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The Run for Scott Alexander
By: Kevin Milsted

Run for Coach Alexander May 6, 2007
Post Race Reflection

Coach Timm completed the Frederick Marathon in a time of 3:26:01. Here is what he had to say about his experience:

This is without a doubt the most meaningful race I've ever competed in. I went through the half in 1:25 and felt great. I was in ninth place at the time and cruising along. At mile 18, I was running through the cemetery and a pack of runners and spectators urged me on. I pushed up the pace too quickly with the large amount of hills on the course, and my left calf tightened up rapidly. My pace slowed dramatically, but I kept fighting although going up the biggest hill at mile 21 - my right calf did the same thing. I finished running the last 5 miles @ over 11 minute pace. While running, I thought of all the people who encourage my running and coaching like Scott, my family, friends, athletes, and students to finish strong, although many runners were dropping out and walking all around me. The course was extremely hilly and my lack of track speed work definitely hurt me.

This has motivated me for the rest of the track season and to train for big things at the Chicago Marathon and my upcoming marathons. I plan to make this a yearly event with Kris Alexander expecting her second child. I thank everyone for their participation in reaching out to this family in need. During the race, I reflected on many things and I have decided to dedicate our championship phase of the season (counties, regionals, and states) to Coach Scott Alexander.

Nathan Timm
Magrduder High School Track and Field Coach

May 3, 2007
Magruder Head Coach Nathan Timm is gearing up to race in the Frederick Marathon this weekend, but this is no ordinary race for Timm. He has been training under circumstances of powerful emotions as the entire Magruder High School community has been coping with the loss of Soccer Coach Scott Alexander, who passed away suddenly at the age of 36 in March. Timm will run the marathon in honor of his deceased friend and has already raised thousands of dollars for the family left behind.

While running the miles necessary to complete any marathon, Timm has had time to reflect on the tragedy. He shares his reflections with the young people in his life through teaching, coaching track, and sponsoring the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Magrduer High School. He tells these students, "I never want to waste a day in my life...Championships and records may fade, but your character last forever. There is no rewind in life. Running, coaching, teaching, and life as a whole are a special gift."

Timm says that this marathon is not about what time he runs. It's not even about him. He says, "It's about how we reach out to others in times of need and to someone who made a strong impact on my life and on the lives of [Coach Alexander's] students and athletes."

Many teachers, track athletes, soccer players and those who knew Coach Alexander will be there to support him in his marathon. Says Timm, "I just talked to my team today about finishing strong this season on the track and in classroom. Now, I'm going to be practicing what I preach daily."

April 18, 2007
Update from Coach Nathan Timm

Magruder HS has raised over $40,000 with the efforts of the Coaches Soccer Game and donations for the Run for Alexander. I greatly appreciate the support from all of Montgomery County as checks are coming in from all around. The needs of this family are truely far and wide, so your support of this event is still truely needed. It's amazing how something like track and field and running can be used to reach out to a family in need. Myself, Magruder, and the Alexander family are humbled by your generous giving.

March 28, 2007
Magruder High School suffered a great loss on the week of March 24. The coach of the boys' soccer team, Scott Alexander passed away with a brain tumor on Monday at the age of 36. This message comes from Magruder track & field head coach, Nathan Timm, who describes Alexander as a close personal friend as well as a friend to the track team. Several Magruder athletes compete on both the soccer team and the track team. Worst of all, Alexander's death leaves behind his young child and pregnant wife, Kris.

Timm has announced that he will run the Frederick Marathon in honor of his deceased friend, Scott. He hopes to alleviate the financial burden on Kris by asking for donations of $1 for every mile that he runs (this means $26 for 26.2 miles). Generous contributions of any value will be graciously accepted.

If you would like to help, mail a check payable to Magruder High School to:

Run for Coach Alexander
C/O Karl Heimbach
Magruder HS
5939 Muncaster Mill Road
Rockville, MD 20855


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