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The 4x8urrito

Results: The 4x8urrito was an enourmous success. Nearly 50 people participated in this first ever exhibition event and atleast as many showed up to watch. There were many fantastic displays of eating and running skills and some not-so-fantastic displays of holding it down. It was an experience that no one will soon forget. Thank you to everyone who helped the event run smoothly, especially those who helped clean up the track.

The event was won by the WJ4x8INDOORSTATECHAMPSWORD, an all-star team made up of Ben Fowler, David Simms, Peter Novick, and Andrew Jesien. The team finished the relay in a time of 21:46, an average of about 5:27 per leg.

The 8urrito relay MVP was Cedric Dana of the Wootton Burritos. Dana wolfed down his entire Chipotle burrito in an unbelievable time of 1:40, putting his team in fantastic position after the first leg. He was easily the fastest eater of the day.

Premise: Each participant will form a 4x800m relay team. Each runner will eat a burrito before running his or her leg.

Eligibility: This meet has been sanctioned for anyone who is dumb enough to try.

Registration: Registration is now closed

Event Details: All participants must supply their own full Chipotle burrito at the start of the race. All standard relay racing rules apply with the addition of the following: The first member of each relay team must eat his or her entire burrito including scraps before running. The first participant will grab his partner's burrito and run 800m. At the conclusion of 800m, the first participant will pass his burrito to the second participant to be completely eaten inside of the exchange zone. This continues until all four participants have eaten and run.

Eating Requirements: Although we will not be checking people's burritos, you will be on the honor system to get a fully stuffed burrito. Each burrito must consist of a minimum of 1 meat, rice, salsa, choice of fajita or beans, and choice of two from lettuce, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream. Men eat 1 burrito and women eat half of a burrito.

Time frame: We recommend meeting at the Gaithersburg Chipotle at 12pm. Meet at the Gaithersburg High School track on Sunday, June 4th, 2006 at 12:30 pm. The race will start at 12:45. Do not be late.

Where: Gaithersburg High School Track - 314 S. Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Recommended Chipotle: 564 N. Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877

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