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Alexis Postell Interview
By: Kevin Milsted
Photos by: Clarence Franklin

Alexis Postell is competing at the highest level this season. She has run under 8.20 in the 55-meter hurdles in three meets so far this season and most recently set a personal best time of 8.12 at the Private School Invitational at Georgetown Prep. The time ranks #5 all-time by a Montgomery County athlete, but she is not done yet. The Bullis senior has witnessed the evolution of the nationally renowned track program ever since its early stages when the school's first ISL track title was still a dream. The school's track success has afforded Postell and her teammates the opportunity to travel and see many different regions of the country along the way. Mocorunning explores her experience in this interview.

Mocorunning: As long as you have been in high school, you have been a well-rounded athlete in the hurdles and field events. When did you begin competing in technical events including the jumps and hurdles? Do you view yourself as a prospective multi-event athlete at the next level?

Postell: I started doing field events in middle school. But, I was not serious about them. When I came to Bullis my freshman year, I developed more of an interest in them and was able to get better coaching which led to my improvement in the field events. On the other hand, I started hurdling my freshman year during the outdoor season and in the beginning I did not really like it. But, as I continued to improve my love for it grow. And now being that I have had success in both field events and hurdling, I would just view myself as someone that is never satisfied and likes to put in the work.

Mocorunning: You have steadily improved in the 55-meter hurdles year- after-year and meet-after-meet this season. How fast are you hoping to go by indoor nationals in the 60m hurdles and in the 100-meter hurdles this spring? What about the 300-meter hurdles?

Postell: I am hoping to go 8.40 in the 60-meter-hurdles at nationals and potentially make the hurdle final. This spring, I have my mind set on hitting 13.8 or lower in the 100- meter-hurdles. I tried the 300-meter-hurdles and it did not really work out, LOL. But, I may try them again. We will see.

Mocorunning: To what do you attribute your steady improvement?

Postell: I think the reason for my continuous improvement is the amount of repetition that I get over the hurdles. Hurdling is all about repetition and foot speed in between the hurdles. With repetition comes quickness over the hurdles. As long I keep working at it, I think I will be able to start shaving off time.

Mocorunning: Describe your hardest workout.

Postell: One of my hardest workouts was having to do 3 300's and 5 200's with 5 minute rest in between. It felt like death!

Mocorunning: Think back to the ISL championship during your freshman year. Things were a little different back then when Bullis won its first ever ISL title with just a handful of girls. What thoughts and emotions do you remember about that day?

Postell: My thoughts and emotions during my first ISL championship was nerve racking. Our girls team consisted of only 9 girls. We had to stack all of the events ranging from the 100-meter-hurdles to the 400m and also shot put, long jump, and high jump. I remember going into the meet knowing that everyone had to contribute to be able to pull out the win. Our team had a special bond on that day which allowed us to work together and come up with the points necessary to win our first ISL championship.

Mocorunning: As the Bullis program has grown in size since your freshman year, how has that changed the experience for you?

Postell: Being that the talent level on our team has increased it has personally helped my progression and work ethic.The healthy competition on our team has helped push me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. Plus, now that we have more people on the team it allows us to focus more on our individual events because anyone can step in on the relays.

Mocorunning: At first, the national spotlight was all about the Bullis girls, but the Bullis boys have stolen some of that national spotlight in the past year. From your perspective, are there advantages or disadvantages to having the boys team performing as well as the girls?

Postell: There are only advantages from having a stronger boys team. We work as a unit and family. So a stronger family makes for an even better outcome and track program. With now having the boys recognized by the national spotlight also, we have now been named one of the top track programs in the country.

Mocorunning: When you go to places like South Carolina, Kentucky, and New York, do you travel by bus? Car? Plane? Do you have any horrible travel experiences that you can share?

Postell: We travel by bus mostly. But, when we go to Kentucky we travel by plane. One horrible travel experience that I have had was my sophomore year when we were heading down to South Carolina for the Taco Bell meet and our tire blew out on the bus. We all had to sit on the other side of the hot bus (no AC) where the tire was not blown out and to wait hours for a mechanic to change the tire. It was awful, but we made the best of it!

Mocorunning: Away from the track, what are the most positive memorable experiences in places like New York or Philadelphia that you can remember?

Postell: We travel to New York for meets but Coach Lee always tries to make on of our visits to New York memorable. So last year at the Armory Invitational we arrived early and went to TIme Square and had a scavenger hunt. Even though my legs were sort of tired the next day from running all over Times Square, it is a memory that I will always remember. We had so much fun!

Mocorunning: What is the most amazing track performance that you have watched in person?

Postell: Last year at Penn Relays, the women's USA vs. World 4x400m Relay was hands down the most amazing track performance that I have watched in person. Our team watched the race on the infield. Natasha Hastings to Dee Dee Trotter to Phyllis Francis to Sanya Richards-Ross.

Mocorunning: Have you met any famous athletes or celebrities with your team?

Postell: I have met Natasha Hastings, Dee Dee Trotter, Phyllis Francis, Sanya Richards-Ross, Carmelita Jeter, Tyson Gay, Ryan Bailey, Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce & more with my team.

Mocorunning: What one word would describe your Bullis track & field experience?

Postell: One word that would describe my Bullis track & field experience is Family. Since my first day at Bullis there was always a sense of family and togetherness. That is the word that is engraved into our track program. We have a strong bond on the track but we also have a strong connection off the track. We do activities outside of just supporting each other on the track. It does not matter what your talent level is when we come together we are all one big family that supports each other no matter what. #TRACKFAM!


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