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Romula Hawthorne
John F. Kennedy
Class of 2008 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2007-04-11Mag Spring at JFK12.341
100 Dash ht2008-05-143A West Regional12.83
100 Dash ht2007-03-31Loyola Invitational12.85
100 Dash ht2007-03-31Loyola Invitational136
100 Dash ht2006-04-04Einstein, Magruder @ Kennedy13.32
100 Dash ht2008-04-08B-CC, JFK @ Churchill13.44
100m Dash2008-05-143A West Regional12.933
100m Dash2008-05-24MD State Championship13.0114
100m Dash2006-05-173A West Regional13.428
100m Dash2007-04-21Meade Invitational13.4415
100m Dash2006-05-06Howard County Track Festival13.4410
100m Dash2006-05-06Howard County Track Festival13.4711
100m Dash2006-05-173A West Regional13.5412
100m Dash2007-05-163A west Regional13.599
100m Dash2008-05-03Howard County Track Classic13.669
100m Dash2007-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship13.6725
100m Dash2007-05-05HoCo Spring Classic13.6819
Discus2006-03-25Cougar Relays052-0332
Discus2008-04-12Woodward Relays059-0018
Discus2007-04-11Mag Spring at JFK067-093
High Jump2006-04-04Einstein, Magruder @ Kennedy4-006
Long Jump2007-03-21Kennedy Sherwood at Wootton13-03.004
Long Jump2007-05-05HoCo Spring Classic13-09.7510
Long Jump2007-03-24Gold Rush Relays13-11.002
Long Jump2007-05-163A west Regional14-00.009
Long Jump2007-04-11Mag Spring at JFK14-05.501
Long Jump2006-05-06Howard County Track Festival14-06.2510
Long Jump2006-05-11Montgomery County Championship14-06.758
Long Jump2006-05-273A State Championship14-08.0015
Long Jump2007-04-21Meade Invitational14-11.009
Long Jump2006-04-04Einstein, Magruder @ Kennedy15-021
Long Jump2007-01-13Montgomery Invitational15-03.0022
Long Jump2007-03-31Loyola Invitational15-06.252
Long Jump2007-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship15-07.756
Long Jump2008-05-143A West Regional15-08.006
Long Jump2008-04-19Urbana Hawks Relays15-11.003
Long Jump2008-05-03Howard County Track Classic15-11.002
Long Jump2008-04-12Woodward Relays15-11.752
Long Jump2008-04-08B-CC, JFK @ Churchill16-00.501
Long Jump2007-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship16-02.002
Long Jump2008-05-08Montgomery Co. Championship17-00.001
Shot Put2006-04-04Einstein, Magruder @ Kennedy18-046
Shot Put2006-03-25Cougar Relays20-11.5032
Individual Titles

OT 2008Montgomery CountyLong Jump
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Romula Hawthorne's Bio
Update Bio for Romula Hawthorne


MoCoRunning Forum Name:

Romula Hawthorne


Soccer Indoor Track Outdoor Track Swimming

Why Track/XC?:

I participate because i love to run and my parents were track athletes holding possible records STILL at their high school. I've always wanted to follow my mothers footsteps

Competing Since:

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I recieved the good genes of my family.

Favorite Event:

Long Jump

Proudest Accomplishments:

Getting a 16.2 for the first time in Long Jump; doing it without much training. And gaining strength to deserve a spot in the 4x2 indoor.

Memorable Moments:

All the people and How Crazy they are. All the times we've gotten hurt and gotten right back up. All the funny jokes about each other including coaches. Just to many memories.


Art Writing Sports video games.


"Those with wings fly to your dreams. Those without run with for them without a doubt"

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