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Urbana Invite Recap
By: Michael Menase

Montgomery County had a strong showing today especially in the field events and the 800 on down. At the same time, PR’s were very tough to come by because the onset of the hot weather was sudden and brutal.

The 100-meter dash finals came down to Gary Frazier of RM and Shean Cain of Gaithersburg with Frazier edging out Cain 11.13 to 11.14. The open 400 also came down to a photo finish between Jon Ryan of RM, Wil Zahorodny of Damascus and Jason Kymingham of Glenelg. This time, as each was fighting the best they could to get to the finish line first, it was RM’s turn to get edged out as each runner was one tenth of a second within each other. Kymingham won in 50.07 with Zahorodny next followed by Ryan very close behind. Things would balance out in the open 200 which Cain won in around 22.5 over Kymingham, who ran just over 23.

Since that open 4, Gaithersburg would have no trouble in any event 400 meters or less. Gaithersburg hurdler Donovan Mahone won both the 110 and 300-meter hurdles. Gaithersburg won the 4x1 in barely under 44 seconds; their 4x2 ran 1:32 and 4x4 3:30 to edge out Damascus. Damascus, however, would have their way in the freshman medley which started off with a 200, followed by a 400, an 800, and finally a 1600.

In the field events, Damascus star Jamal Currica won the high jump but would not have his way in the triple and long jumps, which was won by BJ Shaw of Gaithersburg. Ian Francis was about two feet behind Shaw in the triple jump, finishing second in a distance of just over 43 feet. And in the long jump, it was Gary Frazier’s time to get edged out, finishing about 5 inches behind Shaw in a distance of 21 feet 7 inches. Sophomore Sean Stanley from Gaithersburg threw over 53 feet in the shot which won him first place by just over 9 feet. He fell just short in the discus, however.

For the first two legs of the 4x8, Gaithersburg and Quince Orchard dueled. Josh Joson of QO surged into the lead with Gaithersburg’s Paul Riggio in a distant second. Riggio would later catch up to Joson and each would finish in a round 2 flat. The race would remain even as Sam Boimov and Neal Darmody both split around 2:02. At this point, Gaithersburg and Quince Orchard began to separate. Laratta started his third leg in a deadlock sprint that completely took back an unprepared Mickey Stepek. Laratta split around 1:59 with Stepek about 10 seconds behind. Excited for the chance at sub 8, anchor Reagan Lynch went out very fast. After going out in 54, Lynch ran a 1:59. QO won the 4x8 in 7:59 with Gaithersburg 10 seconds back in a very respectable 8:09.

The open 800 was a battle between future Florida Gator Andrew Revelle of Atholton and Gaithersburg sophomore Antonio Palmer. They lined up next to each other, which resulted in contact between the two. The race starters had to restart the race. The second time, however, Revelle got off to a bad start. He would rebound, however, and after 175 meters would find himself right behind Palmer. Revelle fought very hard the entire way to pass Palmer but could not. At the end of an eventful day, Palmer won in 1:58.22 with Revelle right behind. Adam Graybeal of Glenelg also finished third in 1:59.

The “run” at the end of “1600-meter run” is very fitting in this case because the 1600-meter run was an absolute “runaway.” Right from the gun, Andrew Revelle bolstered out into the lead and would never look back. Behind him, though, was where all the action was. At the beginning of the third lap, the very talented pack of Atholton’s Graham Bazell, Walter Johnson’s Jared Schneider, and Quince Orchard’s Reagan Lynch was established. Bazell led the pack at that point but would fall back into 4th. Schneider took over and while Revelle was cruising in first, Schneider, in second place, led the pack. Schneider would finish in second place just barely holding off a surging Reagan Lynch who might have edged out Schneider if the race was just 20 meters longer. Both finished just under 4:30. Bazell finished fourth in 4:30 despite an obvious effort to edge out Lynch and Schneider. Revelle won in 4:22.

In the 3200, signs of exhaustion from the heat were very eminent. This would not stop Neal Darmody who negative split and rolled very smoothly throughout the entire race. Darmody won in 9:36 followed by teammate Josh Joson in 9:55. 10 seconds later, Sam Boimov of Gaithersburg, who was moving up throughout the entire race, would round out the top three.

Montgomery County sprinting and hurdling proved about as prominent as the boys on the girls’ side. In the open 400, Alyssa Jewel of Gaithersburg finished third in a very fast time of 58 seconds. Jewel would also run on the winning Gaithersburg 4x2. Richard Montgomery girls won the 4x1 and 4x4 with the help of both of the very talented Decruise twins. Tara Okusaga of Northwest won the 300 hurdles in just under 48 seconds. Her team would also have success in the freshman medley, which they won by a very large margin.

In the field events, Chelsea Reinks of Damascus won the high jump. Tara Okusaga would repeat her glory from the 300-meter hurdles by winning the long jump. Okusaga also finished third in the triple jump. Jacquelyn Adcock of Damascus had a solid day by winning the discus and finishing 6th in the shot. The open 800 was a battle right from the start between Walter Johnson’s Stephanie Alberico and Leonardtown’s Katlyn Dillow. These two tough ladies fought together side-by-side the entire way until with about 50-70 meters left, Alberico pulled away in her kick. She finished in 2:13.1. Kathy Aherne of Northwest was also right behind in 2:23.74.

The 1600-meter run was a runaway by Cara Harrison of Quince Orchard who won in a 5:17. The open 3200-meter run evidenced the blistering heat that the runners had to endure and the great importance of constant hydration. Liz McCarter of Mt. Hebron led just about the entire way. After two laps or so, Alison Smith of Atholton dropped back into a very distance second. Things would remain that way the entire way. McCarter won in an 11:04 and about 30 seconds later Smith would finish where she then had a very tough time due to being so dehydrated.

Team-wise, the Gaithersburg Trojans scored about 150 points, which about doubled every other team’s point totals. Girls’ scores will come later.


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