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Boys Preseason Poll Results
By: Ryun Anderson

85 valid votes were tabulated for Mocorunning's Preseason XC Poll. Below are the composite results of that poll.

1. Rohann Asfaw, Richard Montgomery 2017
485 Poll Points

It seems that Rohann improves with every passing season. In 2014, he finished eighth at the 4A state meet; he was the only underclassman (9-10) to finish in the top 40, and the first underclassman to finish that high at the 4A state meet since Churchill's William Conway in 2009. Nobody in the county returns with a faster 5K or 3200 time than him, so it's not surprising to find him at the top of the Moco preseason rankings.

2. Liam Walsh, Quince Orchard 2016
366 Poll Points

Liam comes into 2015 already boasting multiple sub-16:30 efforts, including last year's PR of 16:05 at the notoriously fast Adidas XC Invite. He turned it on even more in the spring, dropping his mile time to 4:24 and his 2 mile to 9:52. He will be hunting down a top spot at every meet he goes to this season.

3. Dylan Kannapell, B-CC 2016
321 Poll Points

Dylan's rather rapid rise to the upper echelon of Montgomery County may have taken many people by surprise. He turned in eye-opening races at both the Adidas XC Invite (16:04, third place in Invitational section) and the DCXC invite (16:07, 4th in junior section). MoCo missed out on watching his junior track season as he battled through various ailments, but he appears to be healthy and ready to run just in time for the 2015 season.

4. Ben Gersch, Walt Whitman 2016
302 Poll Points

Amidst the hooplah created by Whitman's star trio of seniors last year was Ben Gersch's ascension throughout the school year. He made his mark by running 16:38 at the DCXC Invite before finishing 24th at the state championships (the exact same place he got at counties). But what really opened eyes was his track season, as he steadily dropped his 3200 time from 10:20 in 2014 to 9:39 in 2015. He enters 2015 with a lot of momentum and leading a Whitman team looking to defend its team county title.

5. Michael Abebe, Northwood 2016
289 Poll Points

Michael sort of quietly ran 9:51 in the 3200 during the 2014 outdoor track season, but he forced Montgomery County to turn its head at the 2014 county championships, where he finished fifth with a PR of 16:09. He ended up running the fastest time at states by any returning Montgomery County runner (16:16, fourth at the 3A meet). A quiet track season in which he did not run at counties or states may have dampened the hype momentarily, but with Northwood moving up to 4A this season, he has another opportunity to turn Montgomery County's collective head.

6. Colin SyBing, Thomas S. Wootton 2016
217 Poll Points

Colin may not boast an awe-inspiring 5K time coming into 2015 due to an unfortunate injury last year, but he burst back onto the scene during the 2015 outdoor track season with a 3200 PR of 9:45. Only three other athletes in this poll (Asfaw, Gersch, and Abebe) can boast a 9:45 mark in the deuce, which is why he is definitely a contender for a top five spot at this year's county meet.

7. William Ryba, Walt Whitman 2016
160 Poll Points

William's seemingly overnight ascension to the top of Moco leaderboards may seem the stuff of fiction, but that's exactly what happened in 2015. With PRs of 2:05 (800), 4:43 (1600), and 17:15 (5K), Ryba took everyone by surprise at a dual meet 800 and then at counties where he ran 4:19. It remains to be seen whether or not his track success will translate to cross country, but an early 10:04 two mile at the WMAL Towers suggests that Ryba is ready to join the upper echelon of Montgomery County on the course as well.

8. Jacob Grant, Winston Churchill 2016
132 Poll Points

Jacob was part of an incredibly deep 2014 Churchill squad, and did not run after the county meet where he posted a PR of 16:57. However, his success during the 2015 track season (2:01 800, 4:37 1600) suggests that he is ready to lead another Churchill team that will need leadership after graduating many of their top runners.

9. Cliff Tilley, Thomas S. Wootton 2016
121 Poll Points

While he will forever hold the title of the 2012 boys "freshman of the year", Cliff has an opportunity to add some real hardware to his name in 2015. He dipped below 17:00 multiple times in 2014, including two 16:55 efforts at both the DCXC Invite and Coyote Invitational. His "all-around" approach to track (steeplechase, hurdles, discus, and even racewalk) means that Montgomery County didn't really get a full showcase of his talents on the distance side, although his 4:34 1600 at the regional meet certainly raises some eyebrows. He will be one of the top runners on what appears to be a very strong 2015 Wootton squad.

10. Lucas Heinzerling, B-CC 2016
94 Poll Points

Lucas was one of the few that performed better at the state meet (39th place) than at the county meet (44th place). He did break 17:00 twice last season, but showed early season promise this year by running a PR of 16:44 at the B-CC Blue Gold Scrimmage. In track he went from running 5:06 as a sophomore in 2014 to 4:43 and 10:11 as a junior in 2015. His improvement - and early season results - back up his status as a top-ten contender in Montgomery County.

1) Bethesda-Chevy Chase Barons (398 Poll Points): B-CC got key contributions from unexpected sources in 2014, easing off the pressure caused by a mass graduation of runners. That added depth now turns them into the fans' preseason favorite heading into 2015.

2) Thomas S. Wootton Patriots (293 Poll Points): Wootton's group of seniors (Sybing, Tilley, and Jacob Rushkoff) may be the best trio in the county. After showcasing a strong top six at their preseason time trials, Wootton may be the team to beat in 2015.

3) Walt Whitman Vikings (256 Poll Points): Whitman will have to defend their 2014 title without the dynamic trio of Evan Woods, Amir Khaghani, and Alex Roederer (all graduated). However, if they can get contributors to back up seniors Ben Gersch and William Ryba, the Vikings will have a shot at repeating in 2015.

4) Winston Churchill Bulldogs (252 Poll Points): Churchill has rebounded from a tough stretch in 2012 and 2013 to re-establish an impressive amount of depth beyond their varsity runners. This depth should ease the pain of a heavy graduating class and keep the Bulldogs in the mix for a county title in 2015.

5) Walter Johnson Wildcats (238 Poll Points): Despite losing four of their top five runners from 2014 to graduation, Walter Johnson has the depth and track record to have a shot at cracking the top three at the county championships for the first time since 2012.

6) Quince Orchard Cougars (198 Poll Points): Led by one of the county's top runners, Liam Walsh, the Cougars will have a legitimate shot at a top five appearance after a brief one-year hiatus (they finished fifth in 2013).

7) Richard Montgomery Rockets (179 Poll Points): The Rockets have the county's top-ranked preseason runner in Rohann Asfaw, but a slight lack of depth will probably keep them out of contention for the team title. They will still have a solid chance at a top five spot, however, and possibly more if they can continue to see major improvements from some of their previous JV runners.

8) Northwest Jaguars (170 Poll Points): On the surface, losing their top three runners could be a devastating blow to a team that only finished seventh at counties last year. However, two freshmen, Jose Infante and Chase Osborne, showed significant promise during track, and if they carry the momentum into 2015, the Northwest boys could have a much stronger team than anyone anticipates.

9) Poolesville Falcons (90 Poll Points): Poolesville was shaping up to have one of the state's top trios before the unfortunate news that Ryan Lockett and Stephen Lang (both top 15 at states last season) would not be on this year's team. The Falcons still have a bright spot in junior Andrew Lent, but he will need some help if Poolesville is going to crack this year's top ten.

10) Albert Einstein Titans (70 Poll Points): Last year Einstein not only survived, but thrived, due to massive contributions from freshmen Tyler Wilson and Simeon Mussie. Along with senior Alejandro Arias, that trio could be enough to keep Einstein in the top ten in 2015.

Tie breakers: Fans were asked to predict the winning individual time and team score. The average responses were 15:48.5 and 74.6 points.


2015-09-04 07:54:52

Uh Preston Scherr was beating some of the people in the poll pretty good in 32. He went into last XC season injured and his actual ability as a runner showed this past indoor season. I'm not saying he deserves to be top 10 but he definitley deserved a place in the poll. He beat Lucas Heinzerling and Chase Osborne multiple times in 32 as well as Mitch Welter at states. C'mon mocorunning.

2015-09-04 09:52:37

Yeah mocorunning I agree with Prestons dad. Put him on the poll!!! Just kidding. There are some many guys out there that have potential. Probably pretty hard to get it down to a set number. You never know when a guy will take it seriously or hit puberty or whatever.

Preston Scherr
2015-09-04 10:12:40

Aaaaaaaayyyyyyaaaaaaaaa Presten

2015-09-04 10:22:41

it makes no sense that Wootton is the #2 team, they sport a 32 second top 5 spread with their number 5 running 1729 Where is Jacob Rushkoff on this list? prs of 1652 , 1009 in the 32 and he is the #6 moco returner from the state meet. 3 in the top 10 of the county should get the job done

2015-09-04 10:26:59

where is my boy Chris Thoms?

Whitman fan
2015-09-04 11:33:44

I agree that we can't rule out Preston Scherr. He didn't compete during the outdoor track season so he could focus on road racing in the summer, and it paid dividends. He ran a blazing 18:43 at the Fairfax Freedom 5K this summer, and that time alone indicates that he could be a top contender at the county meet.

Kevin O'Leary
2015-09-04 12:29:37

It's also note worthy that Preston Scherr beat his teammate, William Ryba at the state cross country meet.

Preston Sher
2015-09-04 12:34:15

Guys I ran 35:40 for 10k so I'm obviously gonna be a state champ!!!

Kevin Oleary's admirer
2015-09-04 16:19:34

Kevin O'leary should be on this, hes so cute!

Patrick Winter
2015-09-04 16:20:31

I agree^^^

Devin Oleary
2015-09-04 16:26:19

that boy devin oleery could light up a room like a four watt bulb

churchill girl
2015-09-04 16:38:52

That boy shashank has a beautiful thigh gap

Preston Fan
2015-09-04 16:43:49

Preston has a new do' and a new attitude... he is ready to take this world by storm... also his insta-game is sr8 fire #believe #justtallenoughtoridetheride #progress

Voice of Reason
2015-09-04 16:50:00

Guys, easy on MoCoRunning. Scherr wasn't on the list for consideration because he wasn't ranked in pre-season top 20, that was the list. 88, Wootton will be great, but let's not forget that there are 3A runners (some were previously 2A) in the county also, and they are part of the poll, too. So Rushkoff is the 11th returning MCPS finisher from state XC meet last year, would have been 13 but Lang (6th)and Lockett (8th) from PHS are not running this year. Lent from PHS now moves up and is 8th returning finisher (they could have had 3 of the top 10 returning finishers and none would be seniors, now they will struggle)plus he ran a 9:55 32 at outdoors. Why not argue for him to be on the list? My long point is, all of these guys are good and you can make an argument for any of them to be included. The poll is for fun, let the races begin.

gluten free kyle
2015-09-04 18:01:49

I love running camp

2015-09-04 18:07:03

It's Gluten Free Kyle!!!!!

2015-09-04 21:41:27

BCC was way stronger at the end of last year with their 3rd returner having a better season best than Woottons first. BCCs 5th returner was also 30 seconds in front of Woottons 5. I think BCC deserves there number 1 ranking now. That being said Wootton looked stronger in their time trial.

2015-09-04 21:53:42

Heinzerling at 10? Keep in mind that he will be playing for the South German National Basketball Club this fall. Training in both sports could be tough to manage. Don't forget to subscribe to ballislife on YouTube so you can see Heinzerling's highlight tape. He's got quite a lazor shot.

Health Nut Loaf of Bread
2015-09-04 22:08:19

I believe Liam Walsh should have the potential to become the number 1 runner in Maryland this year. If he were to raise his arms only 7 degrees higher and slowly move them up and down he could actually take flight from the top of a hill. With this in mind I believe he could break 12:00 minutes in the 5k, setting records for high school birds.

Laura N.
2015-09-04 22:09:45

Go Barons!

2015-09-04 22:33:43

Who does mocorunning think they are putting william ryba in this poll... He hasnt even broken 17 inthe 5k,or 10 in the 2 mile... He is inconsistent af too. This was rigged.

2015-09-04 22:53:41

If Kannapell can position himself at just the right angle between the sun and the runners in front of him, he may be able to use the reflection of the sun off of his glistening watch tan to blind other runners. Kanapell is a runner to watch this year but not without sunglasses.

Oscar wylde
2015-09-05 13:35:15

Everyone shut up, have you seen prestons dope new haircut? If not follow him on Instagram @scherrswag420. Also he will probably pay you to follow

2015-09-05 14:07:54

I apologize on behalf of the entire Whitman community for Preston Scherr commenting about himself so many times... He has ego problems and talking about himself in the third person makes him feel better

Not Preston
2015-09-05 14:28:07

@Williamryba you're done

Actually Preston Scherr
2015-09-05 14:32:12

Uh my insta name is @prestonscherr

William Ryba
2015-09-05 14:45:28

Damn Preston you salty...

2015-09-05 15:19:19

B-CC runners are try hards.

2015-09-05 15:42:21

Is anyone here a fan of Celine Dion?

2015-09-05 16:05:19

Generally in running the goal I to go all out and try as hard as u can

David Mejia
2015-09-05 19:36:02

As a Springbrook runner, I have no idea what's happening in the comments, yet i love it

2015-09-05 19:57:30

Lol not really idgaf @EvanWoods

Diego Zarate
2015-09-05 20:34:57

You Whitman kids are so weird...........

Ghost of Andrew Murray
2015-09-05 23:20:19

I have placed my curse upon the Whitman Vikings

Churchill boys
2015-09-06 09:31:14

No diego, no chase we gonna kick ass

Evan Woods
2015-09-06 10:00:39

Race me Diego, 4 pm at the Whitman track today.

2015-09-06 10:22:52

These comments are lit af

2015-09-06 11:49:09

But actually please follow me @speedyscherr insta is the only thing I have anymore!!

Captain Underpants
2015-09-06 18:43:04

Preston eats his cereal with water

2015-09-06 19:42:16

I only have the finest poached salmon for breakfast

Captain Underpants
2015-09-07 22:31:15

I never said anything about breakfast. #exposed

2015-09-08 08:38:49

Aww Captain Underpants, you sly dog you. Can't get anything past you.

2015-09-08 22:32:37

I predict that Preston wont even be in the Top 7 for Whitman based on the time trial results them... they have a lot of depth in the freshman class.

2015-09-09 16:10:26

^uh he was third

2015-09-09 17:20:20

smh why are people still commenting about Preston? Meets have started, find something new.

2015-09-11 19:05:43

yoooo Prestonnnn

2015-09-11 19:09:48

Kevin O'leary will obvi be the state champ. He will forever be in heart too<3

Madison Silver
2015-09-11 19:10:45

Dylan obvi belongs at the top 😍😍

EVAN WOODS!!!!!1111!!!111!!
2017-04-28 18:32:22


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