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Indoor County Poll Results
By: Kevin Milsted

Between January 7 and January 16, conducted an online poll. 83 valid votes were collected. The county champion favorites are listed below with the percentage of votes accumulated.

Disclaimer: this poll was conducted entirely before meet entries were completed and released. We don't know if athletes will compete in the events shown below.

Event Name, School % Name, School %
55m Dash Josh Netterville, Northwest 62.5 Taylor Wright, Northwest 64.3
55m Hurdles Brian Dennis, Blake
Robert Gicheru, Northwest
Eddita Pessima, Northwest 37.5
300m Josh Netterville, Northwest
Nathan Phillips, Blake
Taylor Wright, Northwest 40.0
500m Thierry Siewe Yanga, Blair 47.0 Melissa Kameka, Damascus 41.0
800m Thierry Siewe Yanga, Blair 70.0 Julia Reicin, Churchill 31.8
1600m Rohann Asfaw, R. Montgomery 55.1 Julia Reicin, Churchill 34.9
3200m Rohann Asfaw, R. Montgomery 64.3 Abigail Green, Walter Johnson 78.6
4x200 Northwest 68.1 Northwest 51.3
4x400 Northwest 72.1 Northwest 42.5
4x800 Northwest 71.7 Damascus 39.5
High Jump Kenneth Williams, Quince Orchard 44.2 Taylor Wright, Northwest 55.3
Long Jump Ty Mason, Blake 42.9 Stephanie Bateky, Northwest 45.7
Triple Jump Renaldo Smith, Sherwood 31.1 Taylor Wright, Northwest 46.2
Shot Put Jabari Bennett, Blake 32.6 Toni Koroye, Walter Johnson 29.4

Just for Fun Questions
Winning 4x4 Time 3:32.6 4:07.5
Winning Team Scores 110.1 95.2

Rk Boys School Poll Points Rk Girls School Poll Points
1 Northwest 116 1 Northwest 83
2 Blake 46 2 Damascus 41
3 Blair 40 3 Blake 23
4 Richard Montgomery 37 T-4 B-CC 20
5 Paint Branch 31 T-4 Walter Johnson 20

Download an Indoor Track County Championship Meet Record Book Today!

Records in danger: MoCo athletes are right on the cusp of breaking eight meet records. It could be a record-shattering day, or we may not see any records fall if fate swings the other way. It should be a great day no matter what.

Boys 55m - The meet record is a hand-timed 6.2. The FAT equivalent time to tie that record is 6.44. The fastest automatic time in meet history was 6.45 in 2005. Josh Netterville of Northwest has run 6.44 this season.

Boys 300m - Nobody has gone under the meet record of 35.33 yet this season, but Nathan Phillips of Blake, Mayen McClain of Springbrook and Josh Netterville of Northwest should certainly threaten it when the county title (and record) is on the line.

Boys 800m - Thierry Siewe Yanga of Blair has already gone under the county meet record of 1:57.72 this season.

Boys 3200m - Rohann Asfaw and Ryan Lockett ran under the county meet record of 9:29.67 last weekend at the Montgomery Invitational with times of 9:29.39 and 9:29.42. The 1600-meter record of 4:20.09 may be within reach also if Asfaw has to run all out from a slow heat, but nobody has a mark of that caliber yet this year.

Boys 4x200 - Northwest went under the county meet record of 1:31.74 at the Montgomery Invitational last weekend with a time of 1:31.69.

Boys 4x400 - Springbrook's 3:29.11 at the Montgomery Invitational last weekend is better than the county meet record of 3:29.89.

Boys Long Jump - Ty Mason of Blake has already jumped two inches farther than the indoor county meet record of 23-00.00.

Girls 3200m - Abigail Green of Walter Johnson has already run faster than the meet record of 10:53.70. She is also capable of taking down the meet record in the 1600m (5:05.66) but she has not recorded a mark in that event yet this season.

The girls meet records are fairly stout. Not many girls have approached similar marks this year, but with a Mocorunning county meet record book, you can see if a performance is top 5, top 10 or top 25 in meet history. Support Mocorunning and Buy an Indoor Track County Championship Meet Record Book Today!


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