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Boys All-Freshman XC Team
By: Kevin Milsted

Freshman of the Year
Cliff Tilley - Thomas S. Wootton

Tilley finished second in the county championship freshman-sophomore race with a time of 17:20.63 to be the fastest freshman of the day by over thirty seconds. It was a breakout performance for the well-rounded track athlete. In his youth track experience, he has a 1500-meter personal best of 4:36, was an AAU national champion in the 3000-meter racewalk, and can throw the javelin. After this cross country season, he traveled to the NXN Regional Meet in North Carolina where he recorded a 5k time of 17:30.70.

2. Jack Wavering - Good Counsel

Wavering recorded a season best time of 17:04.9 at the William Tennent Invitational and was the fastest freshman at the WCAC Championship with a 12th place time of 18:20 on the difficult course. He then finished as the top freshman in the varsity race at the MD-DC Private Schools Championship with a 30th place time of 17:42. According to Coach Tom Arnold, Wavering averaged 41 miles per week over ten weeks this summer.

3. Ben Gersch - Walt Whitman

Gersch first worked his way into the Whitman top five with a 14:51.4 4000m run at the Manhattan Invitational at Van Cortlandt Park, a course his father used to run. He was the top freshman finisher in the varsity race at the county championship with a 65th place time of 17:54.89. He finished the season with times of 17:11 at the 4A West Regional Championship and 18:29.6 at the 4A State Championship. He was the only Montgomery County freshman boy to compete at this year's state meet.

4. Matt Lopez - Good Counsel

In his first varsity race, Lopez ran 16:54.6 at the William Tennent Invitational. It was the fastest 5k by any Montgomery County freshman runner this season. As the fifth Good Counsel runner at the WCAC Championship Meet, he finished 14th in 18:25. According to Coach Tom Arnold, his friends call him "Ugly" because he is so handsome.

5. Kevin McGivern - Good Counsel

After clocking 17:26.2 at the William Tennent Invitational, McGivern won the WCAC Championship Freshman Race with a time of 18:41. He ran on the varsity team for the final race of the season where he finished 56th in 18:23 at the Large School MD-DC Private Schools Championship.

6. Jeff Moxley - Good Counsel

Moxley finished in second place, just 8 seconds behind his teammate McGivern in the freshman race at the WCAC Championship. While his three freshman teammates ran the varsity race at the MD-DC Private Schools Championship, Moxley ran faster than McGivern and matched Lopez's time of 18:23 out of the junior varsity race. According to Coach Tom Arnold, friends call him "Mox" or "Dreamsicle" for his orange hair.

7. Colin SyBing - Thomas S. Wootton

After running 18:34.04 at the Carlisle Invitational, SyBing ran the second fastest time by a freshman in the freshman-sophomore race at the county championship meet, 18:15.47. According to Coach Kellie Redmond, he has a soccer background and has a brother on this year's Wootton state championship soccer team.

8. Andrew Murray - Walt Whitman

Murray broke out at the county championship meet where he ran 18:19.46 in the freshman-sophomore race. He helped boost Whitman into the state championship as the fifth man on the regional team with a time of 17:53, but he did not run at the state meet due to the coach's decision. Prior to Whitman, he ran for the first cross country team at The Fourth Presbyterian School where 2005 county champion Ryan Janes convinced him to choose cross country over football.

Photo by Marleen Van den Neste

9. Jacob Grant - Winston Churchill

Grant only ran 18:58.16 at the county championship and was too sick to compete at the 4A West Regional, but he was one of the leading Montgomery County freshmen prior to the county championship meet. He was the top MoCo freshman at Glory Days (18:09), Great American (18:35.4), and the Coyote Invitational (18:03).

10. Lewis Kerwin - Walter Johnson

Kerwin, aka Daniel Kerwin, did not run at the county championship, but he led a deep squad of WJ freshman in every race he ran. He clocked sub-19:00 performances five times before the county meet including a time of 18:18 in a tri meet at Poolesville and 18:06 in a tri meet at Magruder.

Honorable Mention

Alexander Mangiafico - Montgomery Blair
Armaan Kolhi - Walter Johnson
Ben Gilbert - Landon
Christopher Nyborg - Quince Orchard
David Mejia - Springbrook
Jacob Rushkoff - Thomas S. Wootton
Kennen Harman - Sherwood
Malick Boly - Northwest
Michael Thomas - Clarksburg
Scott Wurtzel - Clarksburg

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2012-11-29 22:05:57

is jack weaverling related to chase from poolsville

2012-11-29 22:15:24

Since its wavering I don't think so. Hahahaha

2012-11-29 22:22:04

Good Counsel will be stacked in future years but Gonzaga has 7 of their top 8 runners returning from this year's team so they should still be able to beat Good Counsel next year even with Crilly and all of these talented freshman.

2012-11-29 22:31:28


2012-11-29 22:32:58

Check out Georgetown Day school's freshman runner Tristan Colaizzi. He ran a 16:52.3 at Nike Cross Southeast Regional.

2012-11-29 22:37:20

^The GDS freshman is really good but this list is only for schools that are actually located in MoCo and GDS is in D.C. I believe.

Anonymous #2
2012-11-30 10:54:10

No doubt Gonzaga will be the team to beat next year in the WCAC but watch out in a couple years for this Good Counsel team!!

Brad Beakes
2012-11-30 17:07:00

This list is pretty solid, but i feel WJ's freshman should have earned a bit more respect. Looking at the times from Carlisle (which is a hilly course), they had four freshman under 19:00, and 2 under 18:40. The whitman freshman had one performance of sub 19, but didn't stay consistent like WJ's freshman did.

2012-12-01 16:33:17

i agree walter johnson put 5 runners sub 1900 on the season with 2 of their top freshman facing chronic injury issues throughout the season

Bad Breakes
2012-12-03 05:54:05

when did sub-19:00 become a thing?

Preston scherr
2014-05-14 15:53:32

How are all of those wj runners who deserved it now? I think Murray's a little better.

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