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B-CC v. WJ at WM Recap
By: Michael Menase

With hopes of qualifying for Penn Relays with a time of 8:15 or below, Chris Bowie took the 4x800 out very hard. Bryson Harris and Watkins Mill held on. It came down to an exciting finish between those three with Bowie still in the inside lane. The Watkins Mill runner edged both Harris, who split a 2:08.5, and Bowie, who split around a 2:07, in a very intense fashion. The rest of the relay, however, was not nearly as exciting. From the start of Alex Prevost’s second leg through Dylan Straughan’s third leg, BCC bolted out into a lead they would never relinquish. This set up Elias Tousley, easily one of the most talented and versatile runners in the county with a chance to run an 800 completely alone and see what he could do. Tousley split a ridiculously fast 1:58 with nobody even pushing him.

The hurdles were highlighted by Jenny McCoy who won her heat of the 100-meter hurdles by a very large margin. On the other side, Christian Valle of Watkins Mill was easily the highlight of the hurdles. Valle won one of the hurdle events by a good margin and scored in the other. Ian Francis of Walter Johnson hurdled and won his heat in the 110-meter hurdles. On the boys’ side, the sprinting events were also dominated by Watkins Mill. You could easily conclude just from watching this meet that Watkins Mill either has great sprinters and hurdlers, or Walter Johnson and B-CC are severely lacking in that area. The answer is both. Allen Blanks scored in the 100-meter dash for Watkins Mill and Myco Paulo of Watkins Mill scored with an 11.5. Herve Doliska and Paulo (23.9) of Watkins Mill scored in the open 200. Watkins Mill appeared to have gone 1-2 in the open 400 with senior middle-distance runner Michael Gardner edging out Paulo who ran a 53.6. Alex Prevost also ran a 54 in that race. The 4x100 (featuring Blanks) and 4x200 (featuring Doliska) were also won by Watkins Mill. Just like the boys, the Watkins Mill girls proved to be strong in the sprinting events, which featured Shayla Davis.

The boys’ open 1600 was most likely one of the slowest races in dual meet history. It was raining at the time but whatever the reason, nobody wanted to take the race out. The first lap of the 400 was led by no one individual but rather a sizeable pack that came through in around 77. By the end of the third lap, Schneider and Bowie became the distinguishable contenders and they came through in slower than 3:50. Much to Chris Bowie’s downfall, he let the race come down to a kick. Schneider ended up gapping Bowie and won in around 4:50 with Bowie coming in a distant second, barely breaking 5 minutes.

The girls’ side was much the opposite. Through the first three laps, the battle between Addie Tousley of BCC, and Jennifer Spencer of Walter Johnson was heated. Spencer led the whole time until Tousley gained the lead and furthered it to win in a 5:36 to Spencer’s 5:41.

The 3200 was far and away the most intense event of the day. BCC runner Elias Tousley, who had just split a very impressive yet indubitably toiling 1:58 in the 4x8 all alone, took the race out fearlessly with a fresh Chris Moen on his back. These two were to battle back and forth throughout the entire race with Chris Bowie and Dylan Straughan already having fallen well off the decent pace which Tousley set, and Brian Graves of Walter Johnson not in the race due to injury. With one lap to go it is important to know that both runners were at 8:36 through seven laps. Tousley and Moen were dead-on each other up until 200 meters to go when Tousley took the lead. Moen regained the lead with Tousley on his inside shoulder. With just less than 200 to go Tousley attempted to pass Moen on his inside shoulder but failed. This was key because he appeared to have had to slow up to try a second time to pass Moen. With 100 to go, Tousley moved from lane 1 to lane 2 to get on Moen’s outside and it came down to a very intense kick with Moen edging out Tousley. Moen and Tousley both ran 9:36. Do the math: this means they each ran a 62 last lap! Chris Moen easily has the best kick in the county and although he has not run the 3200 much, his versatility has allowed him to be extremely successful in any distance event he chooses. On the girls’ side, Addie Tousley of BCC was the first female finisher in around a 12:15. Sadly, there is no female Moen who runs the 3200 to compete with Addie Tousley.

The girls’ open 800 was very exciting. To everybody’s surprise, with about 200 or so meters left, BCC sophomore Hannah Cooper came from well behind to pass everybody and win by a decent margin. On the boys’ side, Tousley took the race out and did not have a difficult time maintaining his large lead despite Jared Schneider having been in that race. Tousley won in a 2:04. Michael Gardner of Watkins Mill also scored in that event.

The first leg of the 4x4 was a showdown between Myco Paulo of Watkins Mill and Chris Moen of Walter Johnson. To keep up with the theme of the meet, Moen just barely handed off the baton before Paulo. At most, it appeared Moen edged out Paulo by at most two-tenths of a second. The 4x4 was won by Watkins Mill.

As for the field, Charlie Grimsley had a very difficult time not fouling in the discus throw. Thus on his final attempt, he just stood there and launched it for the win in around 90 feet. He came in third in the shot.

Team-wise, sprints and hurdles proved key in this meet. And evidently, despite not being a factor in distance races, Watkins Mill entirely dominated Walter Johnson and BCC in both the sprints and the hurdles. This meet has set up an incredible tri-meet which will determine the team that wins Division II. In this meet, the Watkins Mill boys improved to 3-0 and will face 3-0 Churchill at Damascus who is also 3-0. They are the only three undefeated teams in division II and will each square off in what should be a very exciting battle.


WM 86 BCC 42
WM 77 WJ 56
WJ 77 BCC 48


BCC 82 WM 41
WJ 97 WM 34
WJ 100 BCC 37


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