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Divisional Analysis
By: Kevin Milsted

Boys Predictions
WJ over BCC
Watkins Mill over BCC
Watkins Mill over WJ
Blair over Clarksburg
Gaithersburg over Northwest
Gaithersburg over Whitman
Northwest over Whitman
Magruder over Springbrook
Magruder over Kennedy
Blake over Northwood
Blake over Seneca Valley
Seneca Valley over Northwood
Quince Orchard over Poolesville
Churchill over Wheaton
Einstein over Wootton

Girls Predictions
WJ over BCC
BCC over Watkins Mill
WJ over Watkins Mill
Clarksburg over Blair
Northwest over Gaithersburg
Whitman over Gaithersburg
Northwest over Whitman
Magruder over Springbrook
Magruder over Kennedy
Blake over Northwood
Blake over Seneca Valley
Seneca Valley over Northwood
Quince Orchard over Poolesville
Churchill over Wheaton
Wootton over Einstein

Division I

The Division I girls title will be on the line at Whitman High School this week, where they will play host to Gaithersburg and undefeated Northwest. After beating 3 strong opponents so far this season, Northwest will likely blow past the two winless teams, leaving them fighting to stay out of last place.

The Gaithersburg boys will try to remain undefeated after their upset victory over Richard Montgomery two weeks ago. They will have to be careful not to let the Northwest boys grab too many of the points in the field. As QO knows, if it comes down to the 4x4, NW is tough to beat.

Division II

WJ and B-CC boys are strong in the distance events. The question is if Watkins Mill has enough power in the sprints and field to take them both down. I believe that they will sweep these teams to improve to 3-0, setting up an undefeated showdown between Damascus, Churchill, and Watkins Mill next week.

The combined record of the WJ, WM, and B-CC girls is 1-5, but WJ has the best chance of all to break out of their funk and end the week with a winning record. WJ has a big team with good athletes in most events. Watkins Mill on the other hand is coming off of a loss to Wheaton, while B-CC has not shown that they have much of anything this season.

Division III

Although the Magruder girls were expected to be the cream of the crop in Division III, it was the Wootton girls who took them down in Magruder's opener. The Magruder girls now have a chance to redeem themselves in a tri meet against Springbrook and Kennedy. Wootton will try to improve to 4-0 against an Einstein squad that has struggled.

Both Magruder and Springbrook enter this matchup undefeated while Kennedy comes in at 2-1. If any of these teams comes away with 2 victories, that team will be well on their way to the divisional title. Magruder is the favorite after a strong indoor campaign and a respectable showing at the Cougar Relays, but I especially would not count out Springbrook, who upset Magruder last year in divisional competition and tends to have some secret weapons to get the job done.

Division IV

Clarksburg has shown a surprisingly strong and well-balanced team this season, but will face its toughest competition yet in the Blair boys and girls. The girls matchup should be especially close. With Blair struggling in sprints and field, I think that Clarksburg can improve to 3-0, but the divisional title is not yet within reach for the Coyotes who still have Paint Branch and Rockville to play.

The Blair boys have been so strong this season. Clarksburg will likely suffer its first loss at the hands of the Blazers' sprinting assault. Even if Blair improves to 5-0, they will have to wait two weeks to face their 6th opponent, Seneca Valley, to win Division IV, a division with 7 teams.

Last Week's Scores:

Girls Scores: Kennedy 99
Einstein 30

Damascus 93
B-CC 44

Churchill 85
WJ 52

Clarksburg 103
Northwood 15
Northwest 97
QO 44

Wheaton 81
Watkins Mill 50

Paint Branch 101.5
Seneca Valley 35.5
Poolesville 74
Whitman 61

RM 88
Gaithersburg 45

Wootton 80
Magruder 57

Boys Scores: Kennedy 81
Einstein 57

Damascus 98
B-CC 39

Churchill 79
WJ 57

Clarksburg 101
Northwood 36
Northwest 70
QO 67

Watkins Mill 102
Wheaton 35

Paint Branch 124
Seneca Valley 9
Whitman 100
Poolesville 36

Gaithersburg 83
RM 54

Magruder 93
Wootton 44


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