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Sisan Dorsu
Bethesda Chevy Chase
Class of 2015 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2014-04-02Wootton at B-CC13.11
100 Dash ht2012-03-27B-CC at Walter Johnson14.306
100 Hurdles ht2014-05-01Whitman, B-CC at Churchill16.54
100 Hurdles ht2015-04-21Whitman at B-CC17.11
100 Hurdles ht2014-04-09RM, B-CC at WJ17.61
100 Hurdles ht2015-03-24RM, Wootton at BCC17.91
100 Hurdles ht2014-04-02Wootton at B-CC18.02
100 Hurdles ht2014-04-05Coyote Invitational18.0013
100 Hurdles ht2013-04-03Wootton at B-CC18.3333
100 Hurdles ht2012-03-21Churchill, Gaithersburg at B-CC18.55
100 Hurdles ht2012-04-17B-CC at Wootton18.944
100 Hurdles ht2012-03-27B-CC at Walter Johnson19.62
100m Hurdles2015-05-144A West Regional17.3111
100m Hurdles2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship17.3111
100m Hurdles2014-05-164A West Regional17.4310
100m Hurdles2015-04-18Viking Invitational18.129
100m Hurdles2013-04-20Viking Invitational18.2316
100m Hurdles2014-04-26Viking Invitational18.4010
100m Hurdles2015-05-144A West Regional18.4912
100m Hurdles2013-05-164A West Championship18.4915
100m Hurdles2013-05-08MoCo Championship18.5817
100m Hurdles2013-04-16B-CC and Churchill at Whitman18.626
100m Hurdles2012-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational18.8015
100m Hurdles2012-04-11B-CC at Whitman18.923
100m Hurdles2012-04-21Viking Invitational19.0923
200 Dash ht2014-05-01Whitman, B-CC at Churchill26.11
200 Dash ht2013-04-10Walter Johnson at B-CC27.572
200 Dash ht2013-04-03Wootton at B-CC28.363
200 Dash ht2012-04-17B-CC at Wootton28.404
200 Dash ht2012-03-21Churchill, Gaithersburg at B-CC28.86
200m Dash2013-05-164A West Championship27.3615
200m Dash2013-04-20Viking Invitational27.3814
200m Dash2013-04-16B-CC and Churchill at Whitman28.292
200m Dash2012-04-11B-CC at Whitman29.044
300m Dash2015-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship43.109
300m Dash2014-12-09MCPS Meet #243.335
300m Dash2014-12-30MCPS Meet #343.759
300m Dash2015-01-10Montgomery Invitational43.9618
300m Dash2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship44.1720
300m Dash2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 44.513
300m Dash2014-02-064A West Regional44.7114
300m Dash2012-12-26MCPS Meet #245.0113
300m Dash2013-12-30MCPS Meet #345.617
300m Dash2012-12-11MCPS Meet #145.7221
300m Dash2011-12-28MCPS Meet #248.1034
300m Dash2013-02-074A West Regional53.3422
300m Hurdles2015-05-144A West Regional45.682
300m Hurdles2015-03-24RM, Wootton at BCC45.81
300m Hurdles2014-04-05Coyote Invitational46.003
300m Hurdles2014-05-244A State Championship46.365
300m Hurdles2015-05-07MoCo Championship46.523
300m Hurdles2014-04-26Viking Invitational46.562
300m Hurdles2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship46.684
300m Hurdles2015-04-21Whitman at B-CC46.71
300m Hurdles2015-04-18Viking Invitational46.702
300m Hurdles2014-05-164A West Regional46.713
300m Hurdles2015-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational46.953
300m Hurdles2015-04-15B-CC at Walter Johnson46.991
300m Hurdles2014-03-29Cougar Relays47.12
300m Hurdles2015-05-234A State Championship47.217
300m Hurdles2014-04-09RM, B-CC at WJ47.51
300m Hurdles2013-05-164A West Championship47.935
300m Hurdles2014-04-12Woodward Relays48.361
300m Hurdles2014-04-02Wootton at B-CC49.12
300m Hurdles2012-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational50.746
300m Hurdles2013-04-16B-CC and Churchill at Whitman50.823
300m Hurdles2013-04-06Cougar Relays51.212
300m Hurdles2012-04-21Viking Invitational51.4718
300m Hurdles2013-04-03Wootton at B-CC52.014
300m Hurdles2012-03-21Churchill, Gaithersburg at B-CC52.23
300m Hurdles2013-04-10Walter Johnson at B-CC52.293
300m Hurdles2012-03-31Cougar Relays52.522
300m Hurdles2012-03-27B-CC at Walter Johnson52.73
300m Hurdles2012-04-17B-CC at Wootton52.913
300m Hurdles2012-04-11B-CC at Whitman55.182
400m Dash2014-05-01Whitman, B-CC at Churchill59.71
400m Dash2013-04-20Viking Invitational61.409
400m Dash2013-04-10Walter Johnson at B-CC61.602
500m Dash2015-02-054A West Regional01:21.415
500m Dash2015-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:25.3516
500m Dash2011-12-28MCPS Meet #201:34.9326
55 Dash ht2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 7.718
55 Hurdles ht2013-12-30MCPS Meet #309.55
55 Hurdles ht2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 10.111
55m Dash2013-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.8615
55m Dash2012-12-11MCPS Meet #17.9421
55m Dash2014-02-064A West Regional8.0919
55m Dash2013-02-074A West Regional8.0922
55m Dash2014-12-30MCPS Meet #38.1130
55m Dash2012-12-26MCPS Meet #28.1314
55m Dash2011-12-28MCPS Meet #28.4944
55m Dash2011-12-13MCPS Meet #18.6655
55m Hurdles2014-12-30MCPS Meet #309.8411
55m Hurdles2015-02-054A West Regional09.8912
55m Hurdles2015-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship10.0214
55m Hurdles2015-01-10Montgomery Invitational10.0639
55m Hurdles2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship10.1916
55m Hurdles2014-02-064A West Regional10.219
55m Hurdles2013-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship10.3013
55m Hurdles2012-12-26MCPS Meet #210.557
55m Hurdles2013-02-074A West Regional10.5720
55m Hurdles2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship10.7220
55m Hurdles2012-12-11MCPS Meet #110.7913
55m Hurdles2011-12-28MCPS Meet #211.6027
55m Hurdles2011-12-13MCPS Meet #112.7639
800m Run2014-12-09MCPS Meet #202:33.9817
Long Jump2013-03-21Coyote Invitational11-11.0014
Long Jump2012-12-11MCPS Meet #114-00.5018
Long Jump2014-04-12Woodward Relays14-04.502
Long Jump2013-04-13Woodward Relays14-07.006
Long Jump2013-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship14-0816
Triple Jump2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 23-08.5028
Triple Jump2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship30-05.0017
Triple Jump2013-12-30MCPS Meet #331-11.006
Triple Jump2015-04-15B-CC at Walter Johnson32-06.501
Triple Jump2015-04-21Whitman at B-CC32-09.001
Triple Jump2015-03-24RM, Wootton at BCC33-00.001
Triple Jump2015-05-07MoCo Championship33-00.7512
Triple Jump2014-12-30MCPS Meet #333-01.005
Triple Jump2014-05-244A State Championship33-03.5017
Triple Jump2014-04-02Wootton at B-CC33-05.502
Triple Jump2014-04-12Woodward Relays33-11.001
Triple Jump2015-05-234A State Championship34-02.2513
Triple Jump2014-04-09RM, B-CC at WJ34-04.001
Triple Jump2014-04-05Coyote Invitational34-04.504
Triple Jump2015-04-18Viking Invitational35-02.002
Triple Jump2015-05-144A West Regional35-03.255
Triple Jump2014-04-26Viking Invitational35-06.005
Triple Jump2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship35-09.753
Triple Jump2014-05-164A West Regional36-06.503
Individual Titles

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