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Divisional Analysis
By: Kevin Milsted

Boys Predictions
Watkins Mill over Churchill
Damascus over Watkins Mill
Damascus over Churchill
Magruder over Sherwood
Magruder over Einstein
Sherwood over Einstein
Northwood over Rockville
B-CC over Wheaton
Clarksburg over Seneca Valley
RM over Whitman
RM over QO
QO over Whitman
Gaithersburg over Poolesville
Springbrook over Wootton
Paint Branch over Blake
Girls Predictions
Churchill over Watkins Mill
Damascus over Watkins Mill
Churchill over Damascus
Magruder over Sherwood
Magruder over Einstein
Sherwood over Einstein
Rockville over Northwood
Wheaton over B-CC
Clarksburg over Seneca Valley
RM over Whitman
QO over Whitman
RM over QO
Poolesville over Gaithersburg
Wootton over Springbrook
Paint Branch over Blake

Division I

The Whitman girls control their own destiny for the Division I crown. Quince Orchard will host Richard Montgomery and Whitman on Wednesday where Whitman is coming off of a surprise upset over divisional favorite Northwest. Now Northwest will sit and watch while Whitman will attempt to improve to 4-1. Many people will be upset with my pick for Whitman to lose to both of the teams that lost to Northwest, but here is my reasoning. I cannot see Whitman doing to Richard Montgomery what they did to Northwest on that day. Richard Montgomery would be wise to stack the sprints and field because if they do, they will blow Whitman out of the water. Quince Orchard also has weapons in the sprints and field compared to Whitman and even more strength in distance events to break up Whitman's distance runners. A handful of 5's from the 4x8, Morgane Gay and Leslie Morrison just won't be enough when all of the other events are added up. Honestly, this was the hardest match up for me to pick all season. It could come down to who cares the most and who is the most willing to spread their athletes thin for the glory of divisional victories.

In 4 match ups this season, the Poolesville boys have amassed 102 points, half a point less than Gaithersburg's total score against Northwest last week. I've been told that Gaithersburg will show no mercy in this anti-climactic division finale, as they will try to keep the momentum rolling right into the championship season. On the other side, Gaithersburg's girls will make their last gasp for a win against a tough Poolesville team. Though Gaithersburg has struggled, their sprinters are legit. A particularly interesting match up will be whether Karissa Harris of Poolesville, a new name in county sprinting, can stack up against Alyssa Jewell of Gaithersburg.

Division II

THE SHOWDOWN IN DAMASCUS IS HERE! You couldn't ask for a better finale for the Division II crown. Damascus will host Watkins Mill and Churchill on Monday to decide the boys and girls crowns.

On the boys' side, all three teams are undefeated. Damascus does most of its damage with county stars Wil Zahorodny and Jamal Currica. These two guys can win a number of events wherever the coach decides to put them. Compared to some of the other teams they have faced, they also have depth. That depth will help against Watkins Mill, but maybe not against Churchill. Churchill uses Evan Whetsell in the middle distance and Ken Chen in the sprints along with a surprisingly deep team to load up on points. Unfortunately for them, Damascus stacks up better in mostly every event. This brings us to Watkins Mill. The county is just beginning to realize how loaded these guys are in 100-400 meters. They also have a couple guys who can score in 800 meters. Churchill has nothing to match this sprint attack and will be too far behind too catch up with distance runners. Damascus, on the other hand, has Jamal Currica, who could be WM's kryptonite. If Currica grabs his usual points in the field events and can win two sprints, Damascus will then grab easy points in the distance events and send WM home empty handed. I predict that Damascus will end WM's winning streak, but it will be close and intense. Good luck to all three teams!

Damascus and Churchill girls will enter the meet 3-0 while Watkins Mill is 0-3. Watkins Mill will not be a factor in the team battle, but will provide a county star athlete to mix it up with the other two schools. WM's Shayla Davis has run the fastest 200-meter time in the county this season, albeit hand-timed, but it should be very close between her and freshman star from Churchill Katie Wolf whenever they race. Damascus's Zarena Sita will try to keep up with the two as well.

Damascus has a good team, but I cannot concoct any scenario where they can come close to the indoor county champs Churchill. Churchill has taken it easy in some of their meets, but with the division title on the line against an undefeated team, expect them to turn up the intensity. Churchill is of course led by All-Met Audrey Gariepy-Bogui in the hurdles and field events, indoor 3200m county champ Louise Hannallah, and many other talented athletes.

Division III

Before we can even move on to analysis this week, we must wait for the pole vault competition, which will be contested on Monday and count towards last week's dual meets. Undefeated Springbrook currently has a 1-point lead on undefeated Magruder, but that could all change since both schools have pole vaulters who will compete.

If Springbrook were to maintain their lead, they should have a relatively easy match up against Wootton this week for the divisional crown. The Wootton boys have struggled this season and cannot match the well-rounded Springbrook team. The Wootton and Springbrook girls have been polar opposites from their male counterparts this season. The undefeated Wootton girls should defeat Springbrook for the Division III crown.

If the Magruder boys come out on top after the pole vault competition, they will still have to face Sherwood and Einstein this week. All three teams are quality teams, but Magruder is the most complete and can take down both teams to win the division crown…that is if they are on top after pole vault.

Division IV

The Paint Branch girls will return to action after a long break. They will try to remain undefeated against Blake, who is coming off a double win over the Northwood and SV. Expect them to overwhelm Blake in the sprints and field, and roll right into their finale with Rockville and Clarksburg next week.

The Division IV title was decided for the boys with Blair's win over Clarksburg last week. Even in the off chance that Blair falters to Seneca Valley next week, they will win the tiebreaker over any team. Nonetheless, Blair rests this week, and life goes on. Clarksburg will try to keep its successful first season going against Seneca Valley, while Blake will try to leap Paint Branch in the standings in what should be a pretty close meet.

Last Week's Scores:
*Some meets pending pole vault competition (including Magruder/Springbrook)

Girls Scores: Blake 110
Seneca Valley 27

Northwest 89
Gaithersburg 48

Wootton 104
Einstein 32

B-CC 82
WM 41

Kennedy 84
Springbrook 40

Blair 69
Clarksburg 68

Seneca Valley 102
Northwood 26

Whitman 75
Northwest 62

QO 77
Poolesville 60

WJ 77
B-CC 48

Magruder 100
Springbrook 36

Blake 117
Northwood 11

Whitman 81
Gaithersburg 56

WJ 97
WM 34

Magruder 80
Kennedy 57

Churchill 96
Wheaton 36

Boys Scores: Blake 101
Seneca Valley 66

Gaithersburg 102.5
Northwest 34.5

Einstein 74
Wootton 58

WM 77
B-CC 42

Springbrook 76
Kennedy 57

Blair 79
Clarksburg 57

Northwood 67
Seneca Valley 66

Northwest 84
Whitman 52

QO 119
Poolesville 18

WJ 77
B-CC 48

Springbrook 74
Magruder 68

Landon 111
Bullis 47
Heights 6

Blake 97
Northwood 40

Gaithersburg 112
Whitman 24

WM 77
WJ 56

Magruder 97
Kennedy 39

Churchill 113
Wheaton 22


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