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Will Palmer in NYC
By: Kevin Milsted

MoCoRunning: Where did you go this weekend?

Palmer: The Knight Time Invitational at Uniondale High School in Long Island, New York. The meet was hosted by the same group of people that put on the Manhattan Cross Country Invitational.

MoCoRunning: So you were looking forward to a really competitive 3000-meter steeplechase and you came home with the victory. How did that race pan out?

Palmer: I led from the gun and ran the entire race alone. It was a good experience but I was hoping for a more competitive field.

MoCoRunning: what was your time?

Palmer: 9:55

MoCoRunning: Do you hope to run anymore steeplechases this year, like maybe at Nike Outdoor Nationals?

Palmer: Yes, I'm definately planning on running the Nike Outdoor steeplechase if I get accepted into the race, and maybe one other if I can find one somewhere.

MoCoRunning: Is this something you see yourself focusing on in college?

Palmer: I hope that the steeplechase will become one of my main events in college. At this point I'm really going to need to learn how to hurdle properly if I want to be successful, though.

MoCoRunning: What is it that draws you to the steeplechase?

Palmer: I just feel it's the closest a track race will ever become to cross country. It requires a combination of speed and strength that no other track race really demands in the same way.

MoCoRunning: I heard that you ran a very nice PR in the mile as well. Did you have anyone to run with in that race? What was your final time and what were some of your splits?

Palmer: The mile ended up being alot more competetive than the two mile. A guy from New York led us through three laps in 64, 2:11 and 2:19 before another New York runner and myself broke away. It was a fight to the finish and he won, 4:23 to 4:25. My only regrets in that race were passing on the inside and the end result of my spikes.

MoCoRunning: How did your teammates do at this meet?

Palmer: My teammats also had a great meet. Some of the highlights were Leslie Morrison finishing second in the 400 in 58 seconds and winning a very competetive 800 in 2:14. We also had some freshmen step up in Scott Gerfin and Brandt Silver-Korn who went head-to-head in the freshmen 800 finishing 1-2 in 2:11 and 2:12. Andrew ran his first 3200m and finished 2nd in 9:54 and then Andrew, Sam, Brandt and myself teamed up for the weirdest 4xMile ever (every runner ran at the same time) to take the win.


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