg 78
Blake 59

Damascus 80
WJ 57

GPrep 89
B-CC 48

Blair 72
Paint Branch 69

R. Montgomery 82
Northwest 55

Sherwood 68
Kennedy 65

Damascus 111
Wheaton 25

Churchill 83
B-CC 58

Seneca Valley 91
Rockville 42

Blair 76
Northwood 50

R. Montgomery 119
Poolesville 18

Kennedy 83
Wootton 52

WJ 73
Wheaton 55

Churchill 73
GPrep 64

Paint Branch 107.5
Northwood 30.5

Gaithersburg 80
Q. Orchard 58

Northwest 111
Poolesville 20

Sherwood 88
Wootton 45


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